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Archer Prehistory: Sealab 2021 & Frisky Dingo

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In the past few weeks, Adult Swim has been running both seasons of Frisky Dingo. That was co-created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, and I reckon it should be considered one of the best series airing on that block. When you look at that and the entirety of Archer, you can see the Dingo DNA embedded into the show about a band of misfit agents cocaine dealers agents detectives figments in Archer's noir dream figments in Archer's island dream.

Actually, you have to go back further to the start of the 21th Century, with Sealab 2021, also created by Reed and Thompson. While Aqua Teen Hunger Force went for absurdity and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law blaspheming Hanna-Barbera properties, Sealab 2021 twisted a little known cartoon -- Sealab 2020 -- from the Seventies. The series went for repeated jokes and funky tangents, which also appear in Archer. It lasted four seasons; with the passing of voice actor Harry Goz (the original Capt. Murphy . . . not played by Jon Hamm), Reed and Thompson decided to move on. Enter Frisky Dingo, which . . . jumps around all over the place. And it was awesome. You have a bizarre, hulking creature with a British accent aiming to drive the Earth into the sun, a billionaire playboy/masked vigilante who was just the absolute worst (not really a twin of Sterling Archer, but close enough), and a shitload of characters that orbited those two characters. The second season started with both of them running against each other for President, setting the bar for insanity that real life did not clear until last year. Lots of characters died in entertaining ways. And I'm thinking you have the same about of oft-said stuff as Archer . . . "Boosh!" "Well, you say that now . . . " "Ka-kow!" You know . . . " "God . . . dammit." "Master cylinder!!" "WHAT THE HELL, DAMN GUY?!?" I apologize if I'm babbling, but it was awesome.

Given that Sealab 2021 took place an eternity ago (at least in terms of animation evolution) and Frisky Dingo only lasted two seasons, I figured this thread would be about reminiscing over Adam Reed's shows before launching Archer. Anybody got favorite memories? Hell, go as far back as "There go my nipples again!" Let's get this started.

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My son and I love love love the BeBop Cola episode of Sealab 2021. He was able to quote it from age five! XD

Theyre all available on Hulu as well. We revisit them often, but we'll be diving into Frisky Dingo during the holidays. 

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Frisky Dingo finale airs tonight. Who knows when Adult Swim will run it again. Prior to Rick and Morty, I would have ranked it the second best series in the history of Adult Swim, trailing only The Venture Bros. Now, it's a little tougher to justify that.

Crap, I had some more phrases to post, but I forgot 'em. All I got is "BUP-BUP!"

ETA: "Harumph!" and "Well, not with that attitude!" The latter gets used on Archer, right?

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I reckon reairing the series in a slot not at 4 a.m. was enough for Adult Swim.

Had a realization: you know how Lana impregnated herself with Archer's seed? Grace Ryan did the same damn thing! Seriously, there's a world of difference between the gun-wielding agent and the TV reporter with absolutely no friends. Thankfully, AJ didn't come out as a monstrous ant baby, unlike poor Cody 2.

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