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What a riduclous ending. After all the hushed talk and machinations and death to obtain the Holy Grail they just smash it into pieces. Then a bad guy sneaks into the wagon....gets the Grail....scratches on the bottom.... And reveals a piece of paper with something written in Aramaic on it. What was that?

The bill for the Last Supper?

"Okay Judas had the falafel but who had the brisket?"

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On ‎29‎.‎1‎.‎2018 at 8:46 PM, ctlady said:

Honestly, when Joan chose Isabella to be recompense for her cousin losing her son I was SO ready for the 'little strumpet' to bite it. 

I think Joan chose Isabella because she wasn't present, so there was time to save her. 

Plus, Isabella was guilty of Lluis's death. She was a very foolish girl who acted without thinking. Even if Lluis had told her mother that he had made love with Isabella, it would have been better to marry him, rather than some other man to whom there would be problems straightaway because Isabella wasn't a virgin.

Irl, there was no problem. Isabella and Llois were betrothed and after they had made love, according to the canon law  they *were* married. 

On ‎9‎.‎2‎.‎2018 at 6:58 AM, green said:

Phillip seemed a fairly nice guy most of the season.  Certainty he was the one betrayed and hurt by the his wife and bestest friend ever.   They only "dirtied" Phillip up the last few episodes.  I know all this was filmed way before it aired but it was almost like the writer finally saw the future and knew they had to suddenly make Landry look less horrible than he really is so decided to quickly make Phillip into an abusive husband type and by contrast try to make Landry look better.  Too obvious an attempt to re-write the show at the last minute.


I don't think Philip was "dirtied". Even a decent man who is betrayed both by his wife and his best friend and a king often wants revenge. Only a saint wouldn't. Philip was decent even in it that he didn't believe straightaway but wanted evidence. 

Only that Philip made the affair public wasn't quite believable. For king who is cuckolded becomes a laughingstock: how can he manage his realm if he can't even manage his wife? Well, perhaps it was that's why because his revenge was so bloody. 

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