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S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

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The hand/burning scene was hard to watch (not sure porn is the right word for it, nothing was or was intended to be sexual). I'm not sure I agree with the idea that they went too far or that shouldn't have been shown. I mean, we've already had brutal executions like stoning, physical torture like removing eyes, concentration death camps, and the whole show is based around organised mass rape on a monthly basis. Any one of those earlier examples could also have been skipped - skip too many, and it defeats the point of the show.

I was curious by the airport scene. Wouldn't immigration rules be what the destination country requires? Now of course, I'm not expecting Canada to suddenly be relaxing its rules (and sadly, in times of crisis we hear people get even more opposed to immigration and asylum seekers). But they would still recognise same-sex marriage - although I suppose it's not hard to see the US/Gilead authorities deciding to interpret Canada's rules in their ways. Or maybe the point was that Gilead was increasingly clamping down on freedom of movement out the country, no matter what other countries allowed?

On 04/05/2018 at 4:40 AM, SourK said:

Because they don't hate lesbians. They f--ing love lesbians because it gives them somebody to feel superior to and because it means they get to punish all the unbelievers who don't live according to the strict set of rules they've imposed on themselves. There's no scenario where Gilead wanted everyone who didn't agree with them to leave the country. Then they wouldn't have anyone to boss around. They needed to keep people there if they could.

I agree - although also any woman fleeing was a potentially fertile woman.

On 02/06/2018 at 8:15 PM, Clanstarling said:

Speaking just for myself (and not all Americans), no - not so extreme. The seeds that led up to the Handmaid's Tale universe are present in our reality at an alarmingly increasing rate. I don't know that I think it will go that far, but is more of a possibility (in my mind) than it was when I read the book originally.


I agree about comparisons to America. But worryingly many other countries too that are already further down that road, and all some people (in society, not here!) can do is moan about asylum seekers. It would be interesting for the show to show that side: people make it all the way to Canada, only to be turned away; or those who stay experience anti-immigration abuse, with people assuming they must have the same views as those they fled from.

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On 5/1/2018 at 10:31 AM, chaifan said:

Yes, Gilead has a supply of free/slave labor, but they still have to make/grow/produce something to contribute to the economy.  The women clearing the field aren't contributing to the economy (yet).  They're really just doing busy work, as a few people with the right machinery/equipment could clear that field in a few days.  Housing them, feeding them, employing guards and others to be there is just costing the gov't money.

It seems to be about inflicting punishment and cruelty more than anything.

yeah it’s inefficient to have sickly women do that work and then they will eventually die so it’s a slow death sentence.

OK these people are sadistic and there seems to be no shortage of sociopaths they could f8nd to be aunts or guardians.  

I question how easily Washington and the US fell.  20-30 men with machine guns at the Capitol and explosion at the White House?  Sorry that wouldn’t be enough.  There are thousands of police and national Guard soldiers in immediate vincinity of DC.

unless most of them decided to join this rebellion, the Sons of Jacob would be vastly outnumbered.  Taking over a city like Washington would take a long time unless the populace meekly surrendered.  They’d have to go door to door to secure the territory.

Look at the difficulties the US military had of securing much smaller and less modern cities in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There was insurgency using IEDs to slowly whittle down an occupying military and this went on for months if not years.

The US is full of guns not to mention military bases, arms depots.  They could conquer a city but secur8ng it would take thousands of troops.

Maybe there were massacres and large numbers of refugees, far more than suggested by Little America up in Toronto.

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