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Avenue 5

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HBO pilot starring Hugh Laurie. Lots of unknowns about this, they're keeping it tightly under wraps!


Armando Iannucci has recruited a star of one of his previous series, The Thick Of It‘s Rebecca Front, for a lead role opposite Hugh Laurie in Iannucci’s HBO space comedy pilot Avenue 5. 

Created, written and executive produced by Iannucci, Avenue 5 is set in the future, mostly in space. Laurie plays the lead Ryan Clark, the charming and in-control American captain of Avenue 5.

Veteran British actress Front will play Karen Kelly, a middle-aged American housewife, who boarded Avenue 5 using her sister’s non-transferable ticket. Strong-willed, articulate, likeable. Karen finds herself becoming the voice of the passengers, enjoying her newfound power.

In addition to Laurie, Front joins previously cast Suzy Nakamura.

HBO greenlighted the pilot last year, along with ordering backup scripts.

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