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TSDF Army posted this earlier for S09.E10 Omega.  The standard Q&A they do is still expected later this week.


 The episode focuses heavily on Alpha's backstory through Lydia's eyes. Her story is accompanied by a series of flashbacks throughout the episode.

- Lydia's story unearths some long-buried feels from stoic Daryl. Domestic abuse is a focus of this ep.

- Henry and Daryl come together to try and learn about Lydia and her people.

- Magna and Co. attempt to locate Luke and Alden on the down low, but turn back after realizing it's just not safe to go it alone anymore.

- Henry tells us why Carol grew her hair out.

- More horse murder. 

- Tara shows tentative, but sound leadership.

- Despite Lydia's belief that her mother won't come for her, Alpha shows up at the end with a small group of Whispers.

- Alpha's accent is atrocious.

- This is a Hilltop only episode.
No one from Alexandria or Kingdom is in the episode.

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7 hours ago, Cherokee Rose said:

Couldn't agree more. I don't want to chase TWD all over the place. I'm not really interested in movies; or seeking back- or side-stories in other places. Even for Rick. Or Michonne. (I've not read the comics, but one could just get the whole story there... and get it much better.)

I wish they'd just have let Rick die and finished off his character, since he was leaving. Not trying to milk extra revenue/publicity off movies. If you can't finish it or do it in the main show... I'm just not that interested anymore! I'm not into crossovers, either. (And particularly where they're crossing to!)

It's not like it's the same show anymore anyways. They killed the original magic. The "family" is gone, and going. They're telling the original storylines with other characters who I don't like as well.

When I watch the show now, it's tolerating a whole new different show. Do they really think the original fans are going to follow the characters into movies and more? (And what's with only the X-finity viewers getting extended versions of the episode. I don't have it.)

I wouldn't be surprised if movies crashed and burned. Do they honestly think they can drag new viewers in? With all the other choices out there? Brutally honest, am I. But, honest! 🙂

You're not being 'brutal'; you're just telling the truth.

I agree that they should have either killed Rick off or recast him.  It could work with the right actor, maybe bring in Thomas Jane who was the original choice for Rick Grimes.  This movie deal is just a lazy cash grab on the part of everyone involved, a way to milk the last drops of money out of a rotting cash cow. The insult to injury part is the abuse of fans that have made this show the phenom that it is and stuck with it through thick and a whole lot of thin.  Watching nowadays it's clear that everyone involved has their minds on something else and the show is merely a second thought.  Viewers have to pay extra to get the REALLY good stuff. 

I understand that in the world of TWD characters die, sometimes suddenly.  But all too often characters have been killed off  not for the sake of the story but to grab headlines or because tptb didn't want to pay the actor what he/she deserved.  The show has suffered and we fans have suffered along with it.

The easy answer is to stop watching if I don't like the show.  I wish I could, I really do.  But it's practically a reflex action.  On Sunday evenings I do laundry and watch TWD, hoping that just maybe the show will remind me why I've loved it for so long.  And I get my heart broken again and again. 

Maybe I should do the laundry on Saturday.

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So it's pretty much down to Daryl and Carol as the last characters of the old guard after this Season? Oh wow. And from the looks of it the second half of the Season will be back to segregation to cut down on costs. Carol wasn't in 9x09 right? And she won't be in 9x10 either. What are these idiots doing? You'd think they would double down on the few characters they still have that people are actually attached to. They seemed to have increased Daryl's dialogue by 1000x even if most of it can't be understood. Michonne is apparently angry at/about everything just because and her dialogue is also not understood without CC as a result. And Carol is back to her role of Season S6-8, she will pop up for a cameo every 2 episodes.

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10 hours ago, Nashville said:

Reckon it’s coincidence that of the last two remaining characters of the OG cast, one was killed off in the GN a looonnnng time ago - and the other never existed? 😉

Carol has taken over ComicMichonne story which has left Michonne nothing to do but frown and lower her voice.  And Daryl is just the best judge of character EVER.

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Very long detailed summary for S09.E10 Omega.  It first appeared on a reddit spoilers page.  TSDF Army says it didn't originate with them but in reposting it confirmed that it accurately lines up with what they have.


The episodes opens with a flashback of young Lydia with her father, Frank, and Alpha in the early days of the outbreak. Frank is ranting about how long they've been there and tells Lydia that no one is coming to help. Alpha tries to calm him and then sings to Lydia.

