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So I'm late to the Netflix Marvel party. I'm working my way through the shows in order and finally came to IF.  Only seen the first 3 episodes so far.

I like Danny Rand, much more that all of the other Netflix Marvel characters.  His personality is nicer and he seems like a good person.

I do quibble a bit over the timeline.  Its supposed to be 10 years since Danny "died" when he was 10.  So he's 25/26.  And Joy is the same age?  So unless she was a real genius, she's only been out of law school for a year or two.  And while I totally believe she's been involved with Rand since she was a teen, and her and Ward are presumably the only 2 "heirs", she still seems a bit young for her role.  

So Harold faked his death and only Ward knows?  why not Joy?  she seems ruthless enough.  And why was his death faked?  Command by Mme Gao?  Some other reason?  And is there a reason he hasn't aged in 15 years?  that machine he was sleeping in?  Something else?  Oh, and did he have anything to do with the plane crash?  I'm almost certain he/mme gao had a "hand" in that. 

Is mme. gao associated with the Hand?  it didn't sound like that in Daredevil, I thought Nobo was separate from Mme Gao, but maybe I missed something.  

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Ah, I did not miss anything from DD, M. Gao was not overtly associated with the Hand then, but she definitely is now.  Up to episode 6.

Harold, will he end up being a good guy after all?  and Ward too?  Eh, grey at best, they are both way too much self-centered.  Ward is more anti-dad then doing whats best for Rand, course he may not know if its Harold's orders or the Hand's.  I guess they didn't cause the plane crash.  It was destiny?  So the golden child, born in fire, would become K'un Lun's greatest warrior?  How convenient. :)  Will Davos give him another chance?

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Ok, the ending made little sense.  Joy is now so anti-Danny she's considering killing him?  The Hand abandoned their fortress and left Gao there? Davos is now so anti-Danny he's willing to join forces with Gao/Hand to kill him?

I guess cremation works as well as beheading.  

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