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S30.E11: Mad About The Toy

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When Marge and Homer leave Grampa to babysit the kids, some little green army men trigger a PSTD episode, sending the family on a journey to Grampa's past and the time period when he was a post-war toy model.

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Title: Maggie as Baby 2019

Billboard: Krusty Kristmas Slime (Now on sale!)

Chalkboard: My new year's resolution was to quit school

Couch Gag: Go Packers.

"Nothing turns me on more than basic competence."

Loved seeing the kids screwing with Google Home & Alexa.

I thought it was pretty interesting that Grampa had PTSD not from the war, but from being a model for the green army men. Oh look, it was because of gay panic (at least Grampa ended up regretting that, and made up for it, but still). So, was this a riff on Welcome to Marwen?

It was nice to see NYC again, however briefly. I liked Homer carrying a mascot out of the Not-N&Ms Store. And that brief cameo by Bill deBlasio was...something, if pointless. I liked Lawrence O'Donnell's cameo better.

"VA Hospital: Our Draft-Dodging President Salutes You!"

"Welcome to Texas: Reluctant Home of Ted Cruz"

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That VA hospital sign and Texas reluctantly admitting it is the home of Ted Cruz made me LOL, as did Abe vs Lawrence O'Donnell's "last word!" one upmanship. 

And Homer's tiny Duff beer can cufflinks were adorable! 

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The entire episode was worth it for the 'reluctant home of Ted Cruz'. I have to say Abe being the model for army men was creative. 

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Marge: "Homer, we can't leave our children with a greedy tube."

Bender's head spotted under the stairs in the basement.

Bart: "The Game of Life ?"
Abe: "I already lost."
Lisa: "Hatchimals ?"
Abe: "Too new-fangled."
Lisa: "Pick-up sticks ?"
Abe: "Too old-fangled."
Bart: "How 'bout Monopoly ?"
Abe: "Now you're talking -- the only place you can still say Oriental."

Abe: "I'm telling ya, what I saw in the war don't bother me none. I had a job to do and I did it. What secretly helped me is I enjoyed killing strangers."

Homer: "Think back Dad. Think back."
Abe: "Hmmm, I'll do my best. You know how I hate to reminisce. I've hated reminiscing ever since that day in 1937 when, as I recall, "
Marge: "Please Grandpa, back to reality. Focus on the little green men."

Of course, coonskin caps and Play Dough are both made out of raccoons.

The bit with Lawrence O'Donnell was pretty awesome.

Duff Beer, Laramie cigarettes and Buzz Cola sighting in Times Square

Whiz-Bang Toy Company -- A Division of Bing-Bang-Boom Sex Toys

Some of those shots of Abe as the green army men model were odd -- surrendering with a white flag, putting a jeep out of its misery, trapped under the tire of a jeep.

The movie Abe goes to see after the photographer kissed him, to see what a real man is, was Rock Hudson in 'Rio Macho'.

The Simpsons flew to New York City on Dreams Come True Airlines (with a dollar sign logo on the tail), but returned home on Shattered Dreams Airlines (with a broken heart logo on the tail).

Apparently the Marfa lights are a real phenomena -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marfa_lights

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38 minutes ago, ottoDbusdriver said:


The movie Abe goes to see after the photographer kissed him, to see what a real man is, was Rock Hudson in 'Rio Macho'.

One of my other favorite gags in the episode.

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I thought this was a sweet episode and loved that is focused on the family. I enjoy when they take a trip somewhere.

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