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How To Improve the Show

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Maybe the show too far gone at this point to get any better, but on the slim chance the writers do listen to the fans -- and I think after that trainwreck season premiere, it's safe to assume they aren't -- lets start a constructive thread fow how the show can be possibly be salvaged.

My suggestion: have Marge stop being such a narrow-minded bitch. It's getting really old.

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On 10/27/2017 at 0:35 PM, arielpna said:

Just get the writers from the 90's back. They know how to adapt to changes while giving us a good laugh. 

That would help, but I think it'd be very hard to genuinely improve the show or bring it back anywhere near what it used to be 20-25 years ago. The voice actors are significantly older, the network cares less, its been an incredibly long time since they changed showrunner (in the classic period they changed every second year while Al Jean has been at the helm for more than 15 years now), and there's been so many episodes that they'd have to be running very low on ideas.

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