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19 hours ago, Rap541 said:

Basically kiss for 15 seconds. Not ten, not 20, but 15! Be INTENTIONAL about it.

One Mississippi. Two Mississippi.  Three Mississippi.

Yep, seems super romantic.

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Hehe Broken Ox. There's that - and there's the "make love in a different place" advice that sounds spontaneous until we're admonished to plan that moment so very carefully. 

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Podcast 15 – 8 Ways to Chase Jesus in college

They start by noting that they are late with the podcast. They have considered batch recording but they prefer to do things live. But with the book tour coming they will have to and really whats the big deal?

Audrey starts to explain the theme of the podcast and Jeremy immediately cuts her off so he can explain everything to the audience. This is going to be how they didn’t fall to Satan while in college. This one is ABOUT JESUS!

They then debate how to start the conversation. Finally Jeremy asks “is Jesus worth pursuing?” and Auj is all “babe, then too, what does pursuing Jesus look like?” Jeremy notes how surprising it was to know that not everyone was a Christian. Audrey agrees that it’s a total shock to be around people who they didn’t grow up with in church.

Jeremy notes that yes, Jesus is worth pursuing. Jeremy presses in to Jesus! He then asks Auj what college was like for her. Auj went to Oregon State and walked on to the track team. She lived in a house with 7 other girls and intentionally called the place “the brothel” because they were so amused as Christians. It took her five years to graduate because running was so important to her.

Jeremy meanwhile theoretically had soccer scholarships which I don’t believe. He isn’t certain if he got his associates. Then he went to Brooks, and Auj pretty much tells the story for him because he doesn’t remember anything. He went to church and had a bible study. Auj notes how busy they both were, so very very busy. Jeremy cuts her off and then lets her speak.

Auj gets into how you have to prioritize and creating room for Jesus and that it’s not just about going to church and bible study. Now, a list. Of course they have a list of how they pursued Jesus.

1.       Spend Alone Time with Jesus – Jeremy loves it, of course. This is about setting time aside to be with Jesus. Jeremy of course was pressing in to Jesus on the beach. Auj’s alone time with Jesus was in the morning. She read the bible every day at 5am.  Jer cuts her off but then allows her to finish her thought – it was about building habits. He needs to let her speak, and they both need to actually organize the podcast before they record. Then there’s a lengthy side piece where Jeremy goes into how he loves the book “The Power of Habit”. It goes on about five minutes

2.       Rest – an irony according to Auj as she’s soooooo super busy. Apparently Auj got burnt out in college and they broke up and its in the book! Jeremy cuts her off and notes he’s cutting her off and the Sabbath is so important. Auj notes, rightly because I can’t disagree, that our culture doesn’t value rest. Auj then goes into how she’s such a doer, an amazing go getter, that she burned out.  And now we’re back on how she had various silent retreats in college. Jeremy harps on the Sabbath.

3.       Community – Jeremy says this is a monster, huge! They believe your friends reflect who you are. I see their point but they waffle a little, getting into how Jesus had 12 disciples but also 3 besties in the disciples, and I think they’re ignoring how Mary Magdalene was there. Church – how do you choose a church? Do they teach the scripture or just feel good stuff? Do people notice if you’re there.

4.       Wise counsel – Jeremy notes that his mentor Mike died so he struggles with this. He had someone in college but they both think men struggle with this more. Jeremy notes that its very important to be humble and accept mentoring. Auj feels she didn’t have a mentor at first but then was blessed. Auj suggests people needing a mentor should ask the potential mentor to coffee. Auj does a lot of quoting of the bible by the way. Jeremy tends to give out basic Christian statements.

5.       Eliminate sin – Jeremy notes that they love sin,  but they should love Jesus more. A flaw is that if they really want to talk about these topics, I wish they’d stop apologizing that they have to stay on topic. I mean they went on for ten minutes about rest but sin gets a minute.

6.       Obedience – This is about following what God presses into your heart to do and not ignoring those things. This somehow gets into how Jeremy loves wine and won’t be giving it up despite being Christian as Jesus did start his ministry with wine. Auj notes that people who whine about not hearing God are just not listening or ignoring whats already been said.

7.       Fill your heart and mind with truth. Jeremy notes how truth is constantly being eliminated and somehow this goes into something Oprah said. Jeremy believes with all of his study of the scripture that the Bible is the best book. Also if you accept this truth then good things will happen for you? This again turns into a weird diatribe from Auj on how social media makes it really hard for women to have self esteem. She then notes how she locks truths on her cell phone so she is forced to read her truth before using her phone. I again note her multiple instagrams that are so carefully curated to present a pretty picture.

8.       Write down your questions and prayers. Jeremy bluntly notes that he’s never done that but Auj is good at it. She somehow turns it into “but you wrote letters to me that had questions so you did”. Auj notes that constantly journaling prayers for Jesus is how she rolls.

Jeremy then encourages the audience to use the evil social media to tell him how awesome this was and how it helped you. Auj notes that you the audience may not be able to manage all that she and Jer have managed but that’s ok.

Thorns! Auj’s thorn is that the podcast is late. Jeremy’s thorn is how Auj is so stressed out. They allude to how stressful the week has been but give no details other than “some things didn’t work out”.

Roses! Jeremy’s rose was “getting my wood” hehe. We’ll ignore the obvious sexual aspect – he means he got some oak for a table project as he’s a carpenter now. Auj’s rose was Valentine’s Day – they went to Grand Lodge, with a private room, dinner, a spa session, and flowers.

Auj is so encouraged by the preorders so preorder more!

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6 minutes ago, Rap541 said:

This again turns into a weird diatribe from Auj on how social media makes it really hard for women to have self esteem. She then notes how she locks truths on her cell phone so she is forced to read her truth before using her phone.

But keep posing like a wooden doll so everyone sees your thigh gap Auj, because you know how that will encourage "self esteem" in the girls & women who see your perfectly 'truthful' pictures.

Someone needs to introduce these two to outlining.

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