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S07.E09: Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos

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I’m still not understanding how GG was mean to her cat?  Because when he jumped up on the table she came toward him and hollered at him to get him down?  If that’s animal abuse , someone please call animal control on me now.  

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On 10/15/2018 at 9:52 AM, dosodog said:

For the record, we didn't seek out a wolfdog.  Before Doso, there was Oso.  We thought Oso was Malamute and Husky.  The vet clued us in when we took him in for his puppy shots that he was also wolf. 

Jim had a natural way with animals, but I went into research mode and had to change some of my ways.

When Oso died we wanted to stay with the Northern breeds, but could not find any rescue groups that were willing to adopt out an older dog mal or husky to a home with a cat and they rarely get puppies. 

A customer introduced me to the girl we got Doso from.  We had to have vet references, a meet and greet, pictures if our home and yard and sign contracts releasing him back to her if we didn't treat him right.  We decided that since we raised Oso successfully, we could be a good forever home for a wolfdog and lower his chances of being sent to a sanctuary. 

She keeps track of us on Facebook.

This info is all so interesting & I had not one clue. Good on you! xo

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