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Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

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I'd watch a show about Nurse Kathy too. She was awesome. I liked to that he admitted he made mistakes and their problems were realistic.  They both had jobs that you couldn't just drop things. Hunting down murders, chasing leads, interviewing witnesses, and etc. suspects could leave town, memories fade. But her job was also about timing making sure those premie babies got fed, treating patients you can't always drop those either. I loved her catching Kenda reading the medical report and yelling at him. It was awesome and yes she was right. That is illegal and I love that she didn't care he was her husband. She wasn't going to allow it. It was nice to see their kids and old pictures.  I liked that he loved that she was tough. 

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I caught last Wednesday's episode - the one featuring Kenda's wife and kids - on DVR and just watched it last night. I really enjoyed it. I agree, I'd watch Nurse Kathy again in a heartbeat! I also appreciated their honesty about their struggles as a working couple and with Joe's priorities. I really like that cool little smile that Joe flashed in the final seconds of the episode, as he talked about marriage being worth it. 

BTW, there's more to know about the Kendas, in Joe's book - I Will Find You - that came out in 2017. I'm nearly fanatic about not paying full price for Kindle books, but I bought this one at full price shortly after it was released. No buyer's remorse at all. I've read it at least twice. There's a lot about his personal life, including Kathy and the kids. There are also more stories from his career than we've seen on TV - and I must warn you, the book discloses some details on a few cases which were just too grisly to be included in the TV episodes that covered those cases. The book was not just a rehash of the TV show, and I think Joe's ghost writer did a great job of capturing Joe's voice and style.

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I'm very amazed at that poor woman who managed to crawl back up after being thrown off. That's incredible. I absolutely hate the verdict for the man who attacked her. Bullshit he had mental problems. He was a serial killer in the making.

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