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23 minutes ago, Court said:

Thank you! It doesn't show up on my homepage even though I've followed it. 

For those missing forums/threads, this thread explains a bit what is happening.

I missed the latest episode.  I will have to catch it On Demand.

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On 12/3/2018 at 12:42 PM, Mrs. Hanson said:

Anyone want to comment on Tex, the guy who shot his wife in the car while their friend was driving?  That was an odd case......

I've seen this one a couple of times and still not sure how I feel about him. On one hand it just seems like a foolish old man, but on the other it seems unlikely they'd go after him if something wasn't there?

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Just finished watching "The Trap" about the Canadian journalist who had been kidnapped in Somalia. I had seen the original interview years ago, but this episode had the follow-up with one of the kidnappers being loured to Canada by an undercover agent.

The only thing I could think of was trojan horse.  I hope my fears do not come true. Canada invested so much time and money getting this guy back to their soil so they could arrest him, and now he will sit in a Canadian prison for 15 years.  He may be able to radicalize other inmates while in there who could potentially commit terrorist attacks in Canada when they get out.  That is the risk of putting someone like him in prison in a country like Canada.  This is what has been happening in Europe.

Hopefully he will not do that, but I still don't think they really accomplished anything by investing so many resources into this one guy. I assume they're hoping to send a message to other potential kidnappers in foreign countries.   I hope someone keeps track of him to find out who he associates with while in prison.

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