In the present, Lydia is telling Henry about this in the cell at Hilltop. Outside, Daryl is sitting by the window and listening to their conversation. Lydia says she remembers how cold the look in her father's eyes is and quickly corrects to "was". She says that she's never been alone because her people traveled in groups with the dead and she misses the sounds and the smell. Lydia tells Henry that his dad is an asshole like hers and tries to trick him into revealing how many guards are posted at Hilltop but Henry just explains that Daryl is not his dad and is only there as a favor to his second mom, Carol. He says his mom is tough and not somebody you want to mess with. Lydia says you don't want to mess with her mom either.

In the woods, Tara leads Kal, Marco, Magna, Yumiko, Connie, and Kelly in the search for Alden and Luke. They encounter a small group of walkers eating horses. Yumiko says to watch their hands - if they're not walkers, they could go for knives. They are being watched by whisperers. After they kill the walkers, Marco realizes the horses were Alden and Luke's. Kelly tells them that the horses were cut open and skinned with knives. Tara realizes that Lydia lied about it just being her mother out there and decides they should head back until they find out what this is.

In the cell at Hilltop, Henry offers Lydia an egg. She tells him to keep it and that hunger is a gift. She asks why he's being nice to her and he says that he, his brother, and his dad were messed up when they were first found out there and it took a lot of someone being nice to make things okay again. Lydia says it will never be okay again. Henry asks, "Says who?" Lydia says her dad.

In another flashback, Frank wants to leave the shelter with other people because supplies are running out. Alpha argues that it's too dangerous and she doesn't want to orphan her kid. Lydia's dad tells her to grow a pair and to never suggest he doesn't care about his kid. Alpha says they're not going. Frank tells Lydia there's nothing to be hopeful for and Alpha tries to play it off as a joke. Frank takes a pair of scissors and starts trimming his beard. He says he can't stand it and never could - Alpha was the one who liked it. He says the world's over and he's doing what he wants now. Alpha distracts Lydia with a game of checkers and says "Checkmate". Lydia smiles and says that's chess.

In the cell at Hilltop, Lydia smiles at the memory and says, "He always ..." then corrects herself to "She always said that. She asks Henry if it was his second mom that found him. He tells her it was his second dad, Ezekiel. He says they're the leaders of the Kingdom, where he's from, and reveals it's a day's ride from Hilltop. Daryl bursts in and tell's Henry he's getting out.

Daryl takes Henry outside and yells at him for telling Lydia about the Kingdom. Henry realizes Daryl was listening. Daryl reveals that he, Enid, and a few others have been switching off to listen to see what Lydia would say to him. Henry believes Lydia is a good person who got messed up out there. He tells Daryl that he's an asshole and, if he wants answers, to get them himself.

Daryl goes back to Lydia's cell. She asks if he's there to kill her but he offers her medicine for her ear. She keeps pulling on it like it hurts. Lydia refuses and Daryl says he doesn't give a shit - it's up to her. He says two of their people are missing and they found their horses half skinned and half eaten. Lydia says she doesn't know anything about it because she's been here. He asks her if her mom would kill their people if she crossed them. Lydia says that she would if she had to.

In another flashback, Alpha smothers a man in the shelter who was panicking - saying he was weak and would get them all killed. Frank - now clean shaven - holds Lydia and comforts her, singing the same song Lydia said Alpha sang to her in the previous flashback. He looks scared and keeps looking back at Alpha.

In the cell at Hilltop, Lydia tells Daryl that her dad used to sing that song to her when she was scared. Daryl asks how old she was and she says 5 or 6. Daryl says her mom did what she had to do. He tosses the medicine into the cell when Lydia pulls at her ear again. Daryl tells Lydia that it doesn't have to be like that. There are a lot of good people at Hilltop who will help her if she helps them. Lydia asks for some water and Daryl holds the dipper up to the bars. Lydia tries to hit Daryl and he grabs her arm, revealing a lot of bruises. Daryl looks at her for a moment and then leaves.

Magna and Yumiko argue about going back out to search for Luke. Magna says she almost screwed things up for them at Alexandria but they were given a second chance. She's concerned that, if they go against Tara, they will lose everything and Luke wouldn't want that. Yumiko is worried about Luke and keeps trying to convince her. Kelly reveals that she saw some kids sneak out of Hilltop and agrees with Yumiko that they should search for Luke. They take a vote and decide to leave that night.

