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After binging the last half of season 1 over the last couple days I have questions/comments.


1) I think they went too far in trying to humanize the parents from the evil ones they were in the comics.  Yes, they are serial killers, but other than Victor, we were shown nothing but basically good parents.

2) If you kill someone in front of me and record it, and the video clearly shows I was unaware of what was going to happen prior to it happening, that's not good enough insurance to keep me in line.

3) Some vague mentions of "renewable power" is not enough of an incentive to kill children for over fifteen years.  I know about mob mentality and all that.  But I feel they went to great lengths to show us flawed, but basically good people, except for the killing, of course.  So why didn't they spend their time trying extract themselves from the situation?  Only Gerts parents seemed to be trying that.  And they only planned to run after it was over.

Interesting enough I think this was the same problem they had with Spike in Buffy.  They spent so much time showing us the good side that the bad side just fell away.

4) Dear God.  Couldn't they have tried talking just a little bit?  I'm taking about more than just the parents, which people on this board have already mentioned.  But even between the parents and the kids.  The big showdown, never once did the kids mention what Molly's parents said about blowing up LA, or whatever.  As far as I can tell the parents still don't know about the catastrophic repercussions of digging up that creature.  It would go along way to showing the parents why their kids are so willing to destroy the dig.  I really hate conflict created from the lack of simple communication.

5) I guess I'm supposed to assume that Victor has always been an abusive husband/father.  So what caused him to be nice?  People like that don't change on a whim.  He was we'll into treatment before finding Chase in his workshop, so it wasn't finding out he had cancer.  So why?  I also don't understand why Jonah's blood changed his fundamental personality so much.  Gert's dad, whose name escapes me at the moment, his personality didn't change really.  So why did Victor's?

6) Overall though I really liked it. The relationship are complex, but I just can't think too hard about it I guess.  :-)

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Season 2 premiers December 21. Discuss the episodes here.

Please note that this time Hulu will drop the whole season at once. If you don't want to be spoiled you should wait to read the posts in this thread until after you've watched the whole season.

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So far, not too bad,  only on the second episode.  I'm surprised Hulu isn't doing the weekly thing this time around.   

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The season had already finished filming when those allegations came out. As far as I'm aware no decision has been made yet about his future on the show if it is renewed for a third season.

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Well that was a fun watch! I enjoyed Season 1 and Season 2 was a solid step forward in my opinion. Putting the following in spoilers just in case:



- Nico imho, was the MVP of this season and I'm interested in where they're taking her magic now that Marvel has seemingly allowed them to say the staff has evolved past technology?

- I get Karolina's need to find out more about herself but I wanted to smack her for trusting Jonah so much. Xavin is an interesting wrinkle to Karolina's storyline (even though she's currently kidnapped) and I laughed out loud at the back and forth between Xavin and Nico.

- Alex, for a smart kid, does some really dumb things but I put that down to them all being teenagers which means bad decisions will pop up sooner rather than later. Same with Molly.

- Chase is hard to read. He seemingly loves his parents but at the same time won't betray the kids? He has to make a choice at some point because the middle road won't work out for anyone.

- Gert's character arc was also interesting to see unfold as she tries to balance her anxiety with her logical reasoning. 

- I know they've taken the parents further along than the comics ever did but I really like having them around. It gives the kids another layer as characters and the parents continue to be great antagonists.

- Big props to Lyrica, Brittany and James for killing that fight sequence they did together. That was awesome to watch.

- I think the missing 'Brother' or other magistrate is Karolina's soon to be younger sibling.


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I'm only on episode eight right now, but I know what happens and am not worried about spoilers.

Episode seven was like a finale itself! Really liking how much more action there is this year. I think this type of show also benefits from a binge-watch, but the pacing just seems a lot better. I like how we're getting mini-arcs like Topher's within the larger arc, too.

Although Gert has been sort of sidelined, I like how the show is handling her mental illness. I also like how all of the relationship conflict between her and Chase (and Karolina and Nico, too) is realistic. They're fighting about people lying to them and keeping secrets from them, and about being shut out. There's no stupid triangle drama or forced misunderstandings that could be avoided if people just asked the right (or any) questions. For example, Nico knows Karolina is lying to her, and she doesn't just sit back and stew about it or assume she knows what's up and make decisions based on that; she confronts Karolina and asks her about it. Chase explains to Gert why her solo plan hurt him so much -- because she didn't ask him for help, but cut him out without a second thought. It's good stuff.

Episode five was much funnier than the others -- it had a lot of good lines. The scene with Eiffel and the parents was ridiculous, but entertaining. I looked it up and the episode was written by a satirist, and was his first and only Runaways episode. If you're writing an ep of a TV show, you're supposed to make it match all the others as best you can; it's not supposed to stand out to people like me as obviously having been written by someone new... but damn if I didn't love it. 

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Episode 8 feels almost like a completely different show. The storyline feels desperate, like they're struggling to find a direction post-Jonah. The tenor is disjointed- lighthearted and forced in some parts (like the self-aware "heist" sequence) and dark and moody in others. Characters don't feel in step with prior episodes either; Frank has suddenly gone back to being willing to sell out Leslie at a second's notice (in spite of having been trying to bring his family back together just a few episodes ago; and he still hasn't had any moments with Karolina). Leslie decides that her payoff to Flores is a really good time to burn all her bridges with him and Pride for some bizarre reason, not to mention that she also just told Frank he's on his own after this (again, after having supposedly come back together with him in prior episodes). The silly 'newlywed' ruse of Chase and Gert... ugh.

I get the sense that the writers didn't have much of a plan for the show once the Jonah situation was resolved and are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks moving forward. Or, more likely, just filling airtime until their next planned story arc. Either way, ep. 8 is the worst of the season so far. 

(On another note, it seems like Karolina is more angry with Nico about killing Jonah than she is about the apparent deaths of all the other aliens that were on the ship. That element of the storyline seems to have completely vanished, and I don't know if it is going to be addressed again at all.) 

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I don't understand Leslie's plan for disbanding the church. She starts by tossing out all the books first? Shouldn't a more logical first step be something like telling all the congregants that the church is closing? Take the big steps first, then toss out the trash?

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I'm treading lightly on this thread because I've only seen half the season, but of the half I have seen, Janet has just kicked all kinds of ass.  I think she may have pushed out Dale and Stacey from the top spot in my heart.

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Finished. The show better get renewed after that! I need to see Nico and Xavin team up to save Karolina. I need to find out which one (if any) of the kids is a host. And I need to see Janet get the hell out of there, because I've really come to like her, which is impressive considering she was my second-least favorite parent last year (after Victor).

The Minoru vs. Minoru and Minoru fight was excellent. Lyrica Okano said that all three of them are black belts and that she actually did that flip herself. Nico was my fave this season, hands down. The superhero landing after flying up out of the hole was great, as were the times the Staff of One took over and blasted the hell out of Nico's opponents. There was more action in general this year, and the show was better for it.

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Just finished the season, and I enjoyed it even though I thought it was really disjointed. Random thoughts.

Nico in slow motion coming out of a tornado in the hole, stabbing Jonah and fighting her parents was totally badass.

Laid Back Not Tina is totally hot.

The handoff in crazy tight ass control freak characters from Julian McMahon to James Marsters is great casting. 

At first I thought the Alex/Darius plot might be character development, but in the end it felt like filler.

I wonder what the timeline was on writing  Annie Wersching/Leslie's pregnancy plot. Annie was pregnant IRL, but they managed to make the story of a pregnancy plausibly integral to the plot. 

(Did I mention that laid back Not Tina is totally hot?)

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Just wwatched episode 7, so will read the rest of the thread later.

I get why it was necessary to kill Jonah, but why kill everybody on that ship. Maybe shoot Jonah first, then see if you can get the people on the ship out and if you can negotiate with them. That seemed like more unecessary murder.

Also I still don't get how Jonah survived for thousands of years but now needs a sacrifice every 10 years. Seems not wwell thought out.


Episode 8:

Okay they explained the Jonah thing. Still seems half baked. He couldn't amass power earlier and get a bunch of slaves to dig down to his space ship? I mean he had the members of pride selected so they could do maintenance on the ship, but I don't think he actually needed needed them. It just wwould have made the wwhole start faster.

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51 minutes ago, Miles said:

Also I still don't get how Jonah survived for thousands of years but now needs a sacrifice every 10 years. Seems not wwell thought out.

It seems as though he was switching bodies before. When we see that one guy in quarantine, I think that is supposed to be the alien that becomes Jonah and he possesses that poor, dumb, fearless Australian doctor. For whatever reason he decides to keep that body and figures out he can maintain it through sacrifices rather than having to switch to a new body every so often. Jonah does mention at one point how the technology for what he wanted to do just wasn't there yet. So he knew there was a way to regenerate himself by building the right kind of machine but until he could do that he had to eat people the old-fashioned way.

I think the laugh of the season had to go to those two church-mom lackeys of the Gibborim who as it turns out were the women in bed with the cult leader back in the 70's. I howled at that. "Most devout" indeed.

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Jonah wanted to stay in his current body because it was the one he was in when he fathered Karolina -- he explained it to her on the recording he left her:

"Before the man you met, I lived as many men. I watched cities rise, religions form, technology advance. It was a lonely existence, waiting for your world to catch up with mine, so my family, our family, could be freed. But when you were born, my dear, I felt a connection far deeper than anything I had ever experienced. I could not bear to lose it. The sacrifices that you discovered were done so that I could stay in this form, stay as your father. To struggle with another host, risk losing you forever, I couldn't do it."

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On 12/22/2018 at 7:40 PM, kdm07 said:

Nico imho, was the MVP of this season and I'm interested in where they're taking her magic now that Marvel has seemingly allowed them to say the staff has evolved past technology?

Me too. Those were obvious Kaecilius eyes. 


- I get Karolina's need to find out more about herself but I wanted to smack her for trusting Jonah so much. Xavin is an interesting wrinkle to Karolina's storyline (even though she's currently kidnapped) and I laughed out loud at the back and forth between Xavin and Nico.

Karolina's trust in Jonah was completely obnoxious. While he's slightly more candid with Karolina than her mother is, he still hides a fuckton of shit from her. He also reveals in the climax of surfacing his ship that he'd been lying about being able to surface without casualties.

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I still haven't quite finished the season, but I have been consistently impressed by some of the music choices they've made.  I was not surprised to see they share a music supervisor with How to Get Away with Murder, another show who always gives me cool ambient and electronic music I've never heard before and nearly always like.

