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S01.E10: When Right Feels Wrong

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19 hours ago, asemumma said:

Also- how does one withdraw exactly $70???? I haven't seen an ATM with anything but $20 denominations since I was in college- and let's just say that was in the last century.

I live in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati and we have ATMs that dispense in denominations of 10 AND the newer PNC bank ATMs (from about 2014 on) can do any dollar amount from 1.

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2 hours ago, angelusgirl said:

I live in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati and we have ATMs that dispense in denominations of 10 AND the newer PNC bank ATMs (from about 2014 on) can do any dollar amount from 1.

Interesting! I guess I don’t get out of Michigan too often! LOL!

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On 5/15/2018 at 3:39 PM, configdotsys said:

Looking so forward to reading everyone's thoughts on this week!

So the theme this week was: Call a female by a male nickname:
Danae called her mother "bro."
Sean called Jade "dude."
Bar called Ashley "bro."
Stephon called Kayla's mother "bro" or something. I forget.

Props to Danae's mom for telling it like it is and not being overprotective of her own little snowflake. I'm sorry but punching holes in walls and breaking doors in a fit of rage is just something that I would run away from in an instant. 

Danae saying in what seemed to be an attempt to seduce: "You can't just go. Can't we talk about it," and getting so close to Brianna was so creepy. Good for Brianna getting out of there. She needs to cut off all contact between Danae and the baby. He has no claim to the child and I think it's best to break it off now before the baby understands and feels a large loss.

Kyler is the lowest of the low. Just a total piece of shit. He enjoys torturing Lexi and her participation in it seems to thrill him. It's cruel and mean and I just cannot stand him. Obviously there is no story line with Lexi so we had to sit through a Mommy and Me class? I forwarded through that part. Not interested. I did see the last few seconds and am glad that she might be able to enlarge her circcle and not spend 24/7 chasing and wallowing about Kyler but it was a snoozefest. I also don't think talking about your attempts to win Kyler back should be taking place in front of her young brother. Do kids really need to be part of the drama and watch his sister describe how she desperately tries to woo him back even though he treats her like shit?

Sean was a jerk again. These two have a lifetime of this kind of misery if they stay together.  There is something about Jade that I like now. Wasn't wild about her at first but she really does seem like a very responsible person that wants to do the right thing by everyone. Considering her low life parents, she really seems like a good person. I wish she'd get away from all the drama and misery. Sean must be using or something. His mood shifts are off the charts. He was so mean about the dinner. He knew it was important to her but was so callous about it being "only a dinner." I crossed him off my "I like" list.

It's so hard to watch Kayla. Kayla's mother should have called the POLICE on Stephon for using her debit card without her permission. But there goes the "I don't want to hurt my daughter.... he's the baby's father... My daughter will be mad at me" bullshit at work. Sorry, I'd be on the phone to the cops in a heartbeat and if Kayla does not like that she can get her ass out the door into Section 8 housing or whatever with that loser. Saying, "I messed up," is not an excuse for being a THIEF. He should not be allowed in that house EVER again. I don't care if he tried to pay her back. He didn't have malicious intentions, Kayla? Right. He only STOLE with good intentions. And you let him in the house? Against your mother's rules? You know, the mother that has done everything for you? OMG. I just can't. You know what Kayla? I don't give a fuck what you feel like. If you feel like having that asshole there, get the fuck out. How dare that low life talk to her mother like that in her home. I'm seriously enraged that Kayla's mother didn't send them both out the door and let them learn to sink or swim. And since when it is okay to steal from someone and it's all fine as long as you throw the money on the table and pay it back. Not in this house. 

Bar looked puffed and exhausted again this week. Their story is getting boring. Pastor T is upset with him. Bar doesn't care. Pastor T expects an apology. Bar isn't ready for that. Ashley gets angry. Bar says, "I will but not now." Ashley says, "Okay." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Took the words right out of mouth!!! Messy show LOL

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On 5/16/2018 at 5:04 PM, missy jo said:

I thought we saw the worst anger issues with Danae's fit of rage last week, but Stephon was even more scary. I think Kayla's mom was scared of him and I don't blame her. She should have called the police and had him removed from her house. 

Nahhhhhh. Danae's was way worse.  Stefen was getting loud but he never really got in any of their faces like Danae did to Brianna. And I thought Kayla's mom held up pretty good, she didn't look threatened by him at all, especially when he got the most angry while they were all standing up. Danae aggressively got in Brianna's face multiple times.  Stefen just left the room and then came back real fast. The only time he got real close to Kayla's mom is when he went and threw the money on the table and again when he went to grab it. His 'come deal with my anger' was a little disturbing which I think is the moment I'm thinking of when they showed her mom and I thought "wow, this lady doesn't look freaked out at all"

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On 5/15/2018 at 3:43 PM, Brooklynista said:

I just wanted Kayla's mother to stand up from that table and put Stephan through a damn wall.  Ain't no way, some punk would curse me out IN MY OWN HOME after he had already stolen money from me.  The first time he balled his fist we would have bounced off of every room in that house.  Say what you want about Pastor Tea, but Stephan's antics would have been met with a swift ass whooping. 

And let's evaluate how Stephan was able to use her debit card.  Kayla must have given him the pin.  I cannot see mom being dumb enough to let him have it.   

Agreed.  As for the ass whooping I think Stephan has gotten plenty of them from that aunt or whomever raised him.  His breaking down in tears after his aunt berated him at the baby shower made me wonder if he was actually afraid of the consequences still to come.  

On 5/16/2018 at 4:38 PM, configdotsys said:

I just noticed that while Kyler was having this conversation with his mother about Lexi, he was smiling with glee at the torture he's putting Lexi through and his young brother is sitting there (looks like he's smiling). Way to teach your bro, Kyler. You fat, disgusting pig.

A couple more things on a rewatch:

Kayla telling her friends that her mother is just overreacting about stealing and using her debit account just because she wants him out of their house. Ugh.

Ashley said that Bar is not allowed in the house because of all the drama with Pastor T. She said during their conversation something about "we never would have gotten that dresser out of there," which implied that Bar was allowed in just to get help them. 

Just saw the Stephan scenes again. Terrifying. He took the money back. Then at one point he glared at Kayla's mother and said something like, "Come deal with my anger." Kayla's mom should high tail it to court with a copy of the tape and get a restraining order. If Kayla doesn't like that, she can get the hell out and start making her own decisions.

About Kyler and Lexi:  Yet Kyler is just the type who will mope around and be inconsolable when she dumps his ass. He likes feeling so important and special by the likes of Lexi the former cheerleader --never mind the fact that Lexi's personality is as dynamic as a piece of soggy toast.  The more I think about it, I'm convinced the show's producers went out and found as many people as they could with IQs south of 80.  If this show comes back for a new season I will not be tuning in.  

Stephan/Lexi/Lexi's mother:  Stephan's face as he raged and ranted, fists clenched and eyes blazing, reflected evil.  Only a dull, stupid girl like Kayla could be so clueless as to not recognize this.  He will do more than hit her if she refuses to accept the obvious.  That baby could also be endangered by this human landmine of a father.  When Lexi's mother said she felt sorry for Izaiah and Kayla she was thinking about the 18 years of sheer hell they will have to endure with Stephan in the picture.  

Configdotsys, your suggestion is right on.  That tape may very well prove valuable in keeping an unsupervised Stephan away from the family.  They will need to file a police report, though, every time he erupts or steals or exhibits any more sociopathic behaviors.  The importance of documenting these incidents cannot be overestimated.  

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