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Queer Eye

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I'm not completely or even remotely sure of where to post since the revamp of PT forums but here goes:

I watched the first season and kind of liked the new fab five. I just resubscribed to NETFLIX and  started watching season two.

Not really feeling the like anymore for the fab 5. I have no problem with reviving an old series with new replacements but I am bored wth several of the fab 5 , disappointed in most of them.

I still love the folks that are getting the life rejuvenations but not liking these new guys much. Especially when they did the "burning man" guy episode and Kamano told the guy to please not bring the guys FRIENDLY dog into the guys home because Kamano is afraid of dogs!! Really?! WTF!?  

And here's something else I'm not "feeling"....the new PT format. I'm going to be switching back to RealityTv.com. MUCH more user friendly. So I may be bidding a fond farewell to this forum but I want my few things in life that I enjoy to be EASY and enjoyable. This forum sucks. I will miss you lovely, kind, snarky, witty folks but I think I'm done here.

Happy holidays to all but especially to those, like me, who don't have family but we have our critters to love!! 

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Helloooo? Anybody home? Lol! Has this show become that unpopular? 

I feel like I'm on the Titanic.....with the "reorganization" of things. But if I really WAS on the Titanic, I would most certainly be with those musicians at the bar, still playing songs while the ship is sinking! 

I do like these new guys. Individually. As people. But I'm still not feeling the love I had for the originals. And NO...it's not because I'm "scared of change". I'm not afraid of anything. I just have strong opinions.

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