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S30.E04: Treehouse of Horror XXIX

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Homer wins an oyster eating contest against the mythical Cthulu; Springfield is overrun by plant body snatchers; Lisa finally snaps; Mr. Burns opens a retirement home with some Jurassic upgrades.

Not gonna lie, I'm very optimistic about this year's slate of stories.

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The tombstones are back!

Toys R Us
Thinking Nazis Are Over
American Exceptionalism

Cthulu: Of course Homer wins an eating contest against Cthulu. And then eats him. Can't believe it took the show took this long to cover him, he's public domain after all.

Intrusion of The Pod-dy Snatchers: This was quite creepy. Kind of a weird twist, though. Everyone was reborn on the plant world because they became addicted to cell phones and missed out on the world...and somehow still found cell phones (thanks to a Jewish Christmas tree). Kang and Kodos ran by in the background briefly. I liked Willie killing Chalmers even though he was still real (hasn't stopped Willie from trying in the past with Burns. It also reminded me of when Wiggum shot the basketball player thinking he was one of the giant advertising icons). Otto's plant person being a giant pot plant seemed obvious. I also liked Lisa being disappointed at the "paradise" of the sci fi story having a happy ending.

Multip-Lisa-ty: This was a tour de force for Yeardly Smith's voice acting. Also a pretty weird one. So Bart pulled a Bonerland on one of Lisa's test and she just...snapped. Ending was rushed, she just snapped out of it as easy as she snapped in the first place.

Geriatric Park: Now Goldblum Free! Yep, enough time passed that the show can make fun of the Jurassic World movies (since they passed by all the Jurassic Parks). I thought this was fun, albeit rushed and quick.

I'm dead certain Bea Simmons was among the old people turned into dinosaurs (she was the one reading the book. She was the pink one)

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Other tombstones in the graveyard:
-- Slow News Day
-- Winking at Work
-- Watermelon Oreos
-- Beloved Wife
-- Beloved Secret Wife
-- Beloved Boat

The 'Top 10 Places to See Before You Mysteriously Disappear' had the Raiders Game Visitor's section on the cover.

Fisherman: "Fool. This whole contest was a ruse."
Homer: "What the ?"
Fisherman: "Why he had to be sacrificed to an evil god from the ocean depths."
Homer: "SpongeBob ?"

Fisherman: "An eating contest against the monstrous Chthulu. To him the Great Barrier Reef is just an average barrier reef."
Lisa: "Well my dad didn't eat breakfast."
Chthulu: "Uh, oh."

Developed by James L. "I'm scarier than Kavanaugh" Brooks.
Oh, snap.

Loved the silo of offshore money beside the underwater Mapple Computer Lair.

That video from Mapple Founder Steve Mobs was priceless.
Mobs: "A less exciting version of me has taken my place."

Hah !  The Futurama spaceship towing a banner that says 'Bring Back Futurama' gets destroyed by The Orville.

Comic Book Guy: "Oh great, an homage to Body Snatchers which in itself was a ripoff of The Thing, this will be the last word I ever say. C minus !"

Spiderpig sighting in Paradise.

Milhouse van Houten -- voice of reason.
Lisa: "Not one of you said encore."
Milhouse: "But I think encores are a ridiculous tradition. Just sing your songs and go."

Wasn't the original Multiplicity film, that the segment derives its name from, about clones starring Michael Keaton, whereas this was more like the movie Split.

Milhouse was wearing Happy Little Elves pajama bottoms.  And Gloria Vanderbilt glasses.

Duffman was dating Miss Hoover.  Oh, yeah !!

Jurassic World 2: This time it's safe.

Lisa: "Why do you need doors -- you can just fly over the wall."
Burns (stares at invoice list with $30 million cost for giant doors): "Dammit."
Note: the episode code XABF16 was in the upper right corner of the invoice.

Loved the island map on Lisa's iPad: Margaritaville, Skull Island, Lost, Gilligan's Island, Island of Dr. Moreau

Burns: "Welcome to Geriatric Park where our motto is 'no further questions'."

Possible Side Effects include:
-- Back Spikes
-- Protective Plates
-- Giant Claws
-- Fear of Asteroids
-- Being a Precursor to our Modern Birds
-- A Second Tail-brain
-- Loss of Ears
-- And Increased Libido

If you are currently egg-laying or expect to be egg-laying, consult your paleontologist.

Marge: "Abe, I've never seen you so vibrant and alive."
Abe: "Well, I don't like to complain."
Lisa: "Wow !  You have changed."

Agnes Skinner (as a pterodactyl, after eating Seymour Skinner's arm): "You even taste disappointing."
Seymour Skinner: "Half of that taste is you."
Except that's not really true, since he's actually Armin Tamzarian.

So keeping the temperature cool was the key to rampant dinosaurism -- who knew ?

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11 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

Comic Book Guy: "Oh great, an homage to Body Snatchers which in itself was a ripoff of The Thing, this will be the last word I ever say. Save others !"

I thought he said "C-!" at the end, as if he was rating the episode (or his death).

Yeah, it took me a while to figure out what movie they were parodying in the second segment, and calling it "Multip-Lisa-ty" didn't help.

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13 hours ago, ottoDbusdriver said:


Easily my favorite thing in the entire episode, very funny, very biting TV industry humor. 

After that, I thought the stories were fun and creative. I also can't get enough of this show poking fun at Apple. 

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Loved this episode. So very clever.

I got a kick out of Milhouse as a bundle of paper. XD

Also liked Cthulhu.

And that Geriatric Park skit is one my new favorites. :D 

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12 hours ago, Phishbulb said:

I thought he said "C-!" at the end, as if he was rating the episode (or his death).

Yeah, it took me a while to figure out what movie they were parodying in the second segment, and calling it "Multip-Lisa-ty" didn't help.

I think you're right @phishbulb -- now that I re-listen to it he kind of does say C minus.

I'll update my original post.

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I actually LOL'd with Lisa's "well, my dad hasn't had breakfast" followed by Chtulu's immediate "uh oh." So glad that THOH eps are still some of the best eps the show offers although the Orville destroying the Planet Express ship made me bristle. Futurama forever! 

And I actually agreed with Sudden Voice of Reason Milhouse's "just sing your songs and go" re encores. I know, I'm scared too. LOL

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