That night, Daryl returns to Lydia's cell with a birch branch. As he strips the leaves off, he talks about how some dads will use any excuse to beat the shit out of their kids and they'll use whatever is laying around, like a good switch from a birch tree. Daryl tells Lydia that her dad sounds a lot like one of those dads, except the part where he sang to her when she was scared. And that's the only part of her story that didn't sound like bullshit. He says she knew what the branch was for when he came in and the bruises on her arm are from a beating. He asks, if her dad is dead, who gave them to her. She admits that her mom did it. Daryl tries to get her to reveal where her mom is. He asks why she's protecting her mom and says she's safer at Hilltop. Lydia says the world belongs to the dead now and her mom beats her for a reason. Daryl tells her that's bullshit but Lydia says, "When you stay soft, people die."

In another flashback, Alpha - now with her hair burred off - is saying they need to get the body out before he starts to smell. The others vote to wait until morning when it's safer. Frank - now with a full beard - checks on Lydia and comforts her. When everyone is asleep, Lydia gets up and looks at the man's body. He turns and goes after Lydia. She screams and her dad rushes over to grab her and hands her to Alpha. The walker kills him and Alpha comforts Lydia.

Daryl tells Lydia it wasn't her fault. She was just a little girl. She says she was stupid and deserved to die but her dad was soft and now he's dead. Daryl says that's not true and they're making it better. Lydia tells Daryl that he doesn't belong with these people. He's more like her people than them. He's hard. They're soft. Daryl says she doesn't know shit about him. Lydia asks him to tell her but Daryl leaves.

Magna's group uses the hidden log tunnel to sneak out of Hilltop. Yumiko keeps watch and enters the tunnel last.

Daryl storms out of the cell entrance. Henry is sitting nearby, apparently listening to Daryl and Lydia's conversation, and says Daryl could have just asked him to help. Daryl keeps walking and Henry follows him. Daryl tells Henry that Lydia is too messed up and it's a waste of time. She's Tara's problem. Henry asks Daryl if someone used to beat him up too. Daryl doesn't answer. Henry tells him that he heard Carol telling Ezekiel that she used to keep her hair so short because, when it was long, her first husband would grab it when she tried to get away. He would pull it and slam her against the wall so she cut it all off so he couldn't. Henry guesses that it took her this long to feel safe again. He says that, sometimes, Daryl acts like one of those guys who slams people up against walls but he doesn't believe that's it. He knows Lydia's people are bad but he doesn't think Lydia's bad. He thinks she's just scared and Daryl can show her there's nothing to be afraid of. Daryl says, "Not just me."

In the woods, Magna's group finds a new set of tracks that could be from the whisperers. Yumiko seems upset so Magna goes to talk to her. They talk about Coalport and Yumiko feels guilty that they abandoned it. Magna and Kelly say they didn't have a choice. They had to run or they would have died like the others. Yumiko isn't so sure. They're interrupted when a walker attacks Kelly. After they kill it, they hear more walkers. Yumiko says she wants to help Luke, but this will get them killed. Magna and Connie agree. Connie says they'll come back when they have a plan. Kelly tearfully says she remembers that last day at Coalport. She got separated and Luke found her. She can't leave him out there. Connie comforts her and tells the others to head back. She'll stay and talk to Kelly. They split up. Someone is watching them.

Henry goes to see Lydia. He tells her that Daryl doesn't know he's there. He likes her and thinks she's a good person. He wants to show her that Hilltop is a good place with good people. He unlocks her cell and says he's letting her out for a bit. They just have to be quiet and stay out of sight. They both stumble and fall when they see someone. Henry says they should stay there until it's clear. Lydia eats a worm and gives one to Henry. Henry shows her around and Lydia asks how long it's been. Henry tells her it's been built up over 6 years. Lydia sees a hammer and picks it up behind her back, telling Henry that places like this aren't supposed to exist. Her mom said they couldn't. She's planning to attack Henry but she hears a baby crying and sees the mother comforting it. She panics and has quick flashes of all the memories she previously shared, realizing that she had reversed her dad and mom. She asks Henry to put her back in the cell. She asks Henry to stay with her so he stretches out on the floor next to her cell and holds her hand.

