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The Casketeers

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This is a reality series made by TV New Zealand that has been picked up by Netflix. Season 1, consisting of 6 episodes, has been on Netflix for a few months, and Season 2 just started in New Zealand. It's about Francis and Kaiora Tipene, the husband and wife team who run a Maori funeral home, and its fantastic staff.

Look, I fully expect that this thread will be pretty dead (WORDPLAY!). But, you guys, I lowkey love this show. It's so gently hilarious -- mostly because Francis, with his combination of vanity, kindness, obliviousness, persnicketiness, and quirkiness, is so amusing -- and yet so informative (in an utterly respectful way) about funerals and attitudes towards death in Maori culture.

As someone who's watched the first ep of Season 2 Through Methods, I'm also happy to report -- minor spoiler -- that the biggest cliffhanger of Season 1 (namely: will Francis ever get a new leaf blower!!???) is satisfactorily resolved within a few minutes of the new season.

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I watched the whole season in one sitting and loved every second. Francis cracks me up, I love how gentle and kind he is. He's a little silly sometimes. I love Kaiora too. She knows his follies and is mostly amused by them. It is very interesting to see how death and dying are treated in Maori culture. and I love the singing, its so moving. 

The leaf blower drama was hilarious. 

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