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Catelyn and Tyler don't really do much for the child they have, from what is shown on tv.  They're feeling guilty for putting Carly up for adoption, because in hindsight, they could have afforded raising her (financially).  I think almost all of the other 16 and Pregnant parents kept their babies.  Back when they were on the original show, there was no guarantee of big money coming in, they didn't even know they would be on national tv when they made the decision to put Carly up for adoption.  Then the open adoption process too made it sound like they could just go and see the child, so they weren't really "giving her up".  The adopted parents would do all the hard work, and C&T could be like the Disneyland parents, swooping in and just doing fun things.

The adoptive parents needed to curtail the visits as soon as it became clear that the child would be discussed on national tv.  Reading the thread, I guess they've told C&T to stop it, but no, they're just still clinging to a fantasy.  You are not her parents.  Her parents are the ones who are with her 24/7.  You were damned glad to find a couple who were so good, who you know would treasure that child.  Now, you say you basically gifted them your child?  No you were GLAD to have found someone who could take over the burden of raising the child you did create.  You made her, but they are raising her.  They are her parents.  She is no longer your child.

If Ryan's parents want to see Bentley so badly, why not ask, can we stop in to visit him at your house Maci (scheduled and all).  Ryan won't be with us.  They go and make nice, maybe take presents for all the kids (so the younger ones won't feel left out - hey a dollar tree coloring book would be fine for the younger two).  Stay a little while, play with Bentley etc.  Ryan's parents clearly enabled him.   I honestly wouldn't let Bentley near Ryan until he showed he was staying sober.  A 30 day rehab for heroin?  That doesn't seem nearly enough time to deal with almost any addiction.

Amber, wow such a hard life.  She's only seen Leah 2x during the summer.  Did it interfere with her nap schedule?  Amber, the hair pulled back severely with that top bun - not a good look.  Not at all.  Whomever told you it looked good hates you.  

Started watching a rerun while working from home.  I know now why I don't watch regularly.  I want to smack half the cast upside the head.   Almost all are entitled jerks, who only have money because they lucked out and got on this show.  If they weren't on the show, they'd be struggling to make ends meet (most likely)

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