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S01.E02: AKA Crush Syndrome

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So Jessica is the Kalinda (referencing The Good Wife) for Jeri Hogarth's law firm?


I think Hogarth mentions already having on staff x number of regular investigators, who would be the closest to Kalinda counterparts :).  Jessica is more of an independent contractor (POI Root reference for you!).


It will become clearer in the next few episodes how Jessica's and Trish's offense/defense strategies play out, but yes - at the moment, it might not seem clear that anything they do is going to have a high chance of effectiveness.

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I'm just catching up with this show now, two episodes in - don't have much to add to what's already been said, but just wanted to respond to this:


Speaking of, Kilgrave is an evil, evil bastard. He takes both the EMT's kidneys, then 'kindly' arranges for a machine to keep him alive when he probably knows he'd rather be dead. I wouldn't be surprised if the stroke was something Kilgrave caused.


Man that poor ambulance driver. Donating the dialysis machine was an act of cruelty not kindness. Kilgrave is just a dick.

It wasn't Kilgrave who donated the dialysis machine for the EMT - I doubt Kilgrave cares in the slightest whether the man lives or dies. It was the surgeon who performed the transplant who donated the machine, out of guilt over what he'd been forced to do to the man. That's how Jessica traced him, his name is on the lease for the machine. The stroke was probably caused by the ongoing effect of having no kidneys, which is damaging to the body even with dialysis.

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Yeah after I watched the rest of the series I realized even though he was an asshole he wasn't be that level of sadistic, nor would he give a shit about someone after he controlled them one way or the other(except for Jessica). He never gives most of  his victims a second thought. It was a kind gesture by the guilt riddine surgeon but it ended up giving the ambulance driver wishing he was dead.

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I think it was the stroke more than the dialysis. Life on dialysis is rough, but for most people, it's nothing like a fate worse than death. But the stroke left the EMT incapacitated and stuck with the mother he'd left.

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Loved when Andre cracked Luke with a beer bottle and Luke just rolled his eyes.

Jessica was hilarious at the hospital. Her disgust at the pink scrubs with hearts was awesome, as was her lackluster lying skills about Dr. Carter and Seattle Grace.

I thought Hope was going to be the victim of the week in the first episode and then disappear from the story, so it was nice to see her again in this episode. When she asked Jessica about being a good jumper while staring out the window, I was afraid she was going to try to kill herself.

In the first episode, Jessica and Hope were the only Kilgrave victims we knew about and he obviously put some time into how he tortured and used them. But in this episode, we got to see that he more victims who were for utilitarian purposes instead of pleasure. He used the doctor, the ambulance driver, and the family because he needed something from them. The way he was cleaning that knife at the end,  I was afraid he was going to kill at least some of the family members. To be fair (as if I need to defend Kilgrave) all of his victims who we have seen so far are still alive so I suspect he enjoys knowing they're still out there suffering. That poor ambulance driver. Between what he went through, being an invalid, and being stuck with his mom 24/7, no wonder he wanted Jessica to put him out of his misery.

Jessica's twin neighbors are the worst.

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Re-watching this episode and I hadn't realized before that many (if not most) of the camera shots are kind of taken from I guess like a PI point of view. Like shots through windows, or partially obstructed like the camera person is hiding behind something, or weird far away angles. As if the camera was someone following Jessica. Kind of cool and I am wondering now if this carries though the series.

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On 21/11/2015 at 7:41 PM, thuganomics85 said:

But it's the relationship with Trish though that is surprising me.  I'm really enjoying the relationship, the history, and how Trish is staying loyal to her, no matter how much Jessica pushes her away.  Trish though, seems to know that Jessica doesn't mean most of it, and isn't letting it stop her, although she's more then willing to confront her when the time calls for it.  I'm digging it.  And I'm really liking Rachael Taylor's performance, which is another surprise.

It can't be said enough: Kilgrave is fucked-up.  He just seems like an irredeemable psycho, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  And it's just scary that he has this much power.  I didn't even think about how pretty much everyone in Jessica's life can be turned against her, and it makes him even more scary.  And the slow reveal continues to be best way to go, in my opinion.

I Love Trish!  She may not be a superhero in the traditional sense, but she does have regular-human superpowers - wealth and good looks.  Also, she's on a very popular radio show, so she has influence over a lot of people.  Unlike Jessica, Trish shares and shows her feelings and lets Jess know that she cares.  She's someone you can trust and rely on.  I was surprised and pleased to see Rachael Taylor on the show and I also love her voice, so it seems fitting that her character would be on radio.  Most DJs I've heard have terrible diction and irritating voices.  I would love to turn on the radio and hear a voice like Rachael's.

Because of her strength, Jessica would probably lift a heavy table and throw it at someone who's attacking her, rather than flip and parkour over it like Daredevil would.  I like watching impressive fight scenes, but since there are other shows with choreographed fights, I don't mind seeing JJ just use her strength.


I like David Tennant in other roles, but didn't like him as Kilgrave.  I know that's going to be an Unpopular Opinion.  From reading the Alias comic books, I pictured him differently and with a lower voice.  Kilgrave on the show had a high-pitched voice, which I was not expecting (but it's just my personal thing, so it's not important to anyone else).

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