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The Bachelor in the Media

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Tayshia took the bait and ratted Caelynn and Cassie out.  The Bachelorette is probably in the final four, but it ain’t Tayshia’s smug, tattling ass. Tattlers never win on this show.  I’m positive Production is prodding Colton to ask for the gossip.  It added drama to a dull season.  

sorry kid, I was rooting for you, and you dropped the ball. If Caelynn isn’t the “Winner”, she’s the Bachelorette.  

Enjoy paradise though. 

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I just listened to Ben and Ashley's podcast with Shawn.....

First, I have always been impressed with Ben and his speaking ability....he is very polished. He ultimately is a nice guy.

Second, I never liked Shawn, but now I have a new appreciation for him. I don't like Kaitlyn at all, and I think Shawn will find a much better girl eventually.

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