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How is this show not widely acclaimed as one of the best dramas of all time?! I love it so much, and rewatching it this past month has reminded me of why. Some of my disorganized thoughts:

Like nearly everyone else, I hate everything involving Madison. The first and last seasons were my favorites partly because they were the most blessedly Madison free, but there's enough I love about nearly every episode to make them all worth watching repeatedly. Even season 3, known for the worst of the Madison ordeal and the cringey affair between Amanda and Andy, gifts us with Hannah. Hannah's friendship with Amy and her relationship with Bright turned out to be some of my very favorite things about the show. We also get to see Amy/Ephram happily together for a string of episodes, which makes my heart soar! I shipped Amy/Ephram and Hannah/Bright more than almost any other fictional couples, though this was years before people used the term "shipping" anyway :) I actually relate to Ephram's character a lot despite the fact that I can't even play "chopsticks" on the piano and can't relate to his soft spot for Madison, and I think the actor, like almost all of Everwood's actors, was perfect for that role. I didn't care much about Andy's romance with Nina even though I'm much closer to their age than to the teens' ages, but I was very invested in Andy's relationships with his children and Harold. And still am :) So I would say my favorite non-romantic relationship were Andy/Harold, Amy/Hannah, Ephram/Delia/Andy, Harold/Edna and the two romances I cared and still care way too much about are Amy/Ephram and Bright/Hannah. Whenever I read the episode synopses I'm reminded of how heavy and tearjerking so many of the show's themes and issues were, but I agree with the people who said that the show is ultimately uplifting and inspiring, and there was always just enough humor and moments of real happiness to balance out the angst. Mostly I just love hanging out with these characters in this town and daydreaming about the Everwood fanfiction that I will probably never write :)

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