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S04.E10: A Novel Marriage

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19 hours ago, Hannah Lee said:

I'm also over Liza's inability to finalize her divorce.  She's got no interest in her ex...so why not make him her ex officially?  I would have said Charles too, but apparently he's too wishy-washy for that.

Why does everyone think she hasn't finalized her divorce?  Just because we haven't seen a scene of signing paper?  I thought the hospital episode was the end of that, and have assumed  that the boring paperwork was done in offscreensville.  He hasn't been mentioned in I think 2 seasons, and there's no on screen reason to think she's still married.

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20 minutes ago, Ailianna said:

Why does everyone think she hasn't finalized her divorce?  Just because we haven't seen a scene of signing paper?  I thought the hospital episode was the end of that, and have assumed  that the boring paperwork was done in offscreensville.  He hasn't been mentioned in I think 2 seasons, and there's no on screen reason to think she's still married.

Liza actually said so this season to that guy she had the one-night-stand with. She's not divorced yet.

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Now I have to wonder if Liza will date Jay.   Dating Charles, while working at Empiricle is really not a good idea.  If she wants to date Charles, then go work for Jay.  

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I'm just generally #TeamJay now anyway.  He's sweet, smart, charming and doesn't have the issues both Josh and Charles have.  I think he makes a great match for the Liza we have now--maybe not for when she finishes finding herself, or when she first started this, but he's great for where she is now.

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First things first - Ethan sucks but Richard really sucks. He is the father. It is up to him to remind Ethan of Diana's boundaries and how to be a polite guest. I know that having a few friends come over isn't the end of the world (it's not like he threw a kegger and trashed her apartment and honestly, I prefer three quiet friends to Ethan leaving his fleshlight in the sofa), but the bottom line is that Diana is letting both Richard and Ethan stay at her place because they have nowhere else to live at the moment. The least they could do is be considerate.

I LOVED that Diana knew Richard was using to distract her from the Ethan issue and that she told him so but let him pleasure her anyway. If you're going to have this kid living in your house, why not get a few extra orgasms from the guy who thought letting his son move in was a fun "surprise"?

Jay is smart and sweet and he and Liza obviously get along, so I would rather see her with him than reuniting with Josh or dating her boss.

Notice that Charles didn't explain when Liza told him that Pauline said (1) she might be moving back in (2) he was considering taking Liza off of her book.

When Lauren spotted Kelsey at the Nest and ran away, I thought she was going to reveal that Kelsey had been talking to Gossip Girl or something. She's so overdramatic. I found it weird that she said if she left, she would never be able to get back into the Nest because Kelsey somehow managed to get in the next day without any problems.

Fun fact: Louise aka Natalie Fig from OITNB was an extra in Kissing Jessica Stein with Jennifer Westfeldt!

On 8/31/2017 at 0:49 PM, dubbel zout said:

I'd hate for Liza's desire for a career to become secondary to being with Charles—or any man. It's not as if Caitlin is 5 and needs constant tending. Liza is at a point in her life where she can be selfish and do what she wants, and if that means a career, she should get it. I hope the show isn't framing this desire as a bad thing.


On 8/31/2017 at 1:25 PM, ZuluQueenOfDwarves said:

Preach! I'm so tired of the narrative that Liza is pulling this age con for Caitlyn's sake. She had options for boring mom jobs in Jersey, but she took this chance because she wanted a chance to take back what she'd given up. And I'm all for women doing for themselves (once their children are GROWN, Pauline, not faffing off for a year while they're little), but while it's okay to be selfish, don't try to act like what you're doing is justified by being the selfless act you're doing for your daughter's sake. Eating/having cake, and all that. 

This is one of my pet peeves whenever someone on a reality show says, "I'm doing this for my kids!" It was especially egregious when a contestant on the Pussycat Dolls reality show said it. Obviously the best thing for your young daughter is for you to leave her for 1-2 months to compete on a reality show in the hopes of winning so that you can join the group and go on tour while she stays at home without you. I have no issue with women wanting more than motherhood. Just don't try to frame your ambition as something you're doing for your kid. Admit that you want to do whatever it is you want to do. It's okay to be a mom and still want things for yourself. I really dislike people painting themselves as martyrs when what they're actually doing is using their kid as an excuse to do whatever it is they want to do.

On 9/1/2017 at 5:17 AM, luna1122 said:

Yeah, she said  she just couldn't be that unemployed person still living with her parents. But geez, maybe ask Josh first before you offer up his place as a new home. That place is not that big.

I find it kind of ridiculous that Lauren was totally fine with living at home while she still had a job (and even had her boyfriend move into her parents' place) but now that she has no source of income, suddenly living at home is a source of shame for her. I know that Kelsey was just trying to be a good friend, but she went the Richard route and just invited someone to come stay with her without checking with the person she lives with first.

On a shallow note, Hilary Duff's ass looked great in that red dress!

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I really liked the purple dress Liza wore to the party.

Lauren was acting so weird I thought it was a doppleganger. Getting contacts to start a PR firm is a weird reason to be haunting a private club.

Did we know that Charles smokes? If I'm being charitable, I could say Pauline is bringing out the old Charles that we never really knew. If I'm being honest, I think the writers are rewriting an already established character. He's suddenly in love with Liza and getting a lot more pissy for no reason. He was jealous when he thought she was dating Aasif. Now he's mad because she's putting the good of the company and her career and everyone above their potential fairytale love story? What? 

It makes me a little sad that the show (and Liza) don't see Jay as a viable love interest but I'm glad there's someone to help her with her lie in this world (as opposed to Maggie).

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