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S12.E12: My Next Life

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Complaining about being bored and hoping for something exciting to come in happens, and strictly speaking I don't see anything wrong with it; same goes for gallows humour. 


This article sums it up pretty well: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/8794221/Medical-ethics-Doctors-must-laugh-in-the-face-of-death.html 

The link does not work,it says it can´t find the page.


I´ve found it on Telegraph´s search. Anyway, thanks. Off to read it.

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I liked the scenes with Jo/Stephanie gabbing in the canteen and all of the guys gabbing about their girl problems. I love when the show remembers to show actual friendships.

As for Jo/Alex I get why she isn't ready for the ring and I'm glad it's not a no from her.

With Cristina and Derek gone I feel like Metedith no longer has any equals. Alex panders to her way too much for me to buy the friendship as anything equal anymore. The scenes with Riggs was the first time I've seen her have a decent back and forth with a character in a long time.

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