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S02.E04: Season 2, Episode 4 2018.07.25

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8 hours ago, rollacoaster said:

I was put in the mind of an 18th Century Joker and Harley Quinn. 

Also: A strange question. Does Margaret employ any servants to do mundane chores like cleaning, helping the women get dressed, do hair and makeup, etc? Or do they all just help each other out and take turns doing chores?

Not regularly.  When she first took Harriet in, Harriet performed those duties (until she found out she could make more money as a prostitute) and, as far as we’ve seen, no one has come in to take Harriet’s (original) place.

My guess is that it is part of the girls’ duties to help with the house when they aren’t entertaining men.

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When they show Lydia (Leslie Manville, who is fabulous in this role) without her wig, the back of her head shows what looks like purple-stained scalp. Is that a production snafu or is it historically accurate? 18th century wig glue? A treatment for lice?

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