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Policy Notes: Book Talk and Spoilers

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Book Talk:

All book talk is fine in the Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show thread and the Blessed Be: Questions from Non-Book Readers, Answers from Book Readers thread (basically, any thread tagged with the green "Book Talk" tag).

A little book talk is fine in other threads if it's relevant to the discussion, as long as it's spoiler-tagged. If a mention of something from the book turns into an actual discussion of the book, please move it over to one of the book threads rather than fill a non-book thread with spoiler tags. Thank you!

General Spoilers:

The posts in each episode thread should primarily be about that particular episode, but can of course reference events from previous episodes. Do not post spoilers for later episodes (for example, do not post about episode five in the episode four thread). If you absolutely must reference something from a later ep, spoiler-tag it.

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