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Mama June: From Not To Hot

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Confession: In my head I always say Mama June from Hot to Not, then I think she wasn't hot then, she's not hot now.  Nothing will ever make someone with her personality hot. 

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So, all the damn commercials for the new season are disgusting.  Who in hell is encouraging that child to act like a slovenly pig?   What chance will she ever have in life learning that that behavior is cute?  Surprised they haven't pierced her nose and started her chest tattoo.  

You go girl!  "Trailer Trash" is definitely a valid career choice.

Guess we're witnessing the evolution of yet another entitled, constantly breeding, gubmint teat sucking Sainted Single Mother.

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I assume the 'big surprise' is that June will be taking her exercise/weight loss classes with Jennifer (?), Sugar Bear's wife? Lord knows she could use it.

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