The next morning, Daryl brings Lydia breakfast and catches Henry. He tells Daryl she didn't want to be alone. Lydia says her ear hurts and asks if Daryl still has the pills. Daryl gives her some water. Lydia tells them that her mom's not coming for her. When someone dies or gets taken, they move on. Like they never existed. She admits that she was trying to find out as much about them as she could so, when she escaped, she would have something to give them so they would take her back. Henry is shocked that Lydia's mom would abandon her. Daryl asks about their missing people. Lydia says, if her mom found them, she can't think of a reason she'd keep them alive. She tells them where their camp was but says they don't stay in one place for long. Henry asks if the story about her family was true. Lydia tells him she thought it was but she had it all mixed up. Her mom told it to her over and over for years. But, deep down, she knew what her mom did.

In a repeat of the flashback where Lydia was attacked by the walker, she remembers how it really happened. Another man was bitten by the walker and her dad saved her. During the chaos, Alpha starts prying boards off the windows and says they're leaving. Frank doesn't want to leave their friends but Alpha says they're idiots they got stuck with and they're putting them in danger. Frank refuses to leave and says Lydia is staying with him. Alpha says, "The hell she is." Frank tells Lydia to wait for him while he checks the stairs. Alpha follows him and slams him against the wall with one hand over his mouth and the other over her lips to shush him.

In the cell, Lydia cries and finishes the story. She says her mom got her knife and then breaks down. Daryl tells her it's okay. They've heard enough. Lydia says she's sorry she couldn't help and wasted their time. Daryl says she didn't and leaves.

Magna and Yumiko make it back to Hilltop and see Tara at the guard post with binocculars. Yumiko tells Magna they need to talk to her.

Henry follows Daryl out of the cells and asks him why a mom would do that to her kid. Daryl tells him that some people ain't meant to be parents. Henry asks if Lydia can stay. Daryl says they'll see and tells Henry to get Lydia fresh clothes. He's going to talk to Tara about the camp. Henry tells Daryl that he's glad he and his mom are friends.

Yumiko joins Tara on the guard post and apologizes for sneaking out. They look out and Yumiko sees Kelly and Connie being escorted back to Hilltop by a couple of guards. Connie is a good distance behind Kelly and the guards. Tara tells Yumiko that the guards saw them sneak out and she wasn't taking any chances. She says that she gets it but the next time they want to challenge one of her decisions, just come and talk to her about it. She doesn't know if she's doing the right thing but she doesn't want any more people to die and that includes Magna's group. Yumiko nods in agreement but then spots a group of whisperers approaching Hilltop.

Connie sees the whisperers through gaps in the corn. Kelly sees them and tries to run to Connie but the guards stop her. Connie waves for her to go and hides in the corn field as the guards pull Kelly away. Tara sees the guards bring Kelly in through the gate safely and signals the other guard post. She calls out to Daryl and Magna below to join them on the guard post.

Alpha marches through the group of whisperers to stand in front of them at the gate. Daryl and Magna join Tara and Yumiko on the guard post and watch. Alpha calls out, introducing herself ("I. Ahm. Al-phuh." *eye roll) and saying they only want one thing. "My daw-tah".

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So, Angela Kang has not, in fact, fixed the pacing issues.  Stop everything for an entire episode of boring flashbacks about the new enemy du jour.  Oh, wait, I guess they did include things like "Magna and Yumiko argue about going back out to search for Luke."  Whatever.  How can they keep this show going on just Michonne and Daryl, plus occasional Carol sightings?  And next they lose Michonne.

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I'm very curious about what went down between Daryl and Michonne.  On Talking Dead, Norman said that whatever it was, was only between Michonne and Daryl and was 'very dark'.   Did they run into a group of bad guys while searching for Rick's body and the bad guys cut them up.  I can't imagine why they would keep that a secret.

I think that in the time after Rick's 'death', they became lovers and were overcome with guilt.  In Kirkman's universe, Michonne is Rick's property so the idea of her having sex with his best friend would be 'very dark'.  Perhaps they marked each other so they would be reminded of their 'crime' in case they got the itch again.  Who knows, maybe Daryl is the father of Michonne's little boy.  Maybe Maggie found out (walked in on them) and that was her beef with Michonne. 

I'd like to think that Michonne has been allowed SOME pleasure and hasn't spent 6 long years being such a Debbie Downer. 

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“pay the woman” may prove costly.

From ComicBook,

A new unconfirmed report claims that King Ezekiel actor Khary Payton will be leaving AMC's zombie series in either Season Nine or Season Ten. The rumor comes up just as the series gears up for the infamous "pikes" sequence which saw the character killed off in the comics, however, fans should expect this sequence to deviate from Robert Kirkman's source material quite heavily.                