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S2.E1 quotes:

Tina: I knew they wouldn't get far for long.
Robert: They have no idea how to survive on the streets.
Dale: No wonder it took them so long to run away.
Catherine: We're still waiting for your apology.
Stacey: You called the cops on our kids and made them fugitives.
Janet: Yeah, my son's face has been plastered across every screen in the city.
Catherine: Which is why they've been found 24 hours later.
Geoffrey: Don't bother, Cat. Haters gonna hate.

Nico: Gert, hurry!
Gert: You're not the one pushing the dinosaur in a shopping cart!

Chase: If my dad were here, he'd kill me.
Alex: Again?

Nico: Man, we suck at being runaways.

Karolina: This place is paid for by our parents?
Nico: We can't eat that soup.
Alex: Nico's right. That's PRIDE soup.
Molly: Soup is soup, and I'm starving.
Gert: Soup in and of itself has no inherent morality.
Nico: Neither do our parents.

Chase: You okay?
Gert: So many with so little.
Chase: You seem surprised. I mean, you were Brentwood's fiercest social justice warrior.
Gert: Yeah. I guess I've just never really seen social injustice in person before.

Chase: If you weren't motivated by jealousy, then what? You're just a terrible leader who makes bad decisions under pressure?

Dale: A secret antichamber. Classic PRIDE.

Tina: Someone needs to pay Graciela a visit, find out what she knows, and make sure no one else learns it.
Geoffrey: Give me me an address. I'll deal with it.
Dale: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Pump the brakes there, big guy.
Stacey: Haven't enough innocent people died?
Dale: Wouldn't it be great if we could, just, you know, dial down the murdering, just a little?

Tina: Robert and I are coming with you. It's not that we don't trust you, but we don't.

Darius: I'm thinking a seafoam green.
Alex: You want me to paint?
Darius: Man, what the hell did you think? You watch too many Tarantino movies. Scorsese and shit.
Alex: Not even remotely funny.
Darius: It is to me.

Dale: There's a tape and we're gonna get it and then we will jab her. It'll be like we were never here, and she never saw any tape, right? 
Stacey: Maybe I should do the jabbing.
Dale: What?
Stacey: We never really discussed who was going to jab.
Dale: No, no, no, no, no. You go for the tape. I'll sneak up beside her, and I'll just give her the business.
[Graciela appears with a gun]
Dale: Oh, Jesus! Graciela's a Bond villain. The hunters have become the hunted!

Chase: Seriously? You're robbing a dead person?
Nico: Look, I know it's harsh but this is our reality now.

Darius: I don't normally get rolled like this, but, uh, my lady's very emotional these days cause of the hormones.
Tamar: Don't hormone me. This shit is ugly. I swear to God, Darius, I think you're color blind.

Karolina: How's Old Lace holding up?
Gert: She's great. She's really settling in. She's actually quite the dumpster connoisseur, and if I'm calm then she's calm. 
Chase: You don't seem calm.
Gert: That's a really helpful thing to say to someone while they're trying to be chill so that their psychically-linked dinosaur doesn't freak out, which would be so much easier if I had my meds, but they're in my room, which is next to my parents' room, who, just if we need a little reminder, tend to murder people.
Chase: So what you're saying is you're not calm? 

Victor: I might think this was heaven, except you're here.
Jonah: I assure you, you're still very much alive. Well, "very much" might be overstating a little bit, but you're hanging in there. This is a healing algorithm, a safe place for your mind to exist while your body repairs itself.
Victor: And my algorithm just happens to have a back door, so you can drop by unannounced.

Victor: What is that? Besides disgusting.
Jonah: I'm assuming the kid Geoffrey pulled off the streets was depleted when we converted him, and I exerted quite a bit of energy e during an altercation with the kids.
Victor: The kids? Is Chase okay?
Jonah: No thanks to you. I was the only casualty, I'm afraid, but, if I'm going to heal myself, I need another box. Yeah, Tina destroyed it saving Robert, who was sacrificing himself for Janet. Long story. You don't need the details.
Victor: Don't want them. I understand. I'm the only one who can make a box. Ironically, I'm basically in one hence your virtual visit. And if I don't save you, I may not save myself.
Jonah: All those magazine covers did not lie. You're sharp.

Tina: Do you think Jonah knows what what they are?
Robert: Or is he possibly the same thing?
Geoffrey: I mean, the guy requires sacrificed teenagers to survive.
Catherine: And he glows.
Janet: I'm guessing that's not a medical condition.

Alex: Why are we running toward the explosions?

Gert: His nickname is Mike On A Bike.
Chase: Yeah? Well, mine is Chase. 
Gert: That's not technically a nick- Never mind.

Mike on a Bike: You guys are into some seriously weird shit.
Chase: You don't know the half of it.

Gert: Guys, it's amazing up here.
Chase: Except for the bathroom, which is pretty gross. There's also no power or water.
Gert: Which would explain said grossness. Also, I think we have raccoons.

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I'm a spoilerphobe so now that we only have one thread for the show instead of separate episode threads, I will just be popping in to post after each episode. Once I've finished S2, I will come back and read everyone's comments.


I know the kids are on the run and they just had all of their money stolen, but why didn't they try to change their appearance AT ALL? At least Karolina had the common sense to put on a baseball cap and Chase can get by as a generic looking white teenager, but Nico needs to wipe off the eyeliner and change her hair and ditch her Hot Topic clothes (all of which make her stick out like a sore thumb no matter where she is in LA), and Molly needs to take off the pink ears. Gert gets half credit for putting on a hat to hide some of her purple hair but then she and Karolina both got rid of their hats LIKE IDIOTS.

And then they just bust into Graciela's house and leave fingerprints everywhere which will connect them to her death. If you're going to be fugitives, be smart fugitives!

Ha, I had to laugh when Chase and Karolina stole the car from the valet so easily. Like Gert said, pretty white privilege for the win.

I love that Dale and Stacey are really trying to dial down the number of people PRIDE murders. Meanwhile, Tina is totally fine killing anyone who might even remotely be a threat. I'm guessing there will be an inevitable showdown between Tina and Geoffrey, the other murder-happy member of the group.

Alex should be glad that all he had to do was paint a room (twice) to get some more money from Darius (and I did find Darius a little bit amusing the way he scared Alex into thinking he would have to kill someone). It's really hard in this day and age to get by without money, credit cards, or phones (especially when you factor in all the cameras they are avoiding) so I'm glad that they have a place to stay and some cash, which solves their most basic needs (food and shelter) for right now.

I understand Karolina's need to know more about herself, but going to Jonah seems like the dumbest possible thing she could have done.

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S2.E2 quotes

Gert: There's no sign of her upstairs.
Chase: Although, pretty sure I saw, like, rat-sized cockroaches back there.
Molly: Bite-sized Old Lace snacks.
Gert: No. Gross. Fine. Who am I to judge the dietary habits of a homeless dinosaur?

Karolina: Sometimes an earthquake is just an earthquake especially here.
Alex: And sometimes it's an evil PRIDE plot to frack LA into the ocean.

Nico: We have to make sure the dig site's destroyed, permanently this time. We need to power up, which means I need the staff.
Alex: You realize your mom has it, right? I mean, why don't we start off by stealing something easy like the Elder Scrolls in Skyrim? Obviously a joke. Everyone knows how hard those are to steal.
Nico: No. Everyone does not know that.

Alex: I'm working for Darius.
Chase: The guy who kidnapped and almost shot you? That's a great plan. Good thing you don't need an IQ test to stay here.
Alex: Yeah, cause then where would you stay?

Jonah: You brought what I asked?
Janet: The plans are all here.
Jonah: And you're sure it's everything Victor's got?
Janet: Believe it or not, I can actually read these specs too.
Jonah: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Everybody knows you met Victor in grad school, but they forget that you were an excellent student as well. Your knowledge on gravitational wave theory is quite impressive.
Janet: It's been a while since anyone's given me credit for more than just bringing the best gluten-free banana nut muffins to the bake sale.

Janet: How are you doing this?
Jonah: I can't explain to you how I'm using quantum field theory and sub-cellular biophysical processes to keep your husband alive. You just have to trust that I am, okay?
Janet: [Victor] looks peaceful.
Jonah: You have no idea.
Janet: I'm glad.
Jonah: That's kind of surprising since you're the one who shot him.

Darius: What the hell are you doing just showing up here like this? You here cause you want something?
Alex: Uh, sorry. No. I thought I could help you guys out with your moving.
Darius: Yeah? You just thought, "Hey, I guess I'll take the day off from being homeless so I can help Darius move into his new crib."
Alex: I mean, when you say it like that, it sounds like I have an ulterior motive.

Chase: You're not going to believe what I just found.
Gert: Is it a fully furnished home with running water and electricity? 
Chase: It's a car. 
Gert: A car that runs?
Chase: Uh, not yet.
Gert: With everything going on right now, how is some junker-
Chase: It's a Rolls.
Gert: Okay, I don't see how a large, expensive junker is going to improve the quality of our lives. You know what would actually help is if you got the power on like you said you would three hours ago. Can you do that or not?
Chase: Yeah, um, the interior electrical system is intact, so it just needs a little Stein magic to connect to the power grid.
Gert: Great. Please go be magical.

Chase: I think that'll do it.
Gert: I feel like there's a 50-50 chance that we're going to get electrocuted when you flip that switch.
Chase: Come on. It's way more like 40-60.
Gert: Is that a 40 percent chance we're gonna get electrocuted, or-
Chase: It's a hundred percent chance you're going to be blown away by my engineering prowess.
Gert: "Blown away" feels like a poor choice of words.

Livvie: I was just gonna ask if they even have soul food in Brentwood.
Alex: Oh. Uh, no, they don't. We just have kale, three meals a day. Sometimes quinoa if we've been really good.

Livvie: I don't buy the stories they're telling on the news. They say that you're a murderer, a kidnapper. I just don't believe it.
Alex: Well, I'm not.
Livvie: You wouldn't be the first guy I met who didn't do what the cops said he did. There's only one way for sure to know if you're a good guy or a bad guy.
Alex: You know how to administer a polygraph test?

Chase: We could fight. You've got Old Lace. I've got the Fistigons at half strength.
Gert: We are not going to Fistigon blast DWP workers. That'll just make it worse.
Chase: Okay, well, then, let's run, find another place to crash. 
Gert: Oh, yeah? Where do we go? We're going to find another hidden mansion that's big enough for all of us and our dinosaur?

