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22 minutes ago, rmontro said:

I totally forgot to watch this.  I see by all the conversation here it must have been a really good episode lol.  I'll have to check it out On Demand.

I actually forgot that this episode was released. I was flipping through my On Demand as well and saw it. 

I watched this episode and enjoyed how it was written/produced, at least for Nattie. I didn’t care for Trinity and Jon’s storyline. Maybe their storyline felt too light compared against the severity of Nattie’s. I felt a weird anticipation throughout the episode like “ok, when is he going to die. Oh, he’s in this scene so not yet. “( I couldn’t remember which PPV his passing occurred around. ) When we switched to Trinity and Jon I did something else until Nattie returned.


Outside of Total Divas & Bellas and occasionally reading the Raw and Smackdown results I don’t pay attention to WWE news or rumors, so I don’t know if people were aware of her father’s condition. I was surprised when Nattie talked about her father having Alzheimer’s. Not only talking about the current struggles but their worries about his future. I felt more connected to the show than I have ever been in seasons. 


I liked how they showed Nattie and her father’s Summerslam entrances side-by-side. I also liked how the show addressed his death and the service. The momentos and stories were sweet. 

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On 10/17/2018 at 3:37 PM, OnceSane said:

Episode 5:

Airs October 17, 2018.


On 10/19/2018 at 2:50 AM, rmontro said:

Hokey smokes, can Nattie come off any more like a jerk?  She practically drags Lana into dying her hair pink, pumps her up about how great it looks, and wham suddenly she hits her with "I don't like it".  With a big smirk on her face at that.  

I can see Lana's point about wanting to stand out.  Rumors are that the reason so many blondes get pushed to the top in the WWE is because Vince McMahon likes blondes.


I can't believe I still watch this ridiculous show. I just finished this episode. And I hope it was scripted, because if Nia actually lured her friends over for a "housewarming" party only to put them to work, and then bitched about how no one was "helping" her and she couldn't afford a professional so she was entitled to her friends' free labor, what a bitch. Also, super rude for her to direct her friends to sleep on the floor of her house while she ran off to her comfy bed. For some reason I kind of think that was legit, based on the fact it was Trinity complaining about it.


And yes, it was SO bitchy of Nattie to smugly tell her how shitty she looked, and then be like, it's just my opinion! Yeah, that no one asked for.

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I guess I'm the only one here. But I'll still type my thoughts out anyways, as it would be selfish to keep them to myself :).


Finished the Lake Tahoe episode, and WOW, these girls are all the most obnoxious assholes ever. All of them. Even Nikki, who I usually have a soft spot for. I rolled my eyes so hard when Nikki said maybe she was just getting too old to enjoy all this drama. Hey Nikki, here's a hot newsflash: you know how you avoid drama? Maybe you don't instigate a "prank" regarding a loaded topic against the most high strung, insecure member of your squad, and if you do attempt the ill advised prank, maybe admit right away and smooth things over instead of watching it escalate and then run off with you sister and roll your eyes over all the drama YOU TWO started.


And why is Lana always held to a different standard than the other girls? Every time she has a dust up with one of these women, everyone is always telling her to be the bigger person, while the other Diva involved in the altercation is actually the one at fault, or at least the one more at fault. Paige is the one who threw a damn tantrum and way overreacted. Yet all the girls kiss her ass while Paige freaking sobs over a damn tweet that Lana made 3 years earlier? And while I think a lot of this drama is scripted, I don't think Paige was acting. She's a freaking loose cannon and I don't get why the girls always enable that shit.

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Total Divas has started filming for season 9. 

Lana and Rusev are out. “Lana revealed that she and Rusev have been removed from the cast for being “strongly disliked” by the show’s viewers.” 

Sonya Deville is filming for TD. 

Ronda Rousey is a potential. Though using her in the background and for quick talks haven’t been bad. 

Source: https://www.sescoops.com/ronda-rousey-joins-total-divas-cast/ 

Edit: Paige and the Bellas will not be filming for season 9. Nikki will continue to produce Total Divas but both Bellas will focus on Total Bellas.

”The rest of the cast will feature Sonya Deville, Carmella, Natalya, Nia Jax, and Naomi. That means that those leaving the show include Paige, The Bella Twins, and Lana.” 

Source: https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1056075-nikki-brie-bella-total-divas-season-9

Edited by WarmSkull · Reason: More updates to the S09 cast.

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