"We Got This Covered has heard from trusted sources that Khary Payton will be saying goodbye to The Walking Dead in either season 9 or the already commissioned season 10, with King Ezekiel set to meet his fate," the report reads. "Our source can’t say for sure when it’ll happen, but Payton has already been notified about what’s in store for his character and it sounds like it was a writer-led decision and not because the actor wishes to leave the show."

If the report turns out to be true, Payton joins a long list of fan-favorite characters exiting The Walking Dead. Following Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, and Lauren Cohan, word broke out that Michonne actress Danai Gurira will be next in line to bow out. Cohan is expected to return, Lincoln is getting a series of movies, and Gurira's exit details remain quiet though she is making her escape at some point in Season 10.

While the majority of those exits were influenced by actor decisions, Payton's is noted as being a creative choice by The Walking Dead's powers that be. Unlike Gurira, Payton has been vocal about loving his position as King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead and has shown no signs of desire toward other pursuits.

Though entirely possible, Payton's exit from The Walking Dead should be chalked up as a rumor and nothing else. Reps for Payton declined a request for comment.


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This show.  They've gotten rid of too many old-time characters and too unnecessarily.  They've added too many newbies on, too quickly.  I can't even remember their names, yet I'm supposed to care about them?  Somebody who should be dead - Negan - is still there, while the compelling Dwight has been shunted off to Fear.  Hey, maybe they'd like Negan and we could get Dwight back?

They ought to teach this show in film school as a case study in what not to do with your hit show.  They really should just call it a reboot and change the name, it's become so unrecognizable.

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So maybe the only character the show has successfully developed at all in seasons and he'll be gone too.  They're just determined to drive that final stake through the goose that laid the golden egg, aren't they?

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I supposed this is the place I need to come if I want to be sure more animals aren't being tortured / murdered and to be sure Dog lives to see another week?

I was really loving being completely spoiler free, since I still really love this show but I can't deal with the animal deaths.

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Yes, let's get rid of Ezekiel but make sure we devote the majority of an episode to Lydia and her mother.  In one of the interviews, I think Andrea Kang said something about they realized they didn't have a lot of young people on the show?  So we can also look forward to TWD 90210?  We have Henry, Judith, Lydia....

the munsters eye roll GIF
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15 hours ago, raven said:

In one of the interviews, I think Andrea Kang said something about they realized they didn't have a lot of young people on the show?  So we can also look forward to TWD 90210?  We have Henry, Judith, Lydia....

As is so often the case with Kang and this show, they're not completely wrong that there could be decent story there about people who have mostly grown up in this world with only sketchy or fading memories of what the world used to be.  Their perspective is of course going to different than Carol's or Michonne's, each who had full lives before, and different still than Judith's, who for obvious reasons doesn't know any world but this.  But backburnering or dumping older established or legacy characters we've been following through nine seasons isn't the way to incorporate that if you want what's left of your longtime fanbase to stick around.  As usual with this show, the idea's not terrible but the execution is.

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1 hour ago, nodorothyparker said:

As is so often the case with Kang and this show, they're not completely wrong that there could be decent story there about people who have mostly grown up in this world with only sketchy or fading memories of what the world used to be.  Their perspective is of course going to different than Carol's or Michonne's, each who had full lives before, and different still than Judith's, who for obvious reasons doesn't know any world but this.  But backburnering or dumping older established or legacy characters we've been following through nine seasons isn't the way to incorporate that if you want what's left of your longtime fanbase to stick around.  As usual with this show, the idea's not terrible but the execution is.

You make a good point.  There is a decent story to tell about the young people who only know the ZA.  The problem is that they HAD that story, with Carl and they killed him off.  I don't see how they expect the viewers to accept these new kiddies when we've spent all of these years watching Carl grow up only to have him killed off for no reason.  It would have been far more interesting to see Judith interacting with Carl, with him trying to take his father's place and showing her how to survive in the ZA than to see her hobnob with a sociopath or watch an entire community coddle fucking Henry.

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Regarding the clip below, ComicBook are claiming that Yumico is saying “if we had a BOAT we had a choice” which they take to mean that the group sailed all the way from Coalport in England to the US, I think she says “if we had a VOTE” and considering that there is a Coalport in Pennsylvania, I’m wondering which view is more likely, do you hear Boat of Vote?



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