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They've been filming all last year.  Cory and others have been posting about it off and on.  I haven't seen anything new today though.  If you look at the vaulted forum linked above you can see some of the posts in the old Media thread.

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I watched a Hoarders with the retired doctor.pharmacist from Philly.  In a nice change of pace there was no huge outburst between Hoarder Dad and Daughter who was trying to help.  This guy was one of the WORST - cockroaches everywhere.  Like in his BED.  Afterwards he was in an assisted living apartment (he was going blind) and his son in law was all:  "Wow! It is great sitting in a room with him!  And not being de-bugged when we leave!"  I paraphrase but you get it......

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Well, it looks like the majority (if not all) of the homes this year are of the massive hoard variety. While I find those people and their houses fascinating, there's not a lot to root for from the start when I know the only way to really "declutter" their home is to bulldoze it to the ground. 

I wish they would do follow ups on people but that looks like it's not happening this season either. 

Regardless of my complaints: YAY!!! Can't wait for the show to come back.

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