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S05.E01: #LizaToo

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On 6/7/2018 at 3:10 AM, voiceover said:

I get that there is a thru-line for the faux-George Martin sl, but for what this series is supposed to be, it's too heavy a plot point.  If Darren means to embrace it, there's darkness involved -- PTSD, and possible death threats for the women involved (the man has a rabid fanbase).  If he doesn't, it's a cheap way to advance the plot & give only lip service to a story (sexual harassment) that deserves better.

And I don't like it in my midlife-crisis fairy tale.

As far as Sutton, and the masquerade believability...well, if this had been a network series with an average episode number, it would have been easier to pull off.  Two, maybe 2.5 seasons of fooling everybody, is two years' real time; no problem.  But now the run, with its limited number of episodes, has stretched out over *too much* real time.  

Bill Lawrence had to come up with a different premise for CougarTown, as soon as it was clear that Courtney Cox dating 20-somethings wasn't enough of a story.  This is not exactly the same, but I think the reveal should've been last year, and then let the series continue as the workplace/ relationship comedy that was always second to Liza's Big Secret.

The Big Secret is what killed Suits for me. Season after season they used it as a springboard for a story line. It's lazy writing. Speaking of...Younger writers have blatantly recycled plot points and characters from Sex and The City. Didn't Kelsey ask Liza to help remove her diaphragm in an early episode? They don't even try to pretend this show isn't SATC for millenials.

I've never bought Foster as anything but 40+. Hopefully once TBS is out the make-up crew can stop spackling Sutton's face with founDation and under eye brightener.

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