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Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

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On 2/19/2019 at 8:07 AM, SoSueMe said:

One of the drawbacks to watching so much cable news is that I see way too many BDO commercials. The characters all have way too much attitude and I resent the fact that I had to google to find out what they (BDO) actually do. I am similiarly pissed off by the "Entree" commercials from KPMG with Joie Chen. I feel like I am unwillingly crashing their little business lunch party. 

I guess I am just too easily ticked off these days 😒

So you're gonna make us Google BDO?  Thanks a lot!  [wink]

Also, I love Matthew McConaughey.  He's an excellent late-night guest -- the guy can really tell a story.  That said, he IS a bit full of himself, and the Lincoln ads are a bit twee. 

The ads that bug me lately are car ads with women drivers who are (apparently) trying to look fierce, as if they're accomplishing something special.  Nope honey -- you're just speeding. 

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That damned Consumer Cellular ad may just cause me to destroy my TV one of these days.  Those smug baby-boomer types yammering about how clever and wonderful they are for deciding to go with CC have the some of the most smack-worthy attitudes and facial expressions I've ever seen in a commercial (and I'm a boomer myself, so I get to trash my peers without being ageist, right?).  The first lady with her "I know what I want - I like my eggs scrambled, my coffee strong, and classic rock on my play list" - hey bitch, BIG WOW - what an effing rebel you are, eating your eggs scrambled!  Who would have thought you could be so daring at this stage in life?  And you like strong coffee - what a badass!!  The rest of the players on this commercial are even worse, culminating with the wifey who calls her husband "Texty McTexterson" - good God Almighty.

Listen up, Consumer Cellular - on the basis of this ad alone, I will NEVER use your services.  Piss off and die, already.

(Rant over - I feel better, thanks!)

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Why does the little girl look so angry when the voice over says it's life insurance? She's gonna have wrinkles in her face WAY before her time if she keeps that up.

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41 minutes ago, Prevailing Wind said:

Why does the little girl look so angry when the voice over says it's life insurance?

Because there's a disembodied voice behind her?  And she's afraid he's going to team up with her dad to make her drink that green glop next?

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  • iPhone with creepy singing denim pockets.
  • Some medication for a hand condition - the palm of the guy's hand is talking.  Completely freaky.
  • The ad for the customizing company 4imprint that keeps going on about what "certainty" is.  I don't think I'd be inclined to do business with a company whose tagline reminds me of death and taxes.
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Any and all TD Ameritrade commercials in which a series of aging one-percenters worry whether they'll "have enough" to retire as they idly play darts in their spacious den or chat about their golf games with the bearded spokesman.

I saw the results of a poll today in which respondents were asked what if you had a medical emergency where it was going to cost you $1000 out of pocket.   Only 40% of those polled said they can cover it.  Meaning 60% can't.

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