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Love Triangles v. Sci-Fi Story: Too CW For Its Own Good?

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Shippers stand down. The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg promises that fans won't be divided by any love triangles in Season 5.

"I really don't like love triangles," Rothenberg told us, noting that the Finn-Clarke-Raven drama from Season 1 was the most the series will ever delve into triangle territory.

But just because there won't be a classic love triangle doesn't mean fans shouldn't expect any major romantic shake-ups. Picking up after a six-year time jump, Season 5 will find many of our favorite characters in drastically different places. Some relationships have strengthened and evolved, while others may be irreparably damaged.

How these new relationships will fare once everyone is reunited again is where the real fun will begin though. So while Bellarke and Becho fans can rest easy knowing they won't be subjected to any sort of love triangle, everyone should remain on their toes because it's a whole new world in Season 5.


The 100 Mega Buzz: Creator Promises No Love Triangles in Season 5

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After taking a deep breath (and lots more) after the last five min of 5x3, this declaration has me a bit wary. Bellamy showing he has feelings for Clarke is nothing new. EVERYONE knows he has feelings for her. Now, what exactly those feelings are is up for debate, but I think the emotional rollercoaster of the episode's last few scenes clouded my judgement as far as it being a big moment.

Let's get real, all the hype is coming from the hope that it might move the needle ever so slightly towards a Bellarke romantic pairing. Don't get me wrong, I support it, I just don't think this means it's going to happen any time soon. Would Bellamy act the same way for anyone else? Yes. So it doesn't make it a point of no return for the characters.

Maybe I busted my own bubble. I understand the desire for male and female main characters to just be friends. Not everyone needs to be in a relationship. Still..... I really really want this to happen. I want it to be a way to explore what that kind of relationship looks like in this world. To be leaders of your people, fighting battles, and in love....that could be some great TV. The only reticence I have comes from Clarke.

Clarke has done so little in this 'relationship', I am not surprised how people don't see them as being anything but friends. Fingers-crossed, this season can hopefully expand on Clarke's emotional state. If you called someone everyday for over six years with no reply, you're not just talking about the weather. It would be nice to see Clarke make a few declarative statements about her feelings for once.

When Clarke is able to reciprocate the "She is" declaration, call me. Until then, I'm continuing to keep my expectations low. For all we know, this season could end with them agreeing to just be friends while Bellamy rides off to find a new planet with Echo. Wouldn't that just be a kick in the nuts, or boobs?


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