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OK just finished the 4th season and the series.

I can't believe Rachel continued to be able to easily gaslight the contestants.  And these were all-stars so they've seen it before.

Also, why would anyone be surprised she was sleeping around?  She wasn't trying to hide it.  Shouldn't have taken the slut-shaming video because people would have been talking all along.

Yeah Rachel and Quinn saved themselves in the end.  I guess we're suppose to conclude that they will continue to get their way and make a ton of money.

But will they get better, particularly Rachel?

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I agree with someone who said the first season writers moved on.  And my take is the replacement writers didn't like women.  And every writer hired thereafter liked them even less.  This whole show is like  "Im so sick of men always being the bad guy, women are way worse they suck and I'll show you how bad"

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I have watched two seasons and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best relationship in that show is that between Quinn and Rachel.  I don’t believe they are lesbians as I do not sense a sexual tension.  They have terrific chemistry and they are intellectual equals.  Too bad they do not direct all of that mind power to something constructive!!!  😁😁

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