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Three Wives, One Husband

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On 4/2/2018 at 11:49 PM, Lopethina said:


I can't find anything online showing Catrina is a sister to Lillian and Anazella.  Where did you read this?


Edit:  Lillian and Anazella are full sisters.  But I think you are right that Catrina is their half-sister, because their "Mom Charlotte" sure looks like Catrina.  Lillian and Anazella's mom seems to be out of the picture, as Addam and Charlotte appear to be monogamous now.





Is the dude with the glasses Addam Swapp? I thought he was still in prison.

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This is so unbelievably sad and tragic.  This was the baby that we saw being born in the first episode.  They had such joy at the new life- to find out it was snuffed out so soon is heartbreaking.

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Joe Darger  live tweeted during the baby's funeral  last weekend. Tweeting that Enoch spoke, and the siblings, and other mother's Catrina and Lydia also spoke. So it appears that after filming, Enoch and Lydia did get married / sealed. The baby's mother Lillian was distraught and Lillian's sister read a letter that Lillian had written to the baby. This is so sad. What struck me the most about this family was the scene where Lillian was in labor and giving birth and Catrina was at Lillian's head, stroking her hair and encouraging her, and kissed her lovingly on her check when the baby was born. 

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I just watched the whole series, and googled the family afterwards to see what they were up to and learn more about the community.  I came upon the article about Adonijah.  How terribly heartbreaking for the entire family and community.  I can't imagine what the parents and siblings have gone through to experience the fire and the loss of the baby.  

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