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2018 Season 13 Current Squad & Social Media

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1 hour ago, TexasBorn said:

Amy has been looking INCREDIBLE this season. Making her GL was the best decision KF & JT has made this season. She would be a great point.

Do ya'll think Gina wore a non-team color in order to stand out?

I wouldn’t put it past her She still rubs me the wrong way like she is still all abt herself but who knows 

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5 hours ago, UnicornKicks said:

I couldn't tell if Gina was one beat ahead or Lauren was one behind. Gina was probably one ahead LOL, but yes they both slayed. 

Tess - thought, damn girl she has the best body on the entire team. Like perfect. Tall and not over toned, still has curves. I hate her. 

I hope Gabby gets weight under control before auditions though.

I noticed too.  She looked pretty heavy.

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