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Small Talk: Thank You For Being A Friend

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On 2/18/2018 at 7:04 PM, Kiddvideo said:

I was invited to a GG trivia night next week. Have to admit, I'm a little nervous. This is NYC trivia -- so many people who know everything and then it's gonna draw GG fans. The people who invited me know I like GG, but I haven't told them that I've been watching a couple hours a day for 20+ years (except when Hallmark goes 24/7 shitty Christmas movies. Fuck you Hallmark and all your "slut" loving execs who bleep "butt"...BUTT BUTT BUTT you double standard, "back end of a donkey" hypocrites.)

So how did it go?

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I won this special edition magazine of Betty White at Golden Girls Bingo the other night =)


Betty White.png

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There was no way to do it and not be obvious but I wish I could have taken a picture because guys I kid you not I saw Sophia Petrillo the Nun at Trader Joe's today.  Same height, same hair (sort of, the part I could see under the habit).  Same glasses!    Tried so hard not to stare but my Mother was with me and when I asked her to look at the Nun by the cheese she immediately said "Oh my God it's Sophia" then ran practically ran Away.  Found her at the other end of the aisle laughing and crossing herself (forgiveness for the laughing I guess) at the same time and finally she said "She's just missing the wicker purse".   Which made her crack up all over again.       So sorry no photo but, to borrow a phrase..... Picture it, Trader Joe's, 2019.....

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