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Gillian Rosh

Season 19: “May we live to fight another day.”

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I thought the quote that ended this season (said by Jack after he, Connie and Cutter finally take down Governor Shalvoy and his wife) was a good title for this season thread.




Lost Boys


Knock Off




By Perjury


Lucky Stiff






Anchors Away

Promote This!

All New


Skate or Die

The Drowned and the Saved

Recently watched several episodes from this season and realized that it had several excellent episodes, as well as a ton of great guest stars. Ned Beatty in “Zero,” Jena Malone in “Lost Boys,” Katee Sackhoff in “Knock Off,” to name just a few. (Keith Carradine in “Take-Out,” might be my favorite) Plus it had “Knock Off,” which might be one of my all-time favorite episodes of the series.

Favorite episodes:

Challenged: Poignant story about a family sending away their developmentally disabled brother and what happens when one member wants the brother to come back. This one hits home for me because I have a brother with a disability.

Take-Out: I liked the twists and turns in this one; plus Keith Carradine is great in it.

Anchors Away: Those backstabbing newscasters gave me a chuckle.

Knock-Off: The team battles an evil sheriff in a small town in upstate New York, and all sorts of hijinks ensue.

By Perjury: For Dallas Roberts’ performance and for that ending.

The Drowned and the Saved: A fantastic season finale that neatly wrapped up the storyline featuring the Governor Shalvoy and his wife and deftly set the stage for season 20. Also, Sam Waterston is fantastic in this episode.

What are your favorite episodes from this season?

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Finally, a thread for this season!

"Challenged" was on the other day, and while I do understand the difficulties of having a mentally impaired person in your family, that family was just AWFUL. One son kills the other son, and they try to save him by getting the mentally impaired son to take the rap?! I shared Mike's disgust for them.

Even more disgusting was the murderer in "Pledge" aka Principal Snyder from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Killing a CHILD over some ancient grudge. I did not blame his daughter one bit for selling him out for the reward money. But I was even more mad at her mother for kicking her out of the house for doing it. Not only did the guy treat her like crap, but he was still holding a torch for that sorority girl he couldn't get. And she was willing to disown her daughter for that abusive asshole?! UGH.

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I just rewatched Sweetie and it's really very good! Vivica A Fox gave me chills when she looks at Cutter, realized that he knows what she did but can't prove it, and moves in, dropping her polished New York act and purring "If you ever wanna party with somebody nice and tight, sugar daddy, you just give me a call." Her icy ability to use and discard, and that she learned to do it because of her hideous childhood, was terrifying. 

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