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Tara Ariano

S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

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OMG did Nev really say Marcus had raptor arms on the podcast?  I always believed Nev to be a genuine, non-judgemental, nice type of guy but after hearing that he's p!ssed on my fireworks.  Nev .. you disappoint me.

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My question is, will we ever have a catfish who is older? This ep kind of teased the idea by guessing it may be Marcus's mom, but I get the feeling that a significantly older catfish happens a lot more than you see on this show.

I really don't think that's something we'll ever see, because why would somebody who turns out way older agree to appear on the show and look like the creepy predator that they likely are? We're never going to see a catfish who didn't sign up for this show, so I really think we'll be sticking with the younger crowd (because they want their 15 minutes, or they have low self-esteem, etc.).


God this episode was hard to watch. And now it's even more depressing to know they got it on that night.

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On ‎3‎/‎19‎/‎2015 at 8:32 AM, poeticlicensed said:

I forgot about the gifts she sent. That was weird. She must have been desperate for his attention to send money and gifts. And WTF is up with him accepting gifts from someone on the Internet?

And why was her mother willing to pay for it?  That surprised me, because Mom isn't exactly the warm and fuzzy kind.

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