Chase: We did it. Now let's see if that old blender in the kitchen works.
Gert: What? Why is that your first thought?
Chase: I had a packet of protein powder in my suit jacket. Hadn't expired yet.
Gert: You know, most kids smuggle a flask or a vape into a school dance.
Chase: I'm a very committed dancer. It's depleting. Mmm. Nectar of the gods. You want some?
Gert: That swamp water? No.
Chase: Actually, the water from the tap's a little darker than this. Our next project.
Gert: Let's just bask in this victory for like ten seconds, okay?

Chase: There's electric heat in some of the rooms. We got protein shakes, chandeliers lit up.
Karolina: Fantastic. Now we can all see how bad we look.
Gert: He's not familiar with the concept.

Karolina: The decor is very Wiccan.

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Seriously, are there any kids in California who don't know to get in a doorway during an earthquake? We are all taught that starting in elementary school.

I'm glad that Gert brought up her medication again and how not having it is making things more difficult for her.

I felt so bad for both Nico and Robert. However fiercely protective Tina has been of Nico, she is ruthless in a way that Robert is not. What he wants more than anything is to protect Nico and have her come home. Tina, on the other hand, is all about protecting PRIDE, even at the cost of her family. Her offer to let Tina take the staff just had me shaking my head. Really, Tina? You seriously thought she would stay and work things out? What did that look like in your head? She would say, "You're right, mom. I'm sorry. I'll just come home and you can go back to being a control freak parent who murders runaways on the side"?

I had to laugh when Geoffrey got all concerned about framing an innocent person for murder. Murdering Graciela is okay, but framing someone for murder is bad!

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S2.E3 quotes

Gert: I'm not sure you know this, but the National Sleep Foundation recommends eight to ten hours of sleep for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18.
Nico: Is this because you stayed up all night with Chase?
Gert: Stayed up all night talking about the inherent racism of the early women's movement. Also, how technology is shaping fourth wave feminism, but really also, um, if that water stain on the ceiling looks more like an acorn or Danny DeVito.
Nico: Chase talked about all that?
Gert: He may have mostly listened.
Nico: No wonder he's still sleeping. Chase, come on.
Chase: Isn't the whole point of not going to school so we don't have to wake up on time anymore?

Darius: You gotta make them play your game. Study the layout. Stay on guard, like you're playing defense. Protect yourself. There's only one way to figure out your enemy and that's close observation over a prolonged period.
Alex: I mean, I wouldn't say we're enemies. It's just a game.
Darius: Bones, just a game? That's so disrespectful. Dominoes is life.
Alex: Life, got it. And you keep calling it bones. Why?
Darius: Damn, man. I gotta teach you everything? Dominoes used to be made out of animal bones, like ivory or whatever. Now they're plastic.

Geoffrey: You're not taking that one?
Catherine: Please, no. I hate that dress.
Geoffrey: You loved it when I bought it.
Catherine: I didn't but you were so excited when you gave it to me, I didn't want to hurt your feelings.
Geoffrey: Hurt Geoffrey Wilder's feelings?
Catherine: You speak in the third person all you want. We both know you're sensitive.
Geoffrey: That's why you fell in love with me.
Catherine: It's not, actually. But I tolerate it.

Molly: Just don't tell Gert.
Nico: I'm definitely telling Gert.

Nico: [Molly] can skip this [practice session]. She's further along than the rest of us.
Karolina: Speak for yourself. I've been practicing.
Nico: Um, how much practice?
Karolina: Enough that you're suddenly nervous you're not the best anymore.
Chase: Wait, I thought I was the best
Nico: No. Not even close.
Karolina: Oh, you want to make this a competition?
Chase: I think I already did.

Karolina: What happened?
Gert: It's called brain lightning. It happens when I go off my sertraline too quickly.
Chase: English, Gert. This is new to some of us.
Gert: It's kind of like getting a hot poker shoved in your brain, coupled with dizziness and blindness and ringing in the ears. I could go on.
Chase: No, you had me at hot poker.
Gert: Old Lace can feel it, too. 
Karolina: How do we fix it? 
Chase: Just breathe. Four-seven-eight.
Gert: What are you talking about?
Chase: Four-seven-eight. It's a technique coach taught us.
Gert: Seriously? You really think that Coach Alphona's pseudoscientific game tip is going to help cure my actual debilitating illness?
Chase: We won state three times.

Frank: You look upset.
Leslie: Good. Means my face is working. 
Frank: I know what you're thinking - that I just stole the church from you.
Leslie: Because that's what you did.

Frank: You don't think that I know Jonah is using me? I'm an actor, but I'm not an idiot.

Frank: I knew I had to do something to stay in the game. You cheated on me, Leslie. You kicked me out of PRIDE, then you had the Yorkeses mess with my memory. And then I find out that my daughter isn't even my biological child. Not to mention, I got fired by my agent.
Leslie: And, what, you thought stealing my church would would fix all of that?

Frank: I will do whatever it takes to get that pompous ass-clown Jonah out of our lives for good.

Jonah: You're talking to Frank. You two friends again?
Leslie: No. I hate Frank. I was just telling him how much.
Jonah: Is that so? I'm starting to wonder if there's more than one actor in the Dean family.

Alex: So is avocado picking, like, a hobby?
Livvie: What do you mean?
Alex: I didn't think I'd find so much farming in Compton.
Livvie: What'd you think you were gonna find here?
Alex: Well, the way my dad talks about it - poverty, illiteracy, violence. Not arnica.

Alex: Hey, is it okay if I kiss you?
Livvie: Most guys don't ask.
Alex: Oh, did you not want me to?
Livvie: No, silly.
Alex: Is this okay?
Livvie: So you want to make this awkward?

Jonah: Almost done?
Victor: Getting close.
Jonah: Any chance we could speed it up a bit?
Victor: As you can see, I am working as fast as I goddamned can.
Jonah: It's just that I'm under quite a bit of pressure to hit a deadline.
Victor: You're under pressure? Try being trapped in what was formerly a pleasant memory for what could be the rest of my unnatural life.
Jonah: It's only until you're better.
Victor: Yeah. When is that going to be? Because you know what I think? I think I am better, and you are keeping me trapped here to do your bidding. Because if I was outside in the real world, I would shove this notebook up your ass and bash your head in.

Chase: Do you know why Atlas won the D1 lacrosse championship three years in a row?
Nico: I actually pride myself on not knowing. Or caring.

Molly: Making a plan has always been Alex's job.
Nico: Yeah, well, Alex isn't here.
Gert: Maybe that's why we suck.
Nico: No, there's zero correlation between Alex and us sucking actually.

Gert: You know what? I just must have not understood you. Maybe if you could restate it in the form of a lacrosse metaphor.

Jonah: Hello, Janet. I'm calling about your husband.
Janet: Is he okay?
Jonah: He's a nightmare actually.
Janet: No surprise there.
Jonah: He stopped cooperating. He's angry. Resentful.
Janet: Paranoid. Abusive. Try living with it for 20 years.
Jonah: I'd rather not.

Janet: As brilliant as you may be, you're also a condescending asshole. You know who else that sounds like? 
Jonah: Victor.
Janet: Down to the custom cufflinks.

Molly: I'm not sure why you needed me for this. I kind of feel like you're exploiting my powers. I have a higher calling than a human jack.

Molly: You need relationship advice? Sweet. No one ever asks me for that. Is it cause [Gert] talks all the time and has lots of opinions that are usually the opposite of yours?
Chase: I've actually grown weirdly used to that.

Darius: Crushing on Livvie, huh?
Alex: Yeah, she's cool. She's different than the other girls at my old school.
Darius: Yeah, she's sweet. But you're young, lil homie. Don't rush it.
Alex: Is this your way of telling me to back off or you'll kill me?

Nico: They're kidnapping Alex.
Chase: Is it really kidnapping if they're his parents?
Gert: Seeing as they are teen-murdering sociopaths, I'd say yes.
Nico: We've got to stop them.
Chase: What's with the 180? You were just leading the charge on Team Alex Sucks Ass.
Nico: He does, but he needs our help.
Karolina: It's okay to admit that you care about him. I do.
Chase: I kind of miss his square head and chicken legs.
Gert: His bad pitches for mission titles and code names.
Molly: And even though he thinks he's smarter than everyone, he really is smart. And I miss him, too.
Nico: What? I got issues. About talking about my feelings. Or just generally having them.

Chase: Gert, I think you should just stay here. After the brain thing this morning, I just don't think it's a good idea.
Gert: That's sweet of you. But seeing as I haven't gone full Britney yet, I don't need a conservator. I can make my own decisions, and I want to join you.

Victor: Janet? It's really you!
Janet: A hippocampus-stimulated facsimile of me, but yes, it's me, Victor. Jonah said the algorithm was based on you being at work with your father, but you said that he was a banker.
Victor: One of many lies I have told you over the years. But I've had a lot of time with my own thoughts in here, wherever the hell we are and I've changed. Truly. You look wonderful.
Janet: I'm surprised you're so happy to see me - since I shot you.
Victor: You shot me? I assumed it was Robert.

Victor: The key that unlocks the cipher can't be written down in case it falls into enemy hands, so it's got to be easy to remember.
Janet: So you're saying we have to hack Jonah's password.
Victor: Except I doubt it's a word. It's more likely an equation.
Janet: But does he even have the same math that we do?
Victor: Well, that's the beauty of math, my love. It's the universal language.

Nico: Can I ask you something?
Alex: Yeah.
Nico; So why'd you call me of all people?
Alex: Well, because I am obsessively over-organized, and when I set up my speed dial you were number one.
Nico: Thank you.
Alex: You know, if this is all there is for the rest of our lives I'm good with that. You know, it sounds cliché but we have each other. And Chun-Li, skilled martial artist and Interpol officer.
Nico: Oh, I'm her! You can be Blanka. You guys, like, used to have the same hair, right?

Molly: I pimped your ride. I need to work on my taglines.

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Oh, Molly. Your heart was in the right place, but I knew that vigilante superhero stuff was going to bite you in the ass!

Poor Alex. I'm glad he know that Livvie as not in on Darius' plan to return him to his parents, but has he really thought this whole girlfriend thing through? Does he think she and Tamar are going to welcome him back with open arms if he shows his face? And poor Darius. First he got screwed by Geoffrey twenty years ago and then he got murdered by Catherine. As Darius said, we all know she's the real g in their family.

