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S03.E03: Bad Vibrations

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15 hours ago, RedHawk said:

Kasey actually said in her episode 1 intro that her parents call her “Princess” and that her mother did not “let” her do laundry. So yes, I’ll bet that she also lived at home all through college and mom continued doing her laundry.

Or  she lived on/near campus and schlepped it home every few weeks (if not more often) for Mom to do.  I knew someone in college like that.  I mean, she wasn't close to Kasey bad, but her mom did her laundry and sometimes would even pick it up/drop it off for her!  

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12 hours ago, OnceSane said:

I knew someone in college like that. 

My college boyfriend’a mother would drive down an hour to pick up his laundry and then bring it back along with grocery shopping and made meals. I frequently took advantage of the laundry service, and free groceries but not the meals because she was an awful cook! 

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