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Comparisons to Other Shows

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For the record, this isn't a "they stole from ER" post.  There's bound to be some of the same stories told within medical shows. The characters/situations and the story of how they react are what set them apart from one another.  


The promos for the upcoming episode immediately reminded me of ER. They had an episode where Mark was attacked in the bathroom and of course the well known episode where Lucy & Carter were stabbed.


I'm not a regular watcher of Code Black but I saw the last 2 episodes. Those episodes were a story of 2 doctors being attacked (I'm not going into any detail since they just aired and people may not have seen them). I was immediately reminded of ER at the start of the story but I thought the show did a great job of differentiating its story and I liked that they showed the hospital's investigation into what happened. 


I'm curious to see how the Grey's version of the story goes and how they will try to make it unique.

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The thing I wonder is whether we can really compare shows to shows anymore? 


I'll make the comparison back to ER.  Back then, I didn't really have any computer skills nor the resources we have now to know all the things we know about the show.  Also, I don't think network advertising gave away as much as they do now about upcoming episodes.  So I would sit and watch the episodes when they aired or even a day (given my trusty VCR) or so later and my jaw could be on the floor (I'm not even going to talk about when I would miss an episode on earlier shows because I wasn't home and they never re-ran it and I didn't have that new-fangled VCR:)


Today, with this show, we know the contract status of the actors, the promo has given us several minutes of the episode and the resolution of the attack.  We've seen previews and synopses of future episodes and we all chat about what we think about the episode before it airs, decide how we think it is going to play and how it fits into the upcoming episodes. It can't help but to cloud our thinking about how this episode plays out when it plays and what our reviews will look like post-show.


And, I know I shouldn't watch previews or check in on spoilers or speculations or follow some media sites like I do, because I always enjoy episodes of any show I watch more when I don't know about what I know before I see it.  But I do. So it's on me.  I think that's why I liked that for whatever reason, sides of GA haven't been available this season, and wish I could keep my eyes out of previews/speculation/spoiler threads.

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I wonder is whether we can really compare shows to shows anymore


I think so, at least in terms of storylines, writing, acting, etc.


I agree with you that spoilers weren't as prevalent as today and the tv landscape in general was vastly different than today. Shows that are all airing now can also have similar stories.


I just thought there might be some interest in discussion especially with a storyline coming up that's been done on various shows.  Maybe its just better to keep it all in the episode threads. Sorry.

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I caught a rerun of Sex and the City recently and it stroke me how similar Carrie Bradshaw and Meredith Grey would behave on occasion, especially in relation to their friends. When Alex was telling Meredith that he'd marry Jo some day and she completely ignored him and went on about her own marital problems - it was 100% something Carrie would do and has done various times on the show. And in general the way they'd constantly disregard their friends while they kept tripped over themselves to proclaim just how fabulous they are is strikingly similar. 

It's certainly not intentional (and I don't think even Carrie was really meant to become such an asshole) but I do think it's a sign of a show becoming too enamoured with its main character.

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Well one commonality with other medical shows. They all quote that adage at some point: "if you hear hoofbeats , look for horses, not zebras", but they keep finding unicorns.

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