Good to know that Frank and Victor aren't completely gullible suckers when it comes to Jonah.

Loved seeing Nico and Alex bond over Street Fighter II.

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4 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I know the kids are on the run and they just had all of their money stolen, but why didn't they try to change their appearance AT ALL?

I think it's hilarious that even though they are runaways and complain about felling dirty and are so poor they resort to dumpster diving, they still managed to dress like they brought their entire wardrobe to the cave.

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4 hours ago, xaxat said:

I think it's hilarious that even though they are runaways and complain about felling dirty and are so poor they resort to dumpster diving, they still managed to dress like they brought their entire wardrobe to the cave.

Every time I see Nico, I'm astounded by where she managed to locate another unbelievably elaborate goth lolita outfit. And then there was Molly's quinceanera. Chase has a tuxedo with tails and Alex is rocking a hipster suit.

I also keep thinking that had Jonah actually been slightly more conventional in his thought process he could have avoid a ton of headaches. You're an educated white man in the 1950s hoping to get access to some land in a black neighborhood. If you couldn't convince someone to buy the land through eminent domain, you're an idiot because black people were losing their homes and neighborhoods left and right because of governmental takings.

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Ooof.  I was not quite ready for the card at the end of the finale, dedicating the season to Stan Lee.  I mean, I knew those were coming, but I thought I'd have time to work through it before either Captain Marvel or Infinity War.

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16 hours ago, xaxat said:

I think it's hilarious that even though they are runaways and complain about felling dirty and are so poor they resort to dumpster diving, they still managed to dress like they brought their entire wardrobe to the cave.

When Nico went back to her house to get the staff and Karolina asked if she wanted to take anything else besides the staff, I thought like what? Apparently when she ran away, she had the foresight to take all of her black eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick plus enough makeup remover and cotton pads to keep her emo Hot Topic look fresh every day (as opposed to smudged, smeared, and all over the place as you would assume a girl living on the run without access to running water would look after one night on the street).

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A very enjoyable season. I do love Gert's parents.

I'm thinking that Alex is the kid that is now an alien. He has been rather bloodthirsty lately, especially about killing his parents.

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S2.E4 quotes

Alex: Who are you? 
Gert: [Topher]'s an undercover cop. He's going to bust us and send us back to our parents who'll murder us. Or he's just a cold-blooded killer and he's going to murder us right here. Or he's a blackmailer and he's going to demand money which we don't have and we will end up murdered.

Topher: Now that I'm here, you gotta give me the name of your decorator, cause this place is dope as shit!

Molly: Gert, stand up for this guy.
Gert: In the 100-yard dash between my anxiety and my idealism, I'm ashamed to say my anxiety is winning. I'm a hypocrite. It's official.

Topher: So what is it? 
Gert: It's a she.
Nico: She's a rescue. 
Karolina: So her breed is unclear.
Chase: Pit mix, maybe?
Topher: So a girl with glowing eyes, a witch with a magic stick, and now a stray pup who had Godzilla for a dad. Feels like I'm in the right place.

Gert: Oh, shit. I'm sorry. I woke you up. Did I wake you up? Was it the nail biting? I'm sorry. My worrying woke you up? 
Chase: It does get a little loud sometimes.
Gert: I'm sorry. It's the anxiety. It's turning me into a person who says "I'm sorry" all the time.
Chase: Hey. It's okay. It's not like time even matters anymore. I mean, do you have somewhere you gotta be today?
Gert: I don't know. Let me check my imaginary smartphone for my imaginary calendar. Nope. Just being a runaway again.
Chase: Which means you got all day.
Gert: Do you ever think about our old lives? Like where we'd be right now if we weren't here?
Chase: I try not to think about my current life, never mind my old one.
Gert: Cause I've never thought that I'd want to go to an SAT prep class or AP History. I even miss Eiffel and her patriarchy-supporting dance routines.

Gert: Good guard-dino! You keeping a monocular eye on our mysterious stranger, my little Lacey-wacey? You know when I say "my," I don't mean like I own you, right? Cause of course not. You're like a fully sovereign being. With us, not for us, right, boo?

Geoffrey: Cat, did you honestly think you could just act like this didn't happen and I'd go along with it?
Catherine: Well, since there's nothing you can do about it, yeah.

Catherine: What you remember about life back in the day is a fantasy - being OG, running a crew.
Geoffrey: There was a code! A sense of loyalty, a brotherhood.
Catherine: There was a bunch of broke-ass punks slinging dope, trying to knock each other off.  Did I not meet you because you killed your boss? Was he your brother, too?

Tina: Congratulations. Our kids are no longer wanted for murder.
Robert: We brought scones.

Geoffrey: Looks like they're centered here. East of La Brea, west of the 5.
Tina; East of La Brea?
Janet: What's even over there?

Molly: Where did you get all this? Hold on. Don't answer that. Maybe I don't want to know where any of this food came from.
Topher: This is urban foraging, girl. You think only rich people know about farm-to-table? I got every orange, aguacate, lemon, and pomegranate tree around here on lockdown. And I know when the good bakeries throw out the day-old stuff. We be feasting, sis.

Chase: We assumed you were gone for good. And by assumed, I mean hoped.

Chase: Where did your relative get all this food?
Molly: It's called urban foraging. 
Alex: Is that like artisanal stealing?

Karolina: We're doing fine, thanks.
Topher: Are you? You can't even say yes to good food. That kind of pride is just some rookie shit.

Mike on a Bike: I'd be happy to tell you more, but you know, I was a finance major once upon a time, before I realized the only true freedom in this country is off the grid in the underground economy. And according to my rather conservative asset-pricing model, I'm gonna need fifty bucks first.
Geoffrey: You trying to shake a bitch down over their kids?

Mike on a Bike: I want to say they had a dinosaur. But I'm gonna chalk that up to a bonkers night of drinking

Karolina: Someone needs to make money, and I figured since Alex isn't working with Darius anymore, you know, I could get a job. 
Nico: Doing what?
Karolina: I was thinking what could I do that wouldn't blow my cover, and I was like, I know, I'll go down to Hollywood Boulevard disguised as a fairytale princess and see if any tourists want-
Nico: Wait. You're going to take Polaroids with little girls?
Karolina: I thought it was a good idea.
Nico: I mean, you are basically a real live Disney princess, but Hollywood Boulevard is like, crawling with cops and cameras.
Karolina: Look, we aren't fugitives anymore, and I don't think our parents are going to be anywhere near Hollywood Boulevard.

Alex: All I need is an 18-core, 36-thread processor chip.
Gert: Oh, good. We have so many of those lying around here in our ruined mansion.

Dale: You don't think we could have parked maybe a little bit closer, Stacey?
Stacey: Hon, it is only 50 yards away. You have lived in California too long.

Topher: I know you don't like me, but I'm cool with it.
Nico: It's not that I don't like you. I don't trust you.
Topher: I see that. You're cold to me.
Nico: Don't flatter yourself. I'm not warm to anyone. 
Topher: I like your honesty. 
Nico: I don't do it for you.

Alex: Do not speak to anyone.
Nico: Not that anyone here has anything to say.
Chase: It's not that bad, Nico. 
Gert: It's not that good, either.
Alex: Got it?
Topher: I survived foster care, no? I think I can handle a bunch of fresas.
Gert: Fresas.
Molly: It means spoiled rich kids. 
Gert: Like us?
Molly: Like we used to be.

Stacey: Eww. What is that smell?
Dale: It's malodorous, yet not completely unfamiliar. A very mature Stilton? Maybe something from the Limburger family?

Eiffel: What do you think about #EarthquakeBitches? Is that too much?

Chase: Hey, I need a favor.
Eiffel: Aiding and abetting a former murder suspect? Sure.

Molly: Our parents are here!
Nico: They just rolled into the parking lot in their motorcade of evil.

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I can't blame any of them for not trusting Topher. At least Nico was smart enough to figure out what he was lying about.

They took a huge risk going back to Atlas. Honestly, if they had gotten caught there, I wouldn't have been surprised and they kind of would have deserved it for being dumb enough to go there where everyone knows who they are. And Gert just strolled into the nurse's office to get her meds. I know she needs them but damn, that was not a great idea.

I did crack up at all the parents basically going "EWWWW" when they found out the kids were hanging out east of La Brea. Summer Roberts would have approved of their snobbery.

Dale and Stacey were being way too loud talking about their plan right in front of all the other employees at the dig site. Come on, be a little more discreet! Or have that conversation in the car!

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S2.E5 quotes

Nico: You still haven't answered my question about what's in [this vial] and why it's so important.
Topher: Why do you care? You don't see me asking questions about your magic wand, eh? Or those metal gloves One Direction here carries in his backpack. Or the dinosaur? Anybody want to explain that? Cause I'm all ears.
Alex: This is about our questions, not yours.
Gert: And accusing us of hypocrisy is not gonna get you off the hook. That is called whataboutism and it's a logical fallacy.
Chase: She was on the debate team and we're not as trusting as we used to be. Also was the One Direction thing an insult or a compliment?

Topher: A little while after I left home, I was digging in the trash downtown. Hungry, cold, just wondering if I could even survive on my own.
Alex: It was a dark and stormy night - we get it.

Jonah: Everything I've worked towards, everything I've done, is for this.
Karolina: For what? A a pile of dirt and the remains of a dump truck?

Jonah: Stick your hand in that crevasse.
Karolina: Because that doesn't sound scary at all.

Gert: I know Molly thinks that you guys might be related but I'm her sister, not yours.
Topher: We live in the same house. We eat at the same table. Out on the streets, that makes you my sister. Con dientes brillantes.
Gert: It's not funny. I can, like, feel the decay destroying my enamel.
Topher: I know it's not funny. It's more loco.
Gert: There's nothing crazy about good hygiene.

Eiffel: I'm so not deleting that. Fifteen thousand likes and a repost by Lil Yachty. I mean, I'm verified now, so forget it.
Janet: Who is Little Yachty and why is that even important?

Janet: Chase seemed a little pale. Do you know if that was the lighting, or do you think that he's sick?

Eiffel: Are you willing to grant me immunity?
Catherine: You're not charged with anything. You don't need lawyers, Eiffel. 
Stacey: Yes, we grant you immunity.
Dale: You are immune.
Eiffel: Look, all I know is that they needed my master key so that Alvin could get his special laptop.
Geoffrey: Alex. His name is Alex.
Eiffel: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not. Anyways, when people start talking about computers, I like to go imaginary shopping.

