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S30.E03: My Way or the Highway to Heaven

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Couch Gag: Bob Burgers crossover! Seen from the back, that was great. Did Bob's Burgers writers take over for that? It seemed too good.

Burger of The Day: The Eat My Short Ribs Burger.

Exterminator: "I Shoo Shoo Shoose You." Wait, wrong show. 

"Do the people my daddy shoot go to heaven?"
"Well, as long as they didn't do anything wrong, so yes."

That entire opening was fantastic. Of course Uter dies like Augustus Gloop. Too bad it pretty much fizzled after the first story. I liked Ned's story, but the other two seemed rushed, especially Lisa's.

Ned's Story: Man, even Ned's beatnik dad thought he was a pill. Must've been post-spilling the ink on his poems (honest accident) and the spankological protocol. Why am I not surprised that one of his first good acts was saving Homer from dying after doing something stupid? (Which, to be fair, wouldn't have been Homer's fault). Edna going with Washington & Maude going with Lincoln make perfect sense, when you think about it.

Marge's Story: Man, does Marge's grandmother raise a whole lot of questions. She was Marge's age the same time as Abe fighting in WWII? How old does that make Marge's parents, then? I did like Sideshow Mel having different things stuck in his hair every time we saw him. And of course Rainier Wolfcastle was the Nazi.

RIP Jon Lovitz. And oh hey, that really was Tracy Morgan for one line.

Lisa's Story: Of course we end with Lisa and Buddhism. "This is about a princess not owned by Disney...unless we are owned by Disney." Complete with an "I want" song...about wanting less. Nothing much happened with her story, though. I did like Bart & Milhouse's game, and Lisa thinking what really matters in life are goat heads. 

I liked seeing the time traveling Amazon delivery.

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12 minutes ago, Galileo908 said:

"Do the people my daddy shoot go to heaven?"
"Well, as long as they didn't do anything wrong, so yes."

That was funny.

In the Ned story, that was definitely the young version of old Gil, but was that supposed to be Lyle Lanley (of Monorail fame) ? 
The hat sure looked familiar. Made me think of Phil Hartman (I miss Phil).

Marge's and Lisa's story were ok, I guess.

No Jewish heaven ??  No Gal Gadot (who is just visiting).

This season is 3 episodes old, and already we've had 2 religious-themed episodes.  I hope that isn't the trend for the entire season.

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I've been thinking about why the stories became gradually less interesting to me, and I think it's because they became gradually detached from their storyteller. Ned's story was a personal one (and the best story), Marge's was about her grandmother (most likely heard second hand), while Lisa's was about some princess that lived long ago.

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This episode was written by Dan Castellaneta, his wife, Deb Lacusta (has written for a total of 9 episodes previously dating back to 2000) and Vince Waldron, whose 4 writing credits include winning a Daytime Emmy for being a part of the writing team for an episode of "Win Ben Stein's Money." 

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