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Arrested Development

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Maeby was easily the MVP of this semi-season, so I was pissed that her plot was about accidentally sleeping with a minor. Very cheap comedy. Friends did that with Monica in 1995 and it was cringey then. A waste of Alia Shawkat's talents. Not to mention uncomfortable in the #MeToo era.

Holy fuck, Michael Cera is aging poorly. He looks older than Jason Bateman. It was also hard to watch their scenes together after seeing a red carpet interview from a few years ago where Michael Cera called Jason Bateman "a great actor but gigantic asshole" who bullied him relentlessly on set as a child. They were one of my favorite father/son dynamics. Is everything we love tainted???????

Alia Shawkat is too good for this show. It's a shame that her comedic chops are wasted on basically being the object of everyone's unsavory lust. She's drop dead GORGEOUS. Michael Cera was my childhood crush, so it's ironic that my cousin crush (sorry) has totally switched.

And fuck all the older male cast for gaslighting Jessica Walters while she cried (JB especially and Tony Hale, but Will Arnett doesn't get a pass for me either for essentially whistling and looking the other way during that garbage fire interview.) It's a shame that Arrested Development seems like just another petulantly misogynistic boys' club but it gets swept under the rug because comedy and liberalism.

Did not like how the GOB/Tony romance was played for laughs, even if Will Arnett is portraying the confusion in a sincere, awkwardly sweet way.

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I'm still finding the show funny. I didn't have a problem with S4 either because they said it was going to be different. I don't care that the actors look older. People age. I feel like the actors were able to step right back into character. I don't really mind what the plots are, I just like seeing all these actors interact. 

I just love Maeby in the old people's housing. They call her Buttons. And those glasses. 

I feel like the narration is more involved this season and funnier. I liked Ron Howard ripping on Rebel. 

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I'm still watching Season 4, over half done but I'm finding it pretty uniformly awful. There is the occasional funny line. I like Maebe, so eps that focus on her are ok. There are a number of plots that seem too much

-the prostitution- I find it hard to believe Maebe would actually prostitute her mother

-all of the stuff with DeBrie is not funny, just gross

-Tobias being charged with a sex crime and not grasping what how serious that is (or being in jail) is unbelievable

Maybe there are 'clever' jokes in all this and I'm just totally missing the point, but even if so it's not worth watching these plots to get the joke.

I'm plugging through it because I'm almost done and because I would like to watch season 5 which I heard was a bit better.  

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I'm on s05e02 right now. I had forgotten that building a wall to Mexico was a big thing in season 4. Earily clairvoyant. Ofcourse Lucille would love the idea of having Mexico pay for it.

In general this season is already so much better than season 4. This show lives from it's character interactions and even though this far we only had two characters at a time together, it was for extended periods, which really worked.

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When will the second part of season 5 be released, anybody knows? The show had barely any momentum, and now it doesn't have any.

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