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S30.E01: Bart's Not Dead

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Bart takes a dare and ends up in the hospital; to cover for himself and Homer, Bart lies about meeting Jesus in heaven. Christian producers offer the Simpsons a movie deal, but Bart struggles with guilt about lying.

And we're back! Gal Gadot guests stars.

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The show started on time for me. Gotta love living on the east coast!

Intro: 30 years! And going backwards, with one scene representing each season. Season 7 was Steamed Hams.

Couch Gag: Alien Simpsons! "Why does Homer talk like Walter Matthau?!"

"Bart's got a dad! Bart's got a dad!"
"I do not!"

Really liked Nelson in this one. Such a little shit.

I appreciate that this whole plot started by Bart NOT wanting to ruin Lisa's song. Also appreciated that Homer also knew Bart was lying the whole time, and liked Bart taking advantage of that.

I'm sure those pitch and writers meetings were autobiographical. Gal Gadot as Lisa was a funny concept, but I would've LOVED to have seen them cast the fake Lisa from the Spinoff Showcase. She seems like the type of person who would definitely star in those lousy Christian movies. There was not enough of the lousy Christian movie. No scene where nobody believes Bart, then "Bart" lecturing everyone how they're going to hell.

Noticed everyone in Jewish Heaven were all people who appeared on the show and died, like Col Klink and Joan Rivers. And of course Rabbi Krustofski.

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1 hour ago, M. Darcy said:

Jonathan Groff played Bart in the movie!

And Emily Deschanel had a pitch perfect impression of how Marge currently sounds. Kind of a morbid thought, but maybe they've found a Plan B when Julie Kavner dies? Unless that actually was Julie dubbing for her.

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Signs seen on Springfield Elementary -- 'Student Music Festival 8PM Tonight'
                                                                         'All Tickets Still Available'
Bart: "Grandpa, Dad says I have to take a dare."
Abe: "I had Homer on a dare, and as horrible as that worked out I'd do it again."
Bart: "Why did someone dare you to have Homer ?"
Abe: "It was after the war, we needed babies."

Dr. Hibberd: "He'll be fine"
Dr. Hibberd: "And my burrito is ready.  Umm.  The boy should wake up soon."

Homer: "Marge, Marge, as a man who has fallen off a cliff multiple times the best thing we can do is to teach him how to fall off cliffs."

Movie Producer 1: "Hello Bart"
Movie Producer 2: "Were Christian movie producers."
Bart: "So, you give all your profits back to the church ?"
<Long uncomfortable pause>
Movie Producer 2: Coughs, fidgets, "Could you get your dad ?"

DVD boxes on the coffee table:
-- The God Couple
-- How to Train Your Deacon
-- There's Something About Mary Magdalene
-- Crazy Rich Aslans
-- Where's God When I Feel Tingly ?

Homer: "I know you were great in Fast and Furious, but what else have you been in ?"
Gal Gadot: "Uh, did you see Wonder Woman ?"
Homer: "Whenever I see the DC Logo I immediately fall asleep."

Alternate movie titles for "Bart's Not Dead" 
-- The Brat Boy Who Saw Upwards (China)
-- Hello From Up Over (Australia)
-- The Lord is my Skateboard (Youth Market)

People seen in Jewish Heaven (including those mentioned upthread):
-- Golda Meir
-- Moshe Dayan
-- Albert Einstein
-- King David
-- Joan Rivers 
-- Rabbi Krustofski
-- Gal Gadot (just visiting)

Homer: "Please send me back to earth."
Vishnu: "Yes, yes, you can be a turtle or a pharmaceutical CEO."
Homer: "Turtle please"

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Jesus struggling to forgive Bart made me lol. And not only did he hit Bart with his hands and the Love sign but gave him that extra kick or two at the end of the pummelling. Oh, Jebus!

Loved all the guest voices, especially Gal Gadot and Emily Deschanel AND hearing Jonathan Groff's angelic voice is always a treat. 

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