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My Kitchen Rules (AU)

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The original MKR and one of the most popular shows in Australia. Discuss it here.

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I have been watching in recent years of this show, but gave up in the first week of this one because I just couldn't handle the so-called homeschooled Christian brothers. I like a good villain, but I don't want to watch bigotry and their persona also seemed more contrived than usual.

Is there enough redeeming about this season that it's worth trying to start again?

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I am a few episodes behind, but just watched the one where the brothers have to cook. If you're in the mood for a bit of "pride cometh before a fall" of epic proportions, I'd highly recommend it.

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We’re a few seasons behind in Canada (we’re on the season of the Angry, Angry Man and the “king” of seafood, Josh). I’ve heard some stories about the current season that makes me both want to watch it, and run far far away. 

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