Dale: I've never been more intimidated by a teenage girl in my life.
Tina: You didn't know me in high school.

Frank: I didn't need the escort.
Jonah: You know, these two have become a real asset to the Church.
Frank: Yes. Yeah, they're great. But have you ever noticed how you never see one alone? They're like the girls in The Shining. It's a that's a joke. It's a movie. It's, you haven't seen the movie.
Jonah: Frances, Aura, thank you. I'll take it from here.
Frances: Of course, Jonah. 
Aura: Journey in brightness.
Jonah: You know, I've been building up quite a nice relationship with those two. They understand their place.
Frank: Their place is sitting on the roof, scaring the pigeons.

Leslie: You saw [Karolina]? Why didn't you call me? I would have come right there.
Stacey: We were on a covert mission.
ale: Emphasis on the covert. Although he may have seen us.
Stacey: Oh, he definitely did. 
Leslie: Well, that doesn't make any sense.
Dale: I know. Usually, we're so stealthy.

Robert: I'll take care of Jonah.
Catherine: That's kind of you to offer.
Stacey: A for effort, definitely, but-
Robert: Doubt all you want, but my entire advantage is the fact that people underestimate me.

Catherine: In the meantime, we're all still at risk for a security breach. I suggest everyone change their passcodes on their Wizphones and any other devices you have. Dale, do not change yours to "Stacey."
Dale: What? Oh, I wasn't changing it to "Stacey."

Molly: That's bullshit!
Chase: Did Molly just curse?
Gert: Yep. PG-13, but definitely a curse word.

Alex: Let's not jump to any conclusions, all right? Maybe Topher's just out there raiding Cheesecake Factory dumpsters for breakfast.
Chase: I'd even settle for Islands.

Molly: If [Topher] gets caught? Who knows what they'll do to him? Which is the same thing that I did to Graciela.
Alex: No, she was a sweet, innocent lady, not some shady rock molester.

Molly: Follow him!
Gert: I only agreed to drive cause you said I could stay in the car!

Gert: [Topher]'s driving like a maniac! He's not using a turn signal!
Chase: He's going kill somebody!
Gert: Nico, you're not wearing a seat belt!
Chase: Because Alex is wearing two of them!
Alex: Because I've ridden with Gert before, that's why!
Gert: That was totally an illegal left!
Nico: This is LA! Two cars turn left after the light turns red!
Molly: Just go faster!

Frank: How did you do it, Leslie? For all those years, how did you do it?
Leslie: I'll explain it to you the way that he explained it to me. All life consumes other life in order to survive.

Leslie: Jonah's been seeing Karolina behind my back. Bonding with her.
Frank: Let's hope she sees through his manipulation better than you did.
Leslie: I doubt it. We we raised her to be a completely open and free spirit. 
Frank: We were terrible parents, right?

Victor: What kind of asshole makes a Philly cheesesteak with real cheese? 
Janet: I don't know. 
Victor: Everybody, I mean everybody, knows it's made with Cheez Whiz. The Whiz is the whole thing.
Janet: Okay, I'm gonna forget you said that last part. 
Victor: Why is Jonah torturing me like this? 
Janet: Because he's an asshole. Can you just stop talking about processed cheese for one minute and listen to me?

Alex: Is everything all right with you and Gert?
Chase: Yeah, she doesn't seem any more annoyed with me than usual, so that's good. Or else it's bad cause it means she's stopped caring. Maybe she's just so used to my level of annoyance that it doesn't register anymore and she kind of just tunes me out.
Alex: Or maybe you're in a relationship.
Chase: Yeah. Probably that. Do you ever wish you were in one? With Nico or the girl you met in Compton?
Alex: Mmm, nah. This is my girlfriend now. Let me tell you, I am a lucky man. I mean, she is beautiful and smart. Yes, I know I'm talking about a computer.
Chase: No, I get it. Kinda how I felt about my first lacrosse stick. I spent hours just taping the shaft. I even strung the pocket myself. Stringing the pocket is very personal.
Alex: Well, not to take anything away from your taped shaft, but my lady here is going help me take down that construction site once and for all. Crack this open for me?
Chase: It really is called a shaft.

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Haha, Eiffel continues to amuse me. Loved that Stacey and Dale were the ones who figured out to just play along with her immunity request.

One thing I like about this show is that they are showing no one is all good or all bad. Even the bad guys have some humanity - Jonah loves Karolina and is trying to free his alien family members, the parents are all trying to save their kids, and Topher didn't hesitate to save Gert. I'm not saying that their good actions make up for the bad things they've done but at least the show is trying to make everyone into more well rounded characters instead of depicting all the bad guys as mustache twirling villains and the good guys as saints.

That said, I still don't trust Jonah. I keep waiting for him to sacrifice Karolina so that he can live.

Part of me is glad that Topher didn't follow through on his promise to get meds for Gert before he went rogue. I don't think she should be taking unknown meds that he got from who knows where! Even though I don't want her getting caught at the hospital, part of me is glad that she recognized that she needed to get some meds. I have no idea why the kids have already gone back to both Nico's house and their school but no one has bothered going back to Dale and Stacey's house to get Gert's meds. Couldn't they just hide nearby, wait until Stacey and Dale leave for work, and then run in and get her medication? It's not a permanent fix (since I'm assuming that she has a 30 or 60 day prescription) but it would still help for now.

Loved that Robert figured out a way to hurt Jonah using Karolina's bracelet.

I like that the show still manages to bring some humor in the midst of all the drama. Eiffel's "I HAVE A VERIFIED ACCOUNT!" cracked me up, as did Victor's Cheez Whiz rant and Chase's lacrosse stick conversation.

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On 12/30/2018 at 5:10 PM, Quark said:

I'm thinking that Alex is the kid that is now an alien. He has been rather bloodthirsty lately, especially about killing his parents.

I could see this happening.


In the books, Alex betrays the other runaways. At this point, the plot has diverged from the books enough so they could skip that plot, but mind control would allow them to use it without losing the character. (In the book he's basically condemned to an alien purgatory.)

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S2.E6 quotes

Tina: What have you done to [Robert]?
Jonah: I simply defended myself against another one of your pathetic attempts to kill me.
Dale: Uh, j just so we're on the same page, this particular attempted murder was all Robert going rogue. I mean, you know him. He's a loose cannon.
Jonah: It doesn't matter because the day after tomorrow, I'll never have to see your faces ever again.
Dale: Because you're going to pull off our faces?

Jonah: As an added incentive, I'm going to leave behind a parting gift - my abstract.
Geoffrey: Your book of poems written in alien code? Not much of an offer.

Geoffrey: You forget something? You didn't give us a job on launch day. Want us to make you a goodbye banner or some shit?

Karolina: Jonah told me what he is, what I am.
Leslie: I'm so sorry you had to hear that from him. Believe me, I wanted to tell you so many times.
Karolina: And you only had every day for 17 years to do it.

Leslie: [Jonah]'s done things. Terrible things, Karolina.
Karolina: You're one to judge.
Leslie: Look, the sacrifices that you discovered, those lives were taken to keep Jonah alive, but there were other deaths that were not.
Karolina: Why is one murder more okay than another?

Nurse: Chase, hmm? Never known a girl named Chase before.
Gert: That's some pretty backwards gender-normative thinking.

Tina: All of the money and power in the world, and somehow we always end up with these two playing doctor.
Stacey: "Playing doctor" implies we are not trained medical professionals.
Dale: You know, technically, we're not.

Stacey: Can I say something crazy?
Catherine: Pretty on-brand for you.

Nico: So we broke into Atlas for this thing, and now you're stripping it for parts?
Alex: No. I am adding parts, turning it from a super computer into a super-duper computer or something like that. It's all a part of my plan.
Nico: Care to let me in on it?
Alex: Nope. If I tell you my plan, then it becomes Nico's plan and Alex is left out in the cold again. I happen to like being needed.

Nico: Molly, there you are.
Molly: Am I not allowed to walk around freely anymore? Please give me a list of rooms I'm restricted to.
Nico: I thought you ran away again.
Molly: Like you would even care.
Nico: I would, hence my frantic yelling. What were you doing in there?
Molly: Old Lace, can you please tell Nico that I'm not missing, but Gert and Chase are.
Nico: What? Where are they?
Molly: I don't know. Maybe they got tired of living with a cabrona prejuiciosa. A judgmental asshole.
Nico: I got it.

Karolina: I was going to ask your advice on something.
Alex: Yeah, sure because I'm just the NPC in the MMORPG of your lives.
Karolina: I didn't follow any of that but if you're busy, I'll leave you alone.

Karolina: It's about Nico. I don't want to make you feel awkward. I know that you liked her, and now she and I share a bedroom above yours.
Alex: Okay, the awkwardness rising to dangerous levels.
Karolina: Sorry. It's just, you're the only other person that has experience dealing with Nico.
Frank: You mean disappointing her.
Karolina: Yeah. Actually, that is what I mean.

Frank: [Leslie] sees you for what you really are, a monster who's trying to turn our daughter against us.
Jonah: No, no, no, no, no, no. You did that all on your own with your lies and your condescension, your utter blindness as to who Karolina is and what she's capable of.

Alex: My parents' basement seems like LA's hottest spot for all things murdery.

Molly: Did you guys, like, break up or something?
Gert: No. 
Chase: I'm moving into my own room.
Gert: Yeah, um, that's probably a good idea cause we're stupid teenagers, and living together after dating for, like, five minutes is super unhealthy.

Chase: I'll fire up the Rolls.

Geoffrey: Jason! I don't pay you $70,000 a year to dry off with toilet paper, man. Where the hell are the Turkish bath towels? They don't put up with this shit in the Palisades.

Stacey:: I didn't even know that you were interested in alien crypto-analysis.
Janet: It's just a hobby.
Dale: Can I be there when you explain to Tina that you figured all this out?
Janet: Why are you here again?
Stacey: Oh, well, we need to find out if Jonah's ship will actually cause a massive earthquake, because if not, then all of our problems are solved, and he can just go back to wherever he came from.
Dale: A whole planet of smooth-faced men in well-tailored pants.

Gert: Chase, I'm sorry. How many times am I gonna have to say that? Chase: Actually, that's the first time you've said it.

