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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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As much as I love this show, I'll never forgive the 180-degree turn they did with Aunt Viv. Nothing against Daphne Maxwell-Reid, but her version of Aunt Viv wasn't a tenth as awesome as the original character. Original Aunt Viv had a job, projects, dreams... did the revamp do anything except lunch with ladies and the odd charity thing and (mostly) prop up Uncle Phil? It was like she lost all her mojo, and I think that's a shame.

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I loved that scene when Aunt Viv shows up those two bitches who snarked about her age.


Here are some of my favorite scenes:





When Hilary was blackmailed by Will and Carlton another favorite scene of mine is when Hilary was reading Spiderman to Will and when she was describing the picture she described Spiderman's spidey senses as him being hot or his head smelling LMAO just love Hilary. It's why she's my favorite character on the show followed by Carlton.

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My fave episodes are the one with Mr. Jamison and the one where Will & Carlton spend the weekend at Jazz's place. I love that they nicknamed Cartlon C-Note. :D

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1.  Knowledge is Power - Will and Carlton blackmail Hilary, culminating in the dinner table scene  (posted by ShadowSixx)

2.  Eyes on the Prize - Will and Carlton compete with Jazz and Trey on a game show

3.  Will goes a Courtin'  - Will and Phil remember a fight over air conditioning and rent in totally different ways, Rashomon style

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