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Colt & Larissa & Debbie: Me, You, and Bith Phtew

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Auntie said she is interviewing Larissa live on Thursday night! She will be asking about her kids, her new boyfriend, and the go fund me money. I can't wait. Auntie will ask all the stuff we have been wanting to know. She has offer Colt an interview if he wants one after Larissa to say his peace. 

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15 hours ago, Elizzikra said:
15 hours ago, magemaud said:

Pix or it didn't happen! 

Really, does every woman on this show immediately find a new upgraded boyfriend immediately after their breakup? Like Danielle, (remember the mysterious "Neltson"?) Molly, Angela, Darcey, etc? "So and so has a new man!" I suspect there are people who contact them on "soshul meedyah" hoping to get in on their own 15 minutes of fame. 

Ha ha, I was just about to post a link to this story.

Good for her and all that, but I make a rebuttable presumption that a 26 year old boyfriend sounds like a terrible idea. 

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Why does this grown ass man in his 40s not only live with his mother but he has joint bank accounts with her? That is creepy as fuck. The way they look at each other screams INCEST. 

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