Geoffrey: Alex? You saved me?
Alex: No. No, I didn't save you. I kidnapped you.

Karolina: I didn't mean to wake you.
Nico: So you were just gonna sneak in here and watch me sleep? Creepy.

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I was surprised that Jonah didn't kill Robert after he used Karolina's bracelet on him.

So if Jonah was able to use Geoffrey in the box, why was he insisting on teenagers for the past 20 years? Are teenagers just more efficient at regenerating/rejuvenating him?

Karolina definitely did the right thing in telling Nico that Jonah killed Amy, but damn. You know Nico is going to go after him now, no matter what. She won't care if it destroys her relationship with Karolina or if it puts the others in danger. All she is going to want now is revenge.

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S2.E7 quotes

Alex: Hungry?
Geoffrey: You gonna feed me by hand or take me out of this jacket?
Alex: Yeah, I don't like any of those choices. Maybe I'll just keep it for myself.

Chase: You've gotta be kidding me. He's saying the Death Star is buried underground?
Alex: The Death Star is an orbital battle station, but I'll give you credit for trying. Yeah. That's exactly what he's saying.
Molly: Spaceship in Compton.That's kind of boss.

Karolina: [Jonah]'s my father.
Molly: I guess I saw that coming.
Alex: And you trust him?
Karolina: Yes. No.

Karolina: [Jonah and I are] connected in this weird way on a deeper level.
Alex: And that's why you're staying behind today.
Chase: Of course, you would say that. I mean, leaving Karolina behind is kind of your thing.

Jonah: I tried to kill him. Wanted to. Desperately. Your husband's strength and stamina would have been most helpful. Who wouldn't want Geoffrey Wilder inside of them?
Dale: Don't think that's what he meant.

Catherine: Are we just gonna stand for this? [Jonah] just admitted he has no problem killing one of us.
Stacey: Um, I think that was well established ten years ago when a certain lab blew up.

Jonah: We all love your children so very much. I'm sure you remember their births.
Stacey: Dale doesn't. 
Dale: Seriously, Stace? Here?
Stacey: He had a panic attack in the delivery room and administered himself my epidural.

Karolina: Where'd you get all the books?
Gert: There's a whole box of them downstairs. I organized them, based on mold contamination. There's run-of-the-mill mildew on top, water damage and warping near the bottom. Any truly toxic fungus I just kept in the box. Except for "Slouching Towards Bethlehem," because I will read Didion even if it kills me, which it may. I'm pretty sure you didn't come in here to talk to me about seminal published works on female self-respect.

Gert: We can't think of the creatures as "them." That's the same thinking that led our parents to put teenagers in a murder box.

Stacey: This is a terrible idea.
Dale: What do you mean?
Stacey: Who brings poison to a bon voyage party?
Dale: The same guy who poured Everclear into the punchbowl at the bioformatics holiday party.

Frank: The event is tonight? Your father called it the Ascension. This is incredible.
Leslie: No, Frank, it's not incredible. It's terrible. And it's not an ascension. It's a launch of Jonah's spaceship. Yeah, you heard me. We have no idea what's gonna happen. - We need to make sure we're there. 
Frank: Absolutely. I wouldn't miss it. If it's what David promised-
Leslie: Frank! All of that is bullshit, fed to my father by Jonah.

Oscar: Hey, Mr. Dean, right?
Frank: Yes. I'm sorry, I really don't have any time.
Oscar: But I think you do.
Frank: Okay, fine. Do you have a piece of paper and a Sharpie?
Oscar: A Sharpie for what?
Frank: I can't sign an autograph without a Sharpie. Ballpoints smudge.
Oscar: Wow. I don't want an autograph.
Frank: Okay, fine. But I'm sorry, I really have to get going. So please excuse me. Have a good day.

Alex: If we know the Gibb army is coming in vans, that's all I need. I can get into the church records and then trace the VIN numbers. If anyone uses a traffic app, plugs in their phone, anything using Wi-Fi, we've got them.
Geoffrey: Where'd you learn that?
Alex: Remember that family trip we took to Vegas? You and Mom went to go see Cirque de Soleil?
Geoffrey: Yeah, you said you wanted to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 in the hotel room. 
Alex: Yeah, I did, for like five minutes, and then I snuck into Def Con 23 where I sat in the back of a seminar on how to hack a car.

Aura: The van's driving itself. It's a miracle!

Geoffrey: I left some files in the trailer over there. You mind if I get it? 
Security guard: I'm sorry, Mr. Wilder, but as I'm sure you're aware, the church is in charge of the site now.
Geoffrey: I'm sure you know Leslie Dean and I are founding members of PRIDE. She won't mind. 
Security guard: I don't know. I got a wavelength demerit for letting the Yorkes in, and they even had ID. 
Geoffrey: Yeah, I don't know what that means.

Leslie: Jonah, Karolina's not coming.
Jonah: She texted me she'd be here. You think something happened?
Leslie: Yeah, I think she's a teenager. Teenagers lie.

Molly: Guys, isn't it so awesome? I loved it.
Chase: This is like riding an elevator, but with no elevator.
Nico: Breathtaking insight. At least Karolina kicks ass at flying.
Karolina: I wouldn't say flying, exactly. More like falling with style.
Molly: Buzz Lightyear! I love Buzz.

Nico: Two months ago our biggest issue was that there were no vegan options in the cafeteria.
Molly: Gert was so mad about that.
Nico: Now we're trying to liberate a family of aliens.

Molly: Guys, I think we should have factored into our plan that we're underneath the earth and our phone cost $8.99.

Karolina: I can only carry two of you at a time.
Nico: Take them! I'll stay.
Chase: No! Ladies first.
Nico: If I tell Gert you said that, you're better off dying down here.

Victor: I got your message from the future. 
Chase: What? 
Victor: I know you haven't said it yet, but you will, and it's so moving.
Chase: Not the weirdest thing I've heard today.

Alex: Wicked Witch of the West was always my favorite.

Dale: Earthquake!
Janet: Jonah, you said there wouldn't be any quakes!
Jonah: Yeah, I may have lied about that one.

Molly: Badass Latinas: one. Aliens: zero.

Flores: Seems like every time we get a call from PRIDE, there's a body involved.

Gert: How's your head?
Nico: Still hurts a little bit.
Molly: Have some Hot Cheetos. That usually helps me. If you wash them down with Sprite, makes your teeth feel funny.
Gert: Or you could try aspirin. I hear that works.
Molly: But aspirin doesn't turn your finger orange and that's, like, the best part.

Alex: Just cause our folks did one good thing, mostly out of self-interest, it still doesn't erase all the terrible shit that they did.

Chase: My dad's alive.
Gert: Is that good? Or bad?
Nico: Those concepts are starting to get real blurry.

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I love that even when Chase is putting a blindfold on a kidnappd parent, he still refers to him as Mr. Wilder. Similarly, I love that when Jonah needed to haul ass to the hole, he still took the time to offer his and to Leslie while she was sitting on the bench. Even Destiny's brother who showed up to kill Frank still called him Mr. Dean. These people might kidnap and murder, but they still have manners, damn it!

I was really hoping that Destiny's brother would kill Frank but no, we're stuck with Frank and Destiny's brother is dead.

Poor Nico. I have no problem with her killing Jonah to avenge Amy's death. But taking a life is still a terrible thing and it's clearly weighing on her. I understand why Karolina is upset because Jonah was her father but whatever. He would have killed them all if given the chance. And as for Karolina saying that Nico took EVERYTHING away from her by killing Jonah, uh, no. You still have Leslie and Frank who love you just as much (if not more) as Jonah. Besides, if Jonah had flown off in his spaceship, she'd be in the same place (no Jonah).

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S2.E8 quotes

Molly: Is this a college application? Doesn't that require you actually finishing high school?

Molly: What about Chase? I mean, he spends 70% of his time shirtless and isn't New England cold?

Chase: I'm just saying, that checkout girl was into it last time.  I mean, how do you go from handing over free-range eggs and applewood smoked bacon to three day old pita and a couple of rotten apples? Well, at least she gave us a chicken. Protein's good.
Alex: Oh, no, that's going straight to Old Lace. Yeah, she's been giving me some funny looks lately, and I'd like to discourage any unfriendly ideas.
Chase: I miss when I used to bitch about helping my mom with bags and bags of groceries, and my one semi-edible meal wasn't automatically fed to my girlfriend's pet.

Catherine: You made me cross the 405 during rush hour for this?

Flores: Luckily, the ADA got it to us first.
Catherine: It's hardly luck when they're paid to be loyal.

Molly: We should've gotten more urban scavenging tips from Topher.
Gert: Yeah, he was a bit of a loose cannon, but the guy knew how to make a three course meal out of a good dumpster dive.

Frank: Leslie, I killed someone.
Leslie: What have I told you about over-embellishing, Frank?

Chase: You could throw a sick party here.
Gert: It's great if your taste is Hollywood douchebag. 
Molly: What's a pillow menu?
Nico: Totally stealing these bathrobes. 
Alex: Come on, you can jump on the bed when we're at the house.
Molly: It's not jumping when it's choreographed, dude. Respect the art.

Molly: Where you going? I wanna come. Can I come?
Nico: Well, could you be, like, 60% less chipper?
Molly: No.

Gert: What are you doing?
Chase: Using your bag for our stash. I don't really want to see what happens when chocolate-fondued fruit gets mixed in with the Fistigons.

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Ha, I love that Julian McMahon got to use his native Australian accent for one whole scene.

I know Molly is just a kid, but I hated that she was guilt tripping Gert just for having a college application. Your long term plan should not be living in an abandoned mansion for the rest of your lives.

Damn, Frank is one cold mofo. So much for all of his "I love you, Leslie, and I want us to be a family again." If you take away a failed actor's one chance to get attention, apparently he will stop at nothing to hold onto his captive audience.

Molly's plan to use herself as bait to distract the security guards was a terrible idea. This is why you don't let the youngest person make these kinds of decisions!

I'm glad that Alex finally found out that it was his mom who killed Darius. Don't get me wrong - his dad has done bad things too, but Alex seems to blame everything on Geoffrey. It's about time he learned what Darius knew, which is that Catherine is the real G of the family.

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S2.E9 quotes

Nico: No offense, but the people who have no powers are the ones calling the shots.
Gert: I can mind-control a dinosaur. That sounds like a power to me.
Nico: And how does that help us in this moment?
Chase: Speaking as someone with an above-average range of power, I say we can beat their asses. 
Livvie: Okay, what the hell is going on?
Alex: There may have been some things I didn't tell you about us.
Livvie: Yeah, no shit.

