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Death In Paradise

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On 2/9/2019 at 7:43 PM, bybrandy said:

I kind of like the goofy niece.  She's grown on me through each of the episodes I've seen so far (although she is a lot and she's very present right out of the gate so I see how she could rub people the wrong way) but I haven't yet seen 8x05 and as it is a two parter I might wait until the following week because cliffhanger.

Same here. I don’t like waiting a week for a resolution!

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What terrible ,terrible, terrible working conditions are there on this show that cause so much cast turnover?   Because it would have to be pretty soul suckingly terrible for me not to be more than willing to have an excuse to spend all that time on Guadaloupe.   

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Isn't cast turnover pretty common with long running British TV shows? It seems as if it's a different mentality from American TV where casts are locked into contracts and paid pretty well.  But IIRC, it can get pretty hot filming there.

BTW, Kris Marshall was on Better Things tonight. 

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Most of them have stated distance from friends and family, as well as not being able to go on auditions and such. It also has a fairly “long” filming schedule for the number of episodes they do.

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