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Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

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It's possible that Lauren doesn't yet know what is wrong with her, just that she has "a tender stomach" in some way, shape, or form.  I myself often had intestinal problems for decades, and asked to be tested multiple times for Crohn's, celiac, endometriosis, etc., after wolfing probiotics and cal-mag until the cows came home... or went away, as I also briefly flirted with the possibility that I was lactose intolerant... after enormous amounts of trial and error, it seems that I was having consistent intestinal problems because of my gastritis; or, at the very least, that my bowels regulate themselves with a daily acid reducer de facto pushing the acid buildup out (sorry for TMI but if it helps one other person, I would feel it's worth it!). 

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I googled around about Lauren and Celiac.

On Reddit someone posted that Lauren was cramping and thought that she had something with gluten.

So maybe she really does have celiac?

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She said she was gluten free but never admitted to celiac or a more common gluten intolerance. Since she ate a tortilla out of the Duggar fridge, I imagine it's the latter.

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