Flores: Where are your goddamn friends?
Molly: I don't know, man. I mean, still at the hotel, reporting a kidnapping to the actual cops, eating pizza, maybe. It's kind of your job to find out.

Gert: Molly, put the corrupt law enforcement officer down.

Molly: That Flores guy, he took my phone.
Nico: Then he's tracking us. That's right out of the Minoru handbook.
Alex: You know what that means. Everybody toss your burners. Problem solved.
Karolina: Just one question.
Gert: You mean, like, why did we just treat the streets of our beloved city like a Taiwanese landfill?
Karolina: Who's this?
Livvie: I'm Livvie. Who are you? Do you have a bionic dinosaur too?
Chase: The dinosaur isn't bionic.

Livvie: How did you find this place?
Alex: Dumb luck, I guess. Yeah, we were chasing this guy who stole Chase's Fistigons - that's what they're called, the robot gloves - and Old Lace, that's the dinosaur, Gert's a classic movie buff. Anyways, Old Lace tackles this guy, Karolina falls through that skylight, and boom! Underground mansion.
Livvie: Was Karolina okay?
Alex: Yeah. No, she was fine. She was glowing, so, you know, she hovered.
Livvie: You know that sounds totally crazy, right?
Alex: Yup.

Livvie: So what's the plan? You always have one.
Alex We're gonna use the little fish aka AWOL to get to the big fish, better known as our awful parents.
Livvie: Technically, aren't piranhas little fish? Moray eels - they're both deadly.
Alex: Okay, great, so you're a cosmetologist and an oceanologist.

Flores: I should have known you psychos would Frankenstein your own kids into super-powered assholes.
Stacey: Hey, slight clarification. Our kids are not assholes.
Catherine: And they don't all have powers.
Flores: Right. Some of them only have military-grade weapons and hacking computers.

Gert: Maybe it's something [Old Lace] ate?
Chase: I thought you said she was an omnivore.
Gert: Yeah, but I don't think they really had Domino's pizza during the cretaceous period.

Alex: I know what you're thinking, and it's definitely a legitimate question - can it still be called a muffin if it also functions as a blunt object capable of rendering a man unconscious?
Livvie: It's fine. I like peanut butter and crackers.

Livvie: I told you they wouldn't like it.
Chase: No, we don't. Like what, exactly?
Livvie: Alex's small fish eats big fish plan.
Karolina: AWOL is your idea of a small fish?
Gert: Small fish can be deadly. There's the puffer fish which is small but very dangerous.
Karolina: Don't forget about stingrays. They're vicious.
Alex: Is every girl a fricking marine biologist?

Alex: Didn't realize curried goat was such a big deal. But I got an offer for you that's going to make you forget all about lunch.
AWOL: Oh, really? And who the hell are you to be offering me anything?
Alex: I'm the guy that knows you framed Darius Davis for murder.

Chase: After everything we've been through, you would think it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I did not like having a gun held to my head.

Geoffrey: The kids are in danger. I need to talk to Livvie.
Tamar: I've been trying to reach her. They had a run-in with the Strike Team.
Geoffrey: Strike Team? Why didn't we know about this?
Tamar: They're not talking about it at the Brentwood Country Mart?

Tamar: It's nice that you're worried. Being forced into single motherhood is not easy.

Robert: Are you eating cake? I thought you were supposed to be upgrading the scanning software for these monitors.
Tina: Why, when there's cake? It's delicious.

Dale: Stace? Listen, you've been in there for a couple of hours, and we don't lock doors in our house.
Stacey: It's okay to be separate, Dale. Over-enmeshment is unhealthy.

Alex: You ratted me out? 
Livvie: You're putting all of us in danger.
Karolina: How could you, Alex? 
Nico: Yeah, what were you thinking? 
Chase: He wasn't.
Alex: Or I'm thinking so many moves ahead that you can't even keep up. I'm meeting with AWOL today, and he's giving me everything we need to ruin PRIDE. Then we take it to a guy he knows at city hall, someone that Flores can't get to.
Gert: "A guy he knows"? Do you know how IDTV that sounds?
Karolina: How could you be this gullible?

Chase: I never thought I'd say this to you of all people, but be smart. You're still a TARDIS-loving dork who can't see without his glasses. You're not some gangster.

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Oh, Alex, have you learned nothing? It is not cool to bring the team to a restaurant in the hopes of running into AWOL without telling them! You keep talking about how you're a family but you don't hesitate to lie to your friends and then make a deal with AWOL behind their backs? That's fucked up, man.

I was totally with Livvie when she came back to tell everyone else about the deal that Alex made since he clearly still hadn't told them what he'd done. He is getting way too big for his britches. When he said that he was just so smart that he's thinking seven steps aehad and the rest of them couldn't keep up, I just rolled my eyes.

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Halfway through the season, am really loving this season so far. Its interesting to see the various factions (kids, parents, Jonas) all working with and against each other, despite the kids and parents still clearly loving each other, even though the kids are understandably horrified by what their parents have been up to. There are a lot of really complicated dynamics here, with all the characters and their relationships. And even when the kids do pretty dumb or selfish stuff, like Karolina secretly meeting with Jonas, or Molly blindly trusting Topher, or a LOT of stuff Alex has been up to, its at least for reasons that I can understand, especially for teenagers who have had their whole lives uprooted in just a few months.

I do hope that Gert gets some help soon, her clear mental health issues are so sad to watch, and Chase is trying so hard to help, but just keeps assuming that he is the problem and that he is the one messing up and thats why she is lashing out. 

When the parents thought they found the kids in the first episode, and it was a bunch of burlier people wearing the same clothes that they usually do, I almost expected someone to yell "You've captured their stunt doubles!!"

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On 1/3/2019 at 11:01 AM, tennisgurl said:

When the parents thought they found the kids in the first episode, and it was a bunch of burlier people wearing the same clothes that they usually do, I almost expected someone to yell "You've captured their stunt doubles!!"

Ha, I love Spaceballs!

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S2.E10 quotes

Alex: According to WizMD, she's either got mercury poisoning or parrot fever, which I'm pretty sure only affects birds, so probably not that?

Chase: I wouldn't be saying this unless I was desperate, but you're the smartest one here. I need your help.

Alex: If it helps I know how it feels. Thinking that you're doing the right thing, and royally screwing up.
Chase: I appreciate your empathy, but that shit you pulled with AWOL was really not cool.

Alex: I want to look like I know what I'm doing out here, but I don't.
Chase: Me neither. It sucks.
Alex: At least you get to blow stuff up sometimes.
Chase: Yeah, I do like that part.

Chase: Great. You didn't want to hide the cameras a little better?

Frank: Vaughn, have you seen my wife today?
Vaughn: I have. She said not to say anything to anyone.
Frank: I'm pretty sure she didn't mean me.
Vaughn: She specifically said you.

Janet: Using a brain scrambler on one of our kids?
Victor: It's not a brain scrambler, Janet. It simply emits a high-power soundwave that disorients and incapacitates its target. It's very safe.

Janet: This could cause permanent brain damage. I can't believe that Tina and Robert are OK with it. No, I believe that Tina is okay with it.

Alex: We gotta get Livvie away from them, and we got to get help for Gert and Old Lace.
Chase: Listing our problems isn't exactly solving them, Wilder.

Aura: This church is a family. And the only thing that matters is keeping that family intact.
Leslie: This church is not a family. It's a scam built on my father's bad poetry and the gullibility of desperate people.

AWOL: So you let your friends go, but you stayed to save your girl, huh? How honorable. And stupid.

Chase: I think I lost them! They were on foot and I did almost hit like 12 trees, but incredible driving on my part!

Dale: Can you think of what [Gert] ate yesterday?
Chase: Well, we have been eating a lot of literal garbage.

Alex: This is our turf. They're coming in blind, so expect them to be trigger-happy. Don't attack first. Wait until they're in position, and then Nico will use a spell to take their guns out of play. And that's when we'll fire from the safe zone. While we have them pinned, Molly can sneak out and rescue Livvie. Be patient. Stay to the edges. Do not get cornered. And don't let them cross that line. If we yield the higher ground, we're screwed. 
Karolina: Where'd you learn all this stuff anyway?
Alex: Simple video game theory. My dad said playing Fortnite until 4am was a waste of time.

Leslie: Are you serious? A reconditioning? You really think that's gonna work on me? I invented reconditioning.
Frank: Please sit down, Leslie.
Leslie: Please go to hell, Frank.

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Ha, sometimes this show kills me with the little details. In this episode, it was the Gibbor-YUM cookbook.

Leslie should have shredded all of her dad's stuff so that Frank could fish it all out of the dumpster.

Ugh, ten minutes into the episode and I'm already sick of AWOL.

So is Nico going the Dark Willow/magic is bad route? I'm not really interested in seeing that, but her description of the staff telling her it was okay to kill Jonah seems to be pointing in that direction.

Is Jonah a horcrux that got split into Victor and Tina? It seemed like the females were all acting strangely in the previous episode, but Jonah's message to the survivors only mentioned Victor and Tina.

Vaughn, you suck!

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S2.11 quotes

Leslie: The church is pretend, Frank. That's why you like it so much.

Leslie: You want me to voluntarily submit to indoctrination for an undetermined length of time? Yeah, I'll never sign that.
S4E2R: Tell me why you think your family sent you here.
Leslie: My husband, the actor, has just discovered that running a church is the role of a lifetime, and he wants me out of the way. That's why my family has sent me here. I haven't slept all night, so if you could just give me my confirmation number, we could move on, that'd be great.
S4E2R: Going forward, you must never use anyone's name. A name is-
Leslie: Project of the ego. Yeah. Got it.
S4E2R: From now on, you will go by L3D5E. Would you like to repeat that back to me?
Leslie: My name is Leslie Ellerh Dean, bitch. And I'll say it a hundred times. If I knew your name, I'd say that too. Now give me a drink of water.

Dale: It's not exactly like you see in the movies, Stace. Sodium thiopental doesn't force you to tell the truth so much as it makes lying extremely difficult by-
Stacey: Suppressing higher cortical function. Do you really think that I don't know that? I'm just curious. 
Dale: I don't know. Well, maybe not. Yes? Cut me some slack. Most people aren't aware that rapid onset barbiturates are also short-acting. 
Stacey: Please, just find the vein. 
Dale: Okay, I am. Here we go.
Stacey: You know, hon, I used to find your condescension sort of adorable. 
Dale: Oh, thank you.
Stacey: But for some reason, you're bugging the shit out of me lately.
Dale: So sorry, Stace, I'll work on that. 
Stacey: Thanks. 
Dale: You're welcome.

Dale: Please leave. You're trespassing.
Tina: Actually, I'm the Wizey alpha user. My voice controls all one billion units currently in operation. I opened that door legally.

Dale: Where have you been sleeping, Chase? 
Chase: Uh, with Gert. 
Dale: Oh.
Chase: Or I was, but we got in a fight. But we're back together now, I think.
Dale: Well, relationships are tough, right?
Chase: But we got the coolest bed. Oh, I miss it. I miss it. We had some great times together. 
Dale: Oh, okay. Yeah.
Chase: Naked.

Stacey: You think because I'm wearing a tunic I won't drop your skinny ass? Go ahead and find out.
Dale: I would listen to her. She's been a bit on edge lately.

Molly: Stacey and Dale usually hang out upstairs watching British cooking shows.

Chase: They tried to get me to talk.
Gert: What did you tell them? Please say nothing. 
Tina: He told your parents about your cool bed. The one you guys were naked in. 
Gert: Omigawd, what did you say?
Chase: Nothing that wasn't true. I mean, it's literally truth serum.
Gert: How could you tell my parents about-
Tina: Speaking of orgasmic, these pancakes look amazing.
Gert: Tina, no more talking.

Janet: A landline? I thought you declared those were for troglodytes in 2004.
Victor: I did and they are.

Molly: Gert, you had to leave Old Lace behind. Chase, you got drugged and interrogated. Alex, your mom killed Darius, and now Livvie's gone. And Nico lost her sister, and then had to kill to protect us. And Karolina, your girlfriend killed your dad. Why am I the only one crying? We should all be crying.
Karolina: We're trying to be strong for you.
Chase: Or we just haven't wanted to feel anything.
Alex: I'm not much of a crier, actually.
Gert: Maybe we've all been in denial. I'm not gonna lie. Until today, I secretly thought Dale and Stacey were better than the rest of PRIDE.
Chase: In their defense, they did think they were helping us. They lost their kids and their moral compass but I'm not here to judge. I just think they would take it all back if they could.
Gert: Yeah, well I'm totally here to judge.

Molly: You dance with your chambelan.
Nico: With your who?
Molly: It's like your escort.
Karolina: Have you thought about who it's going to be yet?
Gert: Guess it has to be between Chase and Alex? 
Nico: Or me. I've got moves.
Gert: I assumed Molly wanted to go heteronormative on this one. 
Molly: I haven't decided yet. Stop pressuring me.

Alex: I'm wondering if we chose the right color. I have a feeling Gert's gonna say pink is a signifier of hegemonic femininity.
Chase: Yeah, but then Molly will say that she's reclaiming pink and making it her own. Trust me.

Chase: Dale and Stacey, they were actually really nice to us.
Alex: Dude, they had you locked in their basement.

Karolina: You look so stunning. And check out this curl.
Gert: Molly, don't listen to these girls. They're like drug dealers. Repeat after me: "I cannot be improved upon."

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Leslie isn't the smartest. Why wouldn't she just play along with the reconditioning so she could safely get the hell out of that locked room? Sassing him and telling him to put her in the crater was not the way to go. That's how you end up with your wrists tied together at a cult in the middle of nowhere.

Oh, Chase, you big lovable dummy - why would you willingly drink something that your captors gave you? And he didn't bother to tell ANYONE that he was taking Gert to her parents? Also not a great idea.

I love faux Tina who loves eating.

Awww, and I loved that Alex wondered if he should have chosen different colored lights for Molly's quince and Chase knew how Gert would react.

Even though it may have seemed like a waste of time and money in the midst of all the craziness, but sometimes doing something like celebrating a birthday is even more important in the midst of said craziness. Like Alex said, they can't let their parents steal/ruin everything for them.

It was so sad to see Molly begging Chase not to leave.

So is Victor lying to Chase about being sick just to lure him home? He did skip his doctor's appointment so I tend to believe he's telling the truth but you just never know with any of the parents.

While I understand Chase wanting to see his dad before he dies, DUDE. Like he seriously couldn't wait until the next day to leave so that he didn't ruin Molly's birthday and forever taint the memory of her quince? Waiting 12 hours wouldn't have made a difference. It's not like Victor said he was about to die any second.

Poor Leslie. Like many other kids who have been abandoned by their parents, she wanted to believe that her mom didn't have a choice, that she was force to abandon her. But apparently Susan fully drank the Kool-Aid. Is the new baby Frank's or Jonah's?

I'm not sure if I should be happy that Karolina's brother found her.

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S2.E12 quotes

Nico: I'm concerned about Chase.
Gert: He made his choice. We all have to move on.
Molly: Just like that? We're not Cylons from Alex's Doctor Who show.
Alex: I appreciate the effort

Molly: What if [Chase] knows he screwed up but now he's trapped?
Alex: Well then he'd reach out. But I'm assuming he won't cause I'm guessing he likes not having to dodge rats on the way to the kitchen.
Gert: It's actually only one rat and, ironically, I named him Chase.

Nico: How can we be sure he doesn't tell his parents where the hostel is?
Gert: No. He may be asinine dimwitted, fatuous, witless-
Alex: We get that you're angry. What's your point?
Gert: He's an idiot. He's not a traitor.

Karolina: My mom's in trouble. Vaughn just called and said Frank sent her to the crater. It's a Gibb compound in the desert where they do religious trials and discipline.
Nico: Which sounds like brainwashing torture.
Karolina: Which is exactly why we need to go rescue her.
Alex: Whoa, what? No way. We're trying to put our parents in jail, not break them out. 
Karolina: This is different.
Gert: Maybe better. Given the current state of the federal penitentiary system, religious prison might actually be more humane.
Molly: It's like justice with meditation and yoga sessions.
Karolina: No, it's not like that. Vaughn sounded really scared. He said some people that go to the crater don't come back.
Alex: Well, that sounds like the logical result of joining an alien-worshiping cult.

Janet: Pancakes or waffles? I made both.
Chase: Uh, maybe just the shake. And some pancakes.
Janet: I made them just the way you like.
Chase: Yeah, when I was eight.

Victor: You want to head outside, catch up with your old man?
Chase: Uh, sure.
Victor: We can toss the old pigskin around.
Chase: I play lacrosse.

Frank: This doesn't bring me any joy, Leslie.
Leslie: Then stop doing it.
Frank: I wish I could. But you've lost sight of the path.
Leslie: Oh, cut the shit. This isn't about my soul. I's about you stealing the church from me.

Leslie: You're still a cardboard cutout I used to hide the fact that I had a child with another man.

Tamar: My advice to you? Ditch whatever clever plan you got cooking up and just shoot your parents instead.

Nico: You can't rescue [Leslie] alone.
Karolina: I'm not going alone. Vaughn's coming.
Nico: Yeah, kind of worse.

Karolina: What happened to "everyone goes or no one does"?
Nico: I was bluffing to get everyone on board. Hashtag leadership fail.
Molly: I'm on board too. I heard everything. Paper thin walls. And I knew you wouldn't let her go alone. This is so awesome! Girls' trip!
Karolina: Well, prison break.
Molly: Prison break girl trip!
Nico: Plus Vaughn.
Molly: Prison break girl trip plus Vaughn!

Vaughn: Snack bags! I put sake Kit-Kats in yours, Karolina, because I head you say you liked them once.
Karolina: Like, literally once.

Vaughn: Nico, you're gonna have to ixnay the ake-up-may. Goth look's a dead giveaway. Also, it represents the darkness of the human spirit.
Nico: No way in hell.
Vaughn: Interesting choice of words.

Vaughn: Also, I, uh, didn't want to make a big deal out of it, because it's enormemente embarrassing-
Molly: No.
Vaughn: But back at Vassar, my nickname was kind of Vaughn the Brawn. Cause I was muscular. Am muscular. So I can handle any of the rough stuff if it comes to that. The Brawnster's got you.

Wendy: What is your deal?
Chase: What do you mean?
Wendy: I mean, we had over 2,000 applications for four internship spots this summer. It's easier to get into Harvard than PRIDE, but you act like you don't even want to be here.

Catherine: I just saw Chase out there.
Geoffrey: The last time we let our kids hang out nearby while we did some nefarious PRIDE shit, it didn't work out so well.
Victor: Anything nefarious is well hidden.

Stacey: And, as far as Chase is concerned, I don't know, who's up for truth serum, round deux?
Tina: We don't need to hear more about Gert and Chase's sex life.

Victor: The fact that I got my son back while you all failed miserably with yours is why we're doing things my way going forward.

Nico: If there's trouble, send up a flare. We'll come running.
Vaughn: Wait, you brought a flare gun?

Susan: Many years ago, I fell in love with a man named David. He was handsome and he was passionate, and he preached these wild ideas about energy and light and elevated consciousness, and everything was beautiful - until someone showed up claiming to be the embodiment of his peyote-filled dream.

Molly: Just get the staff out. We're going to need one of your spells.
Vaughn: Like a magic staff? Like Harry Potter? So you think you're some kind of wizard?
Molly: Is this about you being afraid to use the staff because of the whole darkness thing and making that strike team disintegrate?
Vaughn: Wait, what? Are you some kind of wizard?

Gert: Revenge isn't going to make you feel any better. Like every study says that.
Alex: Well, it's not revenge I'm going for. It's justice.
Gert: Kind of looks like revenge to me.

Dale: That growl sounded angry. Does her face look angry to you?
Stacey: Well, hon, she has 70 blade-sharp teeth, designed to strip flesh from bone. Anger's kind of her resting face.
Dale: Sweetie, she's not gonna eat tempeh marinated in Sriracha sauce. Girl likes her chili peppers.
Stacey: Or your sauce reminds her of carrion.

Vaughn: Oh, the staff is real. So you are a wizard. Why are your eyes yellow? And the world is spinning so fast. Why is it spinning so fast?

Leslie: This is where you've been living?
Molly: Awesome, right?

Victor: Come on, Chase, we both know you only agreed to come here so you could snoop, so what have you discovered?
Chase: Well, I'm pretty sure that Megan and Mary are functional alcoholics.

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