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S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

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On 12/17/2018 at 8:11 PM, Hannah Lee said:

On a different topic - I'm really surprised at how poorly outfitted Brianna was for the Scottish Highlands.  No gloves?  And no wool clothes?    When Laorhaire gave her some wool garment to wear, I was like, "wait, what?   Brianna didn't think to wear wool to the Scottish Highlands in late autumn/winter, when she planned to hike for miles across open land?  What was she wearing, cotton? Some fancy 1971 polyester blend?   No wonder she passed out from exposure. "   She saw Claire preparing for her own travel through the stones, so I would have thought she would have spent some time on her own outfit and been better dressed.

Also, I nearly laughed out loud when Brianna blurted out the needless "he never loved you!" to Laoghaire about Jamie.  Which of course caused L to freak out and lock her in the room instead of letting her leave.   Yeah, like mother, like daughter, Bri, you just couldn't pack in silence and leave, you had to shoot off your mouth and get yourself in real hot water.   Never change Beauchamp women, never change.

That's how you know Brianna is Claire's child; she's just so impulsive and only half smart when under pressure. It's only because Claire was much older, been through war, raised a child, and lived in the 18th century that we saw a much more deliberate and thoughtful Claire even if she was still doing principled, but dumb things like treating a slave who attacked a white man in the house. Brianna is just dumb and impulsive.

My issue with Laoghaire is that except for trying to have Claire murdered, which she did by setting her up to be tried for witchcraft, Laoghaire has a bad case of Lydia Wickhams (nee Bennett). Laoghaire is immature, self-absorbed, spiteful, and delusional kind of like Lydia. The biggest difference between the two is that while nearly everyone in Pride & Prejudice acknowledges how much Lydia sucks, very few people in Outlander seem to do the same regarding Laoghaire...and the framing Claire for witchcraft was monstrous. It's actually even more egregious because our first introduction to Laoghaire is her father hauling her into Castle Leoch for being loose with some guy. The show never contends that this was untrue, just that being publicly flogged would ruin her. After that, Claire spends a lot of time treating Collum and members of Mrs. Fitz's family, which includes Laoghaire who is her grand-daughter. She's a desperate man-crazy child.

I think the show omnisciently knows Laoghaire is awful. I think the characters believe she's awful, but they aren't really allowed to voice that sentiment. As it stands, it makes Laoghaire strangely more black & white and less nuanced than she could have been. The show could have benefited by having characters remind her that she's been married 3 times and every time it's been based on something kind of juvenile and not very realistic. She just happens to have lucked out with Jaime.

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22 hours ago, LoveIsJoy said:

Can someone please educate me on the correct pronunciation of "Laoghaire?"  With the accents, I have never been able to quite catch what she's being called.  Then, when I come to the boards, I see it spelled Laoghaire, but the spelling doesn't match what I'm hearing.  I guess it's like that actress Saoirse Ronan--pretty name--but sounds nothing like Americans would spell it. 



Did you see the SNL monologue with Saoirse Ronan?  Cute and funny.



After spelling out those two names and thinking about it a bit, I feel like I've almost got a handle on it - everything up until the last 2 letters blends into one syllable, and the last two letter add kind of a clip to end end it - Ree for Laoghaire and sh for Saoirse.   It's a bit tricky if you're used to a language where all of the vowels get pronounced.

On 12/18/2018 at 2:01 PM, taanja said:

... but whatever portal is used -- it brings a person back to the past/future but in that exact same spot. So the magical pool on that island would send a person backward/ forward in time? but they would end up still on that island. Right? ...

IIRC the only successful travel we've seen is at Craigh Na Dun.  Claire 1940's > 1740's and back again,  Geillis 1968 > 1740's, Claire back to the 1700's, Brianna 1970's > 1770's, Roger 1970's > 1770's .   Geillis was attempted to jump into the portal pool, but she didna make it, so we don't know where she would have ended up.  

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On 12/17/2018 at 9:02 AM, AAEBoiler said:

I just found it laughable that in the middle of the Scottish highlands, with it's wide open vistas and snow-covered mountains that Brianna stops, opens her map, looks around, and thinks, "Yep, that's the way I need to go." I literally laughed out loud at that scene.

I know.  Also, after she sprained her ankle, and she was limping along, surrounded by trees, she didn't find a limb to use as a crutch! 

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Has the Brianna character been known as a frontier woman? I was in utter disbelief watching this 1970 brat navigate 1768 with ease. What was the point of watching her diligently wrapping one peanut butter sandwich for a days long hike through Scotland's wilderness. What was the scale of the map she brought? Shouldn't she have brought provisions for a week?

Likewise, Roger, of soft hands, hoisted a barrel on his shoulders, but we weren't shown any difficulties he had being thrown into hard labor on an 18th century vessel. Instead we see him strolling down the hull striking up conversations with young ladies with babes. Sloppy episode to me.

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On 12/18/2018 at 8:41 PM, Cdh20 said:

Pronounced Leery! It must be a Gaelic word??

I've noticed that all the Gaelic languages, while using the same alphabet as English, seem to apply different sound values to the letters and letter combinations. Very confusing. Could use a list of phonetic spellings.

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