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Tara Ariano

S04.E01: Potential Energy

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21 hours ago, ChocButterfly said:

On the other hand, not letting Mariana in was the dickest move!! I don't care what the protocol says, because if it says that, then they are just supposed to abandon the slowest kids who couldn't make it on time inside the classrooms to their fate?? That's cruel and idiotic. I mean, what are they striving for, survival of the strongest and fuck the rest?

It definitely feels harsh, but the idea behind it is that 1) the kid might be the shooter just pretending to be "trapped in the hallway" (teachers might not know who the shooter is, or at least not recognize their voice through the door), or 2) the shooter might have a gun to the kid's head and be forcing them to ask to be let in.  Either way, anyone who opens the door risks letting the shooter in and killing everyone in that classroom.  So, it's less "survival of the strongest" and more "the needs of the many..."  When we do lockdown training at the school where I work, everyone grabs all the kids nearest their room and gets them inside as quickly as possible, looking for anyone still in the hallways, but kids are taught that if you miss the initial announcement (if, for instance, you were in the bathroom like Mariana,) you're not going to be let into a locked classroom and should lock yourself in a bathroom stall.

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I rewatched the episode yesterday and I am still appalled that after the lockdown people were allowed inside the school. Lockdown works both ways, dear writers.

In episodes like this I see how flawed the writing is. It was supposed to be emotional, and somewhat thrilling. To me, it was boring and full of BS. Besides the sending people who are safe back to the "war zone", the thing with the backpacks was poorly done. I think that the protocol for these situations, or at least the one I have seen/heard of is for the students to get in the classrooms and leave the backpacks, bags, everything else at the door. Yet, there were many kids with backpacks inside, including Callie. It could be that because it wasn't a drill, they didn't do it, but then we need to accept that drills are good for nothing.

I really wish someone would ask the writers why they wrote this episode so poorly, though. 

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