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S13.E19: What's Inside

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This episode and the previous episode revitalized the season. Th whole season has been boring and induced a lot of eye rolls to the point where I just skipped episodes. Season 13 has been blah and this episode brought back my interest.

-I love Maggie so I don't get the Maggie hate. I think she's waaay more likable than Amelia and Meredith at this point. I love that there's more focus on Maggie and her family since we went by 2 seasons without it except for little sprinkles here and there. I personally think people hate Maggie because she's not Lexie and Meredith has formed a deeper bond with Maggie than she had with Lexie. I liked Lexie, but re-watching all of the episodes, Meredith was just unlikable when she interacted with Lexie. I always thought there was deep resentment between them because ultimately Thatcher didn't choose Meredith and Lexie had a more functional upbringing. Maggie came from Ellis Grey who gave her away and never bonded with her. Meredith never had a good relationship with Ellis, so of course she formed a deeper bond with Maggie.

-Maggie is a shining star so of course she would nail the surgery, however I can understand that since she didn't form a bond with the couple she shouldn't have done the surgery and just left it to Riggs. But then again she is the prodigal chief and she would've aced the surgery.

-If Maggie and Jackson become a thing, I hope it doesn't boil down to her or April. I think Japril is tired and I don't know how much longer I can take the Japril series anymore. They're dysfunctional together and I like them better when they're apart anyway. I always thought their hookup came from nowhere and morphed into a train wreck anyway. I think Maggie and Jackson could be fun and interesting. Besides having a young Black couple at Seattle Grace is much needed. I'm not sure I want to see a triangle again because they did Stephanie wrong in that triangle on so many levels and deserved better than that.

-Speaking of, Stephanie is a brilliant surgeon (even the second coming of Cristina Yang) so I have no idea why she's doubting her abilities now. It's so out of character for her and I just hate seeing a young black woman doubting her abilities. If anything, the one who should be doubting her self should be Jo who is a mediocre surgeon and miles behind Stephanie. If they kill Stephanie off at the end instead of her switching to a new hospital, I'm done with the show. They kept Izzie alive after almost dying from stage four cancer and kept her healthy even when she left.

-There is nothing wrong with change and shouldn't be especially at Seattle Grace where doctors come to die. I don't understand why they're vilifying Bailey since Catherine was the one who brought it to her attention. Bailey has a job to do as Chief. It's not an easy job and she has to make tough decisions every day. Bailey is perfect for those decisions and now she's enemy number one. Webber needs to admit that there's nothing wrong with fresh new blood and Minnick is what the hospital needs right now.

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Continuing on my rewatch - because of course Maggie gets an applause after she does her big surgery. It's Maggie.

The Maggie/Jackson attempted pairing is quite glaring at this point. On rewatch I noticed they planted the seeds early this season after the forced friendship with Alex